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Customer Reviews

Home Too Soon

I believe I brought my father home WAY TOO SOON. Unfortunately, as soon as he felt he was independent of his oxygen, he wanted to go home!
MAIN REASON: They take forever to come when you ring the bell for help. "They let me sit in my own pee". "One (evening) a girl even put TWO diapers on me and told me to just pee in the diaper, cuz i was too big for her to move, and that she would change me in the morning ." She never did.
Most of the staff are nice and helpful; however, there are a few that try to do their very least. Either that or they need a lesson in prioritizing.
My father has fallen twice since I got him home in less than 24 hours. YOU TELL ME WAS HE READY TO COME HOME?!

No Morals, No Thought, No Care

Plymouth Village's rehab center was horrible for my mother. They did not even begin to rehab her, and rather than take the time to monitor & modify her meds so she could be successful, they simply discharged her. When I refused to sign paperwork stating Mom was being "appropriately discharged" they called APS (Adult Protective Services) and filed a report. My 2 siblings and I had been at the facility non-stop trying to aid in Mom's care. We are educated, articulate, & caring individuals who worked to advocate for our mom. But the administrator there was angry, so she behaved without ethics, kindness, or careful contemplation. Plymouth Village, you should be ashamed! The APS social worker who visited us at Mom's home was so impressed with our care for her and was appalled by Plymouth Village's actions which clearly reflect broken facility administration and tragically immoral behavior. Time to re-evaluate your mission, staffing, and care, Plymouth Village. To inflict such pain & grief on an individual and family flies in direct opposition to everything you SAY you believe.

Very nice looking

We toured this location when we were looking into care options for my loved one. This is a very nice looking community, it was clean, and the employees all seemed very friendly. However it was also very expensive and far above the budget we were working with.

Wonderful Place

This one is run by the Baptist Church. It's a wonderful place but it's quite a lot of money compared to other places. Their care center was phenomenal but my mother-in-law was not ready to go to assisted living yet.

Lovely Campus, Skilled Nursing Was Not Great

My dad was there for rehab for a while. It's a really lovely campus. Probably, for people who are more independent, it's good place. In the rehab, which was the full nursing care, it was not great. If you pushed your call button it would take forever for someone to come. Generally, we would take care of stuff long before staff showed up. For the other care levels it's probably lovely. The food there was not great. Again, they have different dining facility so the one he was in was not good but I can't speak to all of them. We toured the other parts of it because my dad's wife was looking for a place for them to settle in after he got out of rehab. We could see that all the different levels of care had their different dining facilities. In the skilled care you got what they put in front of you.

From the Community

Plymouth Village senior living community has earned a reputation for quality, stability and opportunity in Redlands. We’re conveniently located near downtown Redlands in a beautifully landscaped 37-acre residential neighborhood. It’s a charming setting for your worry-free retirement lifestyle. And our accreditation by CARF-CCAC means we meet the highest standards in senior care.

Plymouth Village is owned and managed by HumanGood, a nonprofit public benefit corporation serving older adults since 1949.

Plymouth Village is a senior living community based in Redlands, CA, that is located near downtown Redlands in a beautifully landscaped 37-acre residential neighborhood.

City of Redlands Information

The City of Redlands has a multitude of senior living communities in the local area, and also benefits from a wide range of services for veterans. The average age of citizens is above the national average, and the temperature is generally just above the national average also.

- Walking: The City of Redlands has a walkability score of 36 given by Walk Score, which means that while most errands require a car, it's not impossible to get around without one.

- Age: The average age of citizens that live in Redlands is 51.

- Communities: The 390 senior living communities in the city mean that there is always the opportunity for residents to meet new people and make new friends.

- Weather: With an average annual temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and an average annual rainfall of 13 inches, Redlands, CA, offers a nice climate for those looking for somewhere not too hot, yet not too cold.

- Veteran Services: Veterans in Redlands, CA, can benefit from access to VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, which offers a range of services including dental, mental health, social work and veteran transportation services.

Transportation in the City of Redlands

The City of Redlands has an excellent public transportation system for residents, meaning that seniors have a variety of options when it comes to choosing how to get around.

- Buses: Redlands benefits from the Omnitrans bus services offering frequent services to surrounding areas. Seniors can buy a bus card to get better rates every time they ride.

- Trains: There are trains available to residents provided by Metrolink, with the Redlands Passenger Rail Project scheduled for completion in the not-too-distant future.

- Taxi : There are a variety of taxi companies available to residents of Redlands including Xpress Yellow Cab, Redlands Taxi and Redlands Taxi Service.


The City of Redlands has a good healthcare system that is able to treat all manner of conditions and ailments.

- Located in Redlands are the Redlands Community Hospital, the VA Ambulatory Care Center, and the Loma Linda University Heart and Surgical Hospital, meaning that residents of Redlands will not have far to travel for any medical services that they may require.

Sports and Leisure

There are a variety of sports and leisure facilities available to seniors in Redlands, including numerous golf courses, tennis clubs and aerobics classes.

- Golf Courses: Redlands is located within easy access to the Redlands Country Club, the Yucaipa Valley Golf Club and the San Bernardino Public Golf Club.

- Tennis: Residents of Redlands have access to the Redlands Raquet Club and the Redlands Lawn and Tennis Club.

- Gyms: 24-Hour Fitness runs a variety of classes for seniors and older adults to encourage them to maintain their cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility.

Shopping and Entertainment

There are a myriad of sights to see and things to do for residents of the City of Redlands. There will always be something of interest for all residents, no matter what their personal interests and hobbies.

- Shopping Centers: Residents of Redlands can benefit from easy access to the Citrus Plaza, the Tri-City Shopping Center and the Mountain Grove Shopping Center.

- Grocery Stores: There are a huge number of grocery stores available to the citizens of Redlands including the Redlands Ranch Market IGA, Albertsons and Gerrard's Market to name but a few.

- Restaurants: There are over 230 restaurants in the City of Redlands , meaning that residents are spoilt for choice and that there is something for even those with the fussiest of tastes.

- Movie Theaters: Residents of Redlands can enjoy in-theater dining at the Studio Movie Grill and a more traditional cinema experience at Harkins Theaters Mountain Grove 16.

- Libraries: There are two libraries in Redlands for residents to enjoy, the A K Smiley Public Library and the Armacoast Library, both are which are located conveniently for easy access from public transport.

- Attractions: There are a host of things to see and do in the City of Redlands including the San Bernardino County Museum, the Lincoln Memorial Shrine, and the Kimberley Crest House and Gardens.