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Visiting Angels - Redlands, CA

303 Sixth Street, Suite 201, Redlands, CA 92374

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This accomplished Redlands senior home care company offers independent living assistance to clients living at home. Independence Assistance Inc serves your loved ones in Redlands, CA, which includes helping your family member access restaurants and shopping in this historic city with grand homes and friendly residents. When you hire Independence caregivers, they work with you to determine the help needed to assist clients around the home with hobbies, personal care and homemaking tasks. Whether your family member simply needs companionship or a little help getting around, Independence Assistance caregivers do so with compassion and respect.

TLC Elderly Services - Rialto, CA

1024 Lorraine Place, Rialto, CA 92376

Senior Helpers - Riverside, CA

6876 Indiana Ave E, Riverside, CA 92506

Desire Home Care - Riverside, CA

10759 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92505
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Home Care in Redlands, California

Home care, sometimes referred to as in-home care or home health care, is assistance provided to golden agers with their daily activities. A home caregiver handles everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. They can also handle household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Home care gives seniors and their families an alternative to senior living communities, and it allows them to live in their own homes while still receiving the care they need. It's estimated that nearly 12 million people in the United States receive some form of in-home care, whether it is short-term rehabilitation or chronic, long-term care, and the same studies show the fastest growing age group is the 70 and over group. Those numbers reflect that more and more families will face the decision of senior living and home health care.

A Look at the Redlands

The land that is now the Redlands used to be part of the territory that belonged to the Cahuilla people. Through exploration, the land ended up in the hands of the Spanish government, and from there it went to the Mexican government in 1822 after the War of Independence. In 1842, the Lugo family purchased the area, and then in 1951, Mormon pioneers purchased the land and established a prosperous farming community. The land again changed ownership after the Mormons returned to Utah. Benjamin Barton bought 1,000 acres of the land and planted extensive vineyards. He also built the Barton Schoolhouse in 1877, and it is the oldest building in the Redlands. The city is full of history and rich culture, making it a great place to retire or raise a family. It is also known for its numerous Victorian structures, the three most recognizable being the Edwards Mansion, Kimberly Crest, and Morey Mansion.

Redlands and Home Care

Home health care in the Redlands can be divided into two categories: private duty and Medicare certified. Private duty is home care that includes assisting seniors with their everyday activities such as bathing and eating. It may involve reminding seniors to take their medication, but it does not involve any nursing skills. Medicare certified home health providers usually give medical assistance in the home such as dialysis, checking vitals, and giving medication. In most cases, a Medicare certified provider does not perform private duty functions. There are exceptions, but medical providers typically stick to medical services. Either way, families should prepare themselves for one of these two options.

It is important to keep in mind that everyone has different home care needs. A person recovering from back surgery may require intensive short-term physical therapy, while someone with chronic issues like diabetes and heart disease may need medication management and ongoing monitoring. More than that, some people require overnight care while others can manage with help for a few hours a day. Matching the right level of care with the right provider can greatly increase a patient's comfort level and ability to recover.

Paying for Home Care in the Redlands

Short-term home health care following an injury or surgery is typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance. This type of care is intended to help someone return to a stable condition in a short period of time. For long-term care, families can expect to spend anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour, depending on the location and the level of care needed. Families have several options when it comes to paying these expenses. The first is to pay for it directly, meaning the family or the golden ager takes care of the payments. This is one of the most costly options, so it does benefit families to start preparing earlier rather than later. The next option is to look into private insurance. Most private insurance policies don't cover long-term care, but they may be able to provide some short-term relief. Finally, it's beneficial to speak to several home care agencies to find the best pricing to meet the needs of the family.

Redlands Living

Redlands, California offers many different options for in-home care, and they are important to the decision making process. Home health care gives seniors the help they need with their daily activities while still allowing them the safety and security of their own home. It also provides seniors with a sense of freedom to their lives that wouldn't be afforded to them in a senior community. At the same time, home care offers family members peace of mind, as they know their loved ones are comfortable and safe.