Pleasant Manor Senior Community - Faribault, MN

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Customer Reviews

Avoid this facility like the plague!

Let me tell you every reason why you should never put your loved one in Pleasant Manor (PM). My mom only lived there under 2 months before she passed away, & the trouble started the first day.

First off, the facilities are not clean, there is literally junk and garbage everywhere, it smells horrible, and you are lucky if you can’t get help from staff. We even witnessed a resident in a wheelchair get stuck in the door at one point with no help to get out. The majority of the rooms are very cramped with little space- they’re shared between 2 people with a curtain as a divider so you have very little privacy and bathrooms are shared between 2 different rooms. There are no phones in any of the rooms.
They are EXTREMELY understaffed. My mom would press her call button for a nurse/aide and she would wait anywhere from 20-40 minutes for anyone to come to her room and help. I witnessed the long wait times myself on multiple different occasions and witnessed multiple different patients in the hallways asking for help from the CMA's and aides and they were always told there would be a wait.
Second was their lack of communication in all areas. I can give multiple examples of this. They failed to schedule a parascentesis for my mom. Her discomfort got so bad that she was barely able to eat anything. They finally scheduled it but failed to communicate to them the medications she was on so when she arrived they weren't able to do it.

Third- Her dentures were thrown away by a staff member at Pleasant Manor. She had set them in a cup next to her bed & apparently they thought it was garbage. They never called me to tell me about this, and I had to find out from my mom the next day. I made numerous calls to the Director of Nursing and the SW at PM to make complaints as things were going wrong right and left, and was always told “we are sorry, we are short staffed, we are working on it, we are sorry we threw her dentures away, we will get her in to the dentist to get her another pair which we will pay for.” She ended up getting her replacement dentures from them no less than one week before she passed away, and they didn’t pay for them like they said they would, they billed her dental insurance.

Fourth- During her stay at PM she had 2 hospitalizations, 1 because she ended up getting an infection (not PM’s fault), and the second time because she needed stitches on her leg after they scraped it doing a chair to WC transfer (PM’s fault). Neither of these times was I called to be informed. During the hospitalization for her infection, PM called her hospital room to ask us if my mom would be coming back & if they should hold her bed. I don’t know if this is standard practice by a SNF, but I thought this was extremely unprofessional and upsetting. After being discharged back to PM on hospice, 2 days later my mom called me crying saying the nursing and staff at PM weren’t helping her with her pain management saying there was nothing more they could do. I ended up finding out through hospice that she ended up back in the ER and needed stitches because of the WC transfer incident I mentioned earlier.
She only lived for another week and a half. On the day of her passing, one of the RN’s from PM stated “Has hospice called you yet about her expiring?”, “Oh I thought they would have called you about her expiring.” I am aware that ‘expired’ is a term they use in the medical field when it’s related to death, but with how they treated my mom & the experience we went through with them, it just felt like she was an expired piece of food to them and it was very unsettling and upsetting.
Was my mother very ill and didn’t have much longer to live? Absolutely. Did they make her last months of life extremely difficult? Absolutely. Did they contribute to her passing quicker? You can make that decision after reading this review. I would NEVER in my right mind put any loved one in this place & I am so glad I never have to speak with them or step foot in this facility again. I have told everyone I know about our experience and will continue to do so.

We loved this community

The food at this community was good and the community is well maintained. My husband loved living here and the staff went above and beyond to make sure he was taken care of. Some of the staff have worked here for many years. We would have liked for him to stay here, however they do not accept Veterans Assistance Benefits.