Placerville Pines Care Center - Placerville, CA

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Customer Reviews

I like it here. They are compassionate & professional. Ready my review.

The CNA's that work here are as compassionate,caring, & patient as humanly possible. And always respond at worst in a timely manner. Meaning, they are usually very quick to respond. I have yet to encounter anyone with a bad attitude. Very impressed. The Nurses here are professional. I could not ask any more from them. The food here is above adequate and I have yet not finished a meal. They also serve in between snacks and I am never hungry. The PT & OT people here work me hard but not to hard and pay extra attention to safety. And are very nice and encouraging. They fulfill my needs. Social Services do their job well. People here do not get payed enough. If I had to complain about something it would be the toilets are to low and small. They have tried their best to accommodate me and the CNA's have. But they are not plumbers. Lol. Oh and my roommate is kind of a D**che but he is a good guy.(we all have our problems that's why we are here) And the activities people are absolutely beautiful people inside and out. I can say that about every body here. They have made my recovery pleasant and possible. THEY DON't GET PAYED ENOUGH HERE. I hope I have covered all the bases here, cuz the pines have hit a grand slam for me. If that sounds cheesy, it should not cuz I mean every word. Oh the Dr.'s have prescribed the correct meds for me, and have done their job.