Pilgrim Manor Guest Care Center, LLC - Bossier City, LA

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Customer Reviews

Conduct research before allowing a family member to be a resident here

I did not have time to conduct a thorough review of this facility before my father-in-law became a resident there. Had I done so and seen how the facility had been rated by Medicare, especially with regard to the staff, I would have never allowed it. While it appears clean upon entering and the staff is extremely nice during the admitting process, they quickly begin to treat the family members and residents in a horrible manner. While the entrance is clean, the rooms are not kept clean on a consistent basis. Complaints, even when delivered in a polite manner, are not appropriately handled. If you aren't there every day for long periods of time, you should expect that your family member will not be properly taken care of. My husband and I have considered one of us taking a leave of absence from our jobs, just to be able to be present for longer periods in order to monitor the situation. My father-in-law has had numerous things turn up "missing" and were never recovered, so you should not let the resident have anything of real value there. While considering moving him, I have unfortunately found out that the corporation that owns this facility owns most of the facilities near us. I would urge anyone considering becoming a resident or having a family member become a resident to review Medicare's view of this guest care center. While there are some friendly staff members, most are lazy, hateful and do not empathize with or care about their residents. There are others who appear to be friendly, but their actions reflect that they ignore the needs of the resident and any concerns or complaints presented.