Parkmoor Village Health and Rehabilitation - Colorado Springs, CO

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Customer Reviews

Thank You Parkmoor!

Parkmoor Village is an excellent place that provides a safe, clean and home like environment for all of the residents, family and even the staff! They've provided quality care to my loved ones! I would recommend Parkmoor to anyone seeking great care!

5 Stars!!

Parkmoor Village is a wonderful community! The staff is AMAZING and the food is outstanding! The Rehab team is excellent too!! I would recommend Parkmoor to anyone needing care!

Parkmoor Village unsafe

The care on the first floor is awesome for the most part. The CNA's are great and so is the nursing Staff. The Administrator is rude and fires most of the good employees. They treat some residents better than others. I have heard they pay the administrator under the table to care for a crazy guy in rm. 130 and dont report it to medicare. The upper floors smell like feces terribly and its crowded with lots of sick people. The crowd of people that live there are mostly uncared for. This place should be shut down. The best advice I can give is to avoid this place all together. If you know someone here, proceed to get them out asap.

Go somewhere else!!

They did not provide what they promised. They failed to take my mom to a very important appointment.

Because of dementia, she was moved from the rehab floor to the memory floor (where she should have been put in the first place, I think they get paid more when patients are on the rehab floor). After a bad episode, they transferred her to the hospital for a psych evaluation. She had already been diagnosed with dementia, they knew that when admitting her. Then they proceeded to blacklist her to every nursing home in the Springs!

They abandoned her instead of caring for her. They should have had staff that was equipped to handle dementia, that is what they promised!!!