Orchard Walk Living Centre - Ottawa, ON

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Customer Reviews

Quality has declined.

My mother has been here for about 6 years and my rating 2 years ago would have been good/great. Unfortunately the original family-owned feel to this retirement home has declined quite dramatically since being bought out by Glendelle. While the staff that stayed after the transition remain committed to a level of service provided previously, there is no doubt that there is a pressure to squeeze down spending and the quality of services provided has declined as a result. I see this in the quality of the food and in the maintenance of the grounds specifically. The once lovely duck pond has become overgrown with dandelions and weeds, and the grounds elsewhere are not as nicely cared for as when ex-owner [name removed] and his mother were so actively invested and involved. The level of care is still quite good but like anywhere you need to be vigilant on behalf of your loved one. I notice that the sheets and bed liners are frayed on occasion and the room cleaning is often superficial. (debris, lost socks etc. can stay under the bed for weeks collecting dust). I would not make a decision based on any reviews of this home that were written pre-2017. Glendelle is an absentee landlord as they are not Ottawa based, and there is some work to be done to build the kind of trust and reputation that made this Retirement Home what it was 5 and 10 years ago.