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Moutas Home Care - Ottawa, ON

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Champ Health Care Services - Ottawa, ON

191 Birch Hill Private, Ottawa, ON K1K 3Y5
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An Overview of Home Care in Ottawa, Ontario

Home care is a great system to explore. It allows the elderly to continue living life to the fullest while keeping them out of harm's way. Having caregivers tend to them inside of their own home is comforting to both the senior and to the senior's family. Receiving care at home reduces stress and eliminates the restrictions that retirement homes may impose. Home care provides seniors with the opportunity to maintain independent in spite of their aging, increasingly hard to care for bodies. Home caregivers are there to watch out for seniors, keeping them safe and making sure that they receive the medications they need.

A Look at Life in Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is located on the Ottawa River in Southern Ontario. It has a population of 883,391, making it the fourth largest city in Canada. It holds the nickname "Bytown." Ottawa is a major political and technological center. In addition, it is among the most educated cities in Canada. It has a high standard of living and a low unemployment rate. Ottawa has a humid continental climate, giving it four distinct seasons with warm, humid summers, variable springs and falls, and cold, snowy winters. The city is home to the largest festival in Canada, called Winterlude, as well as many other festivals.

Many visitors have made claims that Ottawa is boring. Those who make this claim didn't do anything to try to seek out all of the events that the city has to offer. Ottawa offers a wide variety of casinos and other nightlife. Ottawa also has a wide assortment of cycling trails and tours. For families, there are interactive farms and fun water parks. Ottawa has a huge golfing scene, offering more golf courses per capita than any other Canadian city. For history buffs, Ottawa offers fourteen museums, including the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum. The city is separated into several unique neighborhoods, each with something special to offer. In addition, Ottawa offers a huge amount of outdoors activities such as white water rafting and Arbraska Lafleche.

Home Care in Ottawa

In Canada, home care is uninsured under their health care system but is becoming widely available to those who need it. 2-3% of home care recipients received government subsidized home care and 2-5% paid for their home care privately. Statistics released state that five percent of Canadians aged 18 and older receive some type of home care each year. This seemingly small five percent of the population is equal to a large 1.2 million individuals. 648,000 of this 1.2 million people were between the ages of 18 and 64. The remaining number of recipients were seniors. The number of seniors receiving home care adds up to about fifteen percent of Canada's senior population. Two thirds of home care recipients were female. Home care is a rapidly growing sector of Canada's health care system. One out of every seven Canadians are above the age of 65. The number of people receiving home care is expected to rise drastically and rapidly. Ottawa has a high cost of living as far as rent and food costs go. This suggests a greater amount of local amenities and a greater amount of income for those residing in the city. Seniors make up 11.4% of city's total population.

Home care is an expanding industry in Canada. The growing availability of services will provide many new and improved opportunities for seniors to receive the best home care for them. Ottawa and neighboring Canadian cities already provide great opportunities for senior home care. All of Ottawa's home care options are truly quality services provided by individuals who have spent a lot of time learning to take care of seniors in their times of need. Home caregivers will help seniors complete every day activities such as grooming, mobility assistance, and toileting. The caregivers are there to assist your loved ones in any way they need by providing personalized one-to-one care. Their presence allows for the elimination of worries while enabling independence. Home care in Ottawa ranges from $24-$32 per hour.

As the population's age increases, so will the opportunities for excellent home care. Ottawa is just one of the many cities whose home care options are rapidly increasing. Wherever your location, make sure to do your research. Research on the different types of home care will allow you to make the best decision relative to the type of care that is best for your loved ones.