Olive Ridge Care Center - Oroville, CA

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Customer Reviews

It is now part of the hospital and it...

It is now part of the hospital and it has changed a lot, there are a lot of nice people there, the care has changed for the better and they improved the look of the facility, it looks a lot cleaner. I would recommend this place.

Gone downhill

Olive Ridge was built in 1991 and they no longer have a dementia unit. The food has gone downhill, the whole place has gone downhill. They no longer extensively train the staff or have all employees certified in CPR and other lifesaving certifications. Having worked there and other senior care facilities I’ve seen them improve and then regress. It was in shambles when I got there and it is in shambles now.

Not a good community

This is operated by a chain of people that are really not good. This community is really bad. They have no activities of any kind. When you walk in it kind of has a feeling of a prison camp.