Olde Knox Commons at the Villages of Mecklenberg - Huntersville, NC

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Customer Reviews


Staff were great and food was real good.

My experience

My experience here was very pleasurable. The staff were extremely kind and helped me to recover very well. I would come back in a second if needed and now consider these people my second family. Thank yall very much!

Great Place!

Top notch Care in a beautiful environment. Lots of fun activities and the food is delicious!

Treated like a king

I can't say enough positive things about this place. I am a veteran and they treat me like a king. Members of administration come visit me all the time. The director of nursing even came the night I admitted just to check on me and make sure I was comfortable. The therapy team are very encouraging but will whip your butt Into shape! This isn't the experience that I expected having to go to a facility for rehab. These folks have hearts of gold. They laugh at my jokes too, which is a bonus!

Awesome Place

Loved our experience here! After mom had a horrible fall with concussion, we were not sure she would ever recover. I was very scared and the staff here met me with compassion and encouragement. They educated me on her condition and the goals being set for her. They all treated us like family. Mom made a miraculous recovery and now is back home doing great! I'm so thankful for olde Knox commons and their hard work with mom!

Helped me alot

I came in for short term rehab after being in the hospital. The staff at older Knox commons made me feel so special. As soon as transport brought me through the door, I was greeted with smiles and handshakes. I was offered food as soon as I got to my room, which was great because the hospital didn't feed me all day. The food at rehab was very good. Anyway, during my stay, all of the staff worked diligently to get me well and get me home. I formed a close relationship with the admissions girl. She checked on me alot. She knows I don't have family or much help at home so it was nice to have someone care about me. Even after I went home, she called me to check on me. I wasn't doing too well at home and quickly realized it was a bit too much for me to handle. She immediately arranged for me to come back to rehab for a few days and coordinated with CarePatrol to get me into assisted living. I honestly couldn't have done it without her help and the care of the folks at olde Knox. I'd recommend them to anyone!

Not Interested In The Patients

My loved one stayed at Olde Knocks for rehabilitation. Though some of the people there were very nice, I feel that overall, they were interested in quick in and out patients and were more concerned with turning beds than caring for the patients and families. On the day my loved one was discharged, they told us about a bed sore she had. I feel if they would have done what they were supposed to, the sore would not have developed.

Anywhere but here!

This place tries so hard to "look" like a good nursing home when in reality it is truly awful. No one answers when you call for help and everything gets covered up when you complain. They never have enough staff but always have an excuse for it. I have not been impressed with any sort of "leadership" seen here. Absolutely WOULD NOT recommend.

One of the Best facility in town

Old Knox is a high scale facility and one of the best in town. Most of the residents and family love to be at Old Knox. The staff is caring, polite, and friendly, great therapy team, the bluiding is always nice and clean. The food is wonderful. I had a family member here who later passed away due to physical illness. The staff was great to the family.

Great Experience!

I was comfortable with the quality of care. Staff was efficient and reliable especially the social worker, [Removed]. I appreciate her efforts by going above and beyond to help with mom's transition to assisted living. As well as the staff's overall attention to my mother. Amber in finances was also a big help and actually gave me her personal phone number to reach her after hours. It was the most pleasant experience considering the situation with my mother. I would highly recommend Olde Knox for the future for loved ones who need this level of care!

Compassionate Care

I will say that I whole heartedly disagree with the few negative reviews. I have had multiple loved ones/friends at Olde Knox Commons over the years, and have also had people in other facilities. Olde Knox is different in that they have COMPASSION and genuinely care about the patients there. They take the time to listen when you need someone to listen. I personally know the owner, who has a heart of gold and is very passionate about her facilities. She always strive to make her facilities the best. I have seen the staff at OKC hold the hands of patients as they transitioned out of this world, providing tender care and support to families. I have also had family who had fantastic rehab experiences, and regained independence thanks to the awesome rehab team. Their patients are not just a number. They are family. I still go visit there regularly, just to see staff that have been there for a decade. OKC is a wonderful place. If I ever need rehab, that's where I will be.


Absolutely the worst facility that I have ever been in. First of all we could not get in the door nor could get any employee
to the door. Finally a patients family member coming out
of the building let us in. Then we get inside and no one knew who we were looking for. Finally an orderly overheard us talking to a nurse and said he's outside in the courtyard.
No one ever considered looking in the computer nor looking on a rooster sheet to see if he was at the facility.
Ronald [Removed] is who I'm talking about. My brother in law.

Hayden Keziah

Local Representative

Mr. Tanner,

We apologize for any inconvenience that you might have experienced while visiting your loved one at Olde Knox Commons. Our front doors lock on the weekdays after 5:00 PM and on the weekends all day. This is for patient safety. Families are given a specific code to use for entry to the facility, otherwise visitors must ring the doorbell and staff will come answer it as soon as they can. Of course, we try and direct visitors to the appropriate area to visit, since we have two separate nursing stations within the facility. Our residents do love to spend time outside, and we encourage participation in activities so that residents can have active days. This sometimes makes locating a resident take slightly longer. We will try and make this process smoother in the future for you and hope that you will give us the opportunity to care for a loved one again. Thank you for your input!

Wonderful, Caring Facility

In February 2016 my 83 year old Mother became very ill and was hospitalized. It become evident very quickly that she would no longer be able to remain at home. The hospital placed my Mother into a Rehab facility 30 minutes from our home late on a Friday night. We the family were not given the opportunity to review the Rehab facility prior to her admission as there was a bed shortage in the area at the time. Upon entering this initial rehab facility I knew immediately it was not the place for my Mother. I went on a search to find a suitable place for Mom. After doing extensive research, inquiring from friends, acquaintances, and Internet research, one facility kept coming to the top of the list. Olde Knox Commons which was less than 15 minutes from my home even in traffic. I went to visit Olde Knox Commons and on my initial drive into OKC, I was immediately pleased with the grounds, the cleanliness of the facility and the overall feel. Once meeting with Admissions and taking a tour I KNEW this was the place for Mom. I worked with [Removed], Admissions Coordinator and the staff at OKC to get Mom transferred to their facility as soon as a bed was available. The transition was seamless and professional from the very first meeting! The staff makes you feel comfortable and part of their family! From Ms. [Removed] at the front desk; [Removed] the Social Worker; the nurses [Removed] to name a few; the CNA's Ms. [Removed] as well as all others, and the cleaning staff! All are extremely kind, courteous, and caring to both my Mother and to my entire family! When we enter OKC to visit with Mom we are always met with smiles and hellos from staff members and residents. The staff truly cares about your loved ones and has respect for you and their care. OKC holds quarterly meetings with you the family to discuss any concerns or just an open dialogue of what else they can do to make your loved me feel more at home. They listen,react and work with you! I always have piece of mind that my Mother was being cared for with dignity and compassion. It truly is a perfect home for your loved ones when you can not care for them at home any longer.

Wonferful Facility and Staff!

My grandmother came in for rehab at Olde Knox Commons. From the minute I walked through the door, I knew this place was unique. Everyone welcomed me, and the admissions coordinator provided a very friendly, informative tour. Everyone took the time to speak to me and tell me about the facility, even the director of nursing and the administrator! Nurses and CNAs on the hall smile and pleasantly interact with residents and families. They treat the patients with the upmost respect. When my grandmother came in, we thought she would never return home. We actually were fearful that she wouldn't make it at all. She was in poor condition and very depressed. Therapy did miracles with her. Her overall strength and health drastically improved, and with that, her depression. She loved it at Olde Knox. They treated her with dignity and respect. No facility is perfect, but they saved my mother's life and her independence. I would recommend this facility any day! We have been to others who didn't treat people respectfully. At Olde Knox, if there is ever a concern, they want to know and address it quickly. They are genuinely good people who love what they do. I'm so thankful for everything that they did for my granny!

Visit Before You Place a Loved One Here

Overall, the staff at Old Knox Commons are friendly. However, friendly does not take care of your loved ones needs. After having a stroke, my family member was admitted to this facility for rehabilitation services. Our failure was in not visiting this facility first. Had we visited, we would have seen the lack of equipment necessary to rehab a patient correctly in the physical therapy department. After 2+ weeks of very little progress, we moved our loved one to another facility. Beware--if you go this route, this facility does everything possible to block you from moving out. Our family felt very strongly that our loved one was being set up for their nursing home since the information about availability and price were provided at admission. So sorry that 2+ weeks were lost when rehabilitation progress could have gotten our loved one closer to returning home as we stated our goal was at the time of admission. Avoid this facility at all cost.

Hayden Keziah

Local Representative

We regret that you feel our facility should be "avoided at all cost." We have recently undergone a complete renovation of the therapy department, including the addition of many rehabilitation machines and tools to aide in the rehabilitation process. Although we do specialize in short term rehab, we also offer long term care. We hope that you communicated these concerns during your stay here so that we could address the problems at that time. We do not "block" anyone from moving out of our facility. We want all residents to get the care that they deserve.

Think Twice

While the center staff are friendly enough they are extremely disorganized. My father (a double amputee) was a long time resident of Olde Knox Common and also a veteran was admitted to the hospital and the Olde Knox Commons discharged him and gave away his bed. Our family did not find out about the discharge until the day he was scheduled to leave the hospital. The center directors were unwilling to even apologize about the situation. Now as I type my father has no where to go all thanks to Olde Knox Commons. Think long and hard before you trust them with your family member.

Modern but not great personal care.

This is a much more modern rehab community. The personal care however, was not very good. They did not do a good job rehabilitating her and getting her back on her feet. Not very impressive in spite of the modern conveniences, the attitude of the workers is what makes the difference.