Oakmont of Santa Clarita - Santa Clarita, CA

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Very beautiful and upscale community, which also did not have any openings for my dad. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about any questions we had. They offered many amenities, the place was really nice.

Beautiful and Wonderfully Caring and Supportive Place

I wanted to share my thoughts on Oakmont of Santa Clarita. It is a beautiful facility in a lovely setting. It features a courtyard with walk and fountain, community garden, dog park, library and gorgeous lobby adjacent living room with fireplace. The restaurant facility is beautiful too and the menus are varied and the food is very good. There are activities aplenty including movies shown twice a day in a beautiful theater with wall sized big screen, concerts and field trips! My mom lives in a two-bedroom unit and it is larger than some non-assisted living apartments I’ve seen.
The facility is fairly new and they’ve had their growing pains at times but then again, what facility or establishment doesn’t occasionally have an issue or two? Here is the important thing to know-when the occasional ‘hiccup’ occurs - that issue is addressed or redressed QUICKLY. THAT is the measure of a quality place, the desire to continually improve and right what needs righting. I have seen first-hand on a daily basis how much the administration and staff absolutely care. Speaking of staff, Oakmont of Santa Clarita is staffed by LOVING people (they literally to a person have been fantastic to not only my parents but my siblings and me as well!) My sweet mom requires some hand holding at times and the med-techs, care-givers and yes, definitely the administration have made my mother feel, the word is ‘loved’ and certainly cared for. They have also been quick to respond when my parents had some moments of crisis. When my father passed, I was surprised and touched that the administrator, [Removed]., attended his funeral that wasn’t just around the corner. What a beautiful and kind gesture.
Is the place expensive? Comparatively yes. Has it been worth it to me and my family? Simply put - yes. Whether other families feel it is affordably priced or not, I will leave it to them to decide. All I can say is at the end of the day, this place has been a blessing to my family for how well they have taken such loving care of both my parents.

Oakmont was the 1st of 3 facilities that I toured. I was pleased with the time spent with me to tour the facility, and cover some initial details and costs that were important for me in order to convey the information to a family member. [Removed] was very patient both in person and on the phone and emails as the month progressed and were still trying to make this huge decision. [Removed] and [Removed] both are very warm and caring and were respectful of us regardless of our decision.

Review of Oakmont of Santa Clarita - Santa Clarita, CA

Terrific food; the chef is ingenious. The view is gorgeous. The rooms are unusually large. We love it here.

We toured here, and it was lovely.

We toured here, and it was lovely. I would have loved to chose this, it was new and beautiful. It was a little too big to be a good fit for us though, and also way too expensive. A very nice place though.