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Bad experience at Napa Valley Care Denter

If you have a loved one who needs serious care DO NOT USE Napa Valley Care Center. My experience there was bad except for the PT department that was excellent and one caring nurse. Several problems happened. First when my Mother got there the nurse paid no attention to her (on the weekend)and I asked her to please position her foot due to her wounds and she told me that she had all the details from the hospital but she didn't do anything to position her foot. Then I asked a nurse at the station to didn't want to bothered about not answering the call button and he said they were busy due to change of shift which I found out later was on true.I told the social services department the next day and I did get a good response and wrote up the complaint. I was ready to leave and move to another Nursing facility when I met the PT and they seemed very professional and caring unlike the rest of the staff so I decided to keep her there. The Wound Doctor there acted irritated about taking care of her and also forgot instructions when she was asked by the doctor and I had to tell her what they were, very unprofessional. My mother was losing a lot of weight and the dietitian didn't show up until a week after she was there and I told her she was losing weight and she said that she was weighted in at a certain weight that was at least 10 pounds off. I told a nurse and they just dismissed it. A doctor did see her who was caring and considerate but when on vacation and I never saw or heard from another doctor or the staff there in the last 2 weeks she was there. She was dismissed without even trying to finding a wheel chair for her.A doctor never saw her and gave her an evaluation for going home. After 2 days at home she was very weak and a nurse who say her said she was in no shape to go home. Except for the PT staff and particularly Bill who was very caring and worked hard with her and one or two nurses, the staff is does as little as possible and is hard to communicate with you unless you make a complaint. I don't recommend this Nursing facility!!