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Customer Reviews

Completely Incompetent

Profit is the only important thing at Mount Royal Towers.

Not a happy customer

Big mistake. I moved my 88 year old mom in the independent living in [Removed]. In June she began breaking out on her face. Then found bed bugs all over her bed. We asked for someone from management to call us, we finally called them back, and they said to bring her back next day, because it would be treated. We held her out a week, then took her back. Then, next day we saw more bed bugs crawling over her couch. We told them again. He sprayed again. We had decided to move her the first time. When we went back a week later to get her stuff. Her bed was again covered in bed bugs. Three times. They should have been killed the first time. We moved her and had to replace her bed,couch and a chair, etc. Had to take her to doctor. And had to throw away or treat everything she owned. Also, she was not happy with food and people were not friendly.

The staff are great

This is a very nice community and the staff here are what make the residents and their familes feel so welcome. I like seeing the staff sitting with the residents and the great interaction. Their friendly and greet you when you visit. My husband's large studio apt is set-up just perfect for him and it is spacious enough for him to move about in his wheelchair or with his walker. He enjoys going to the dining room and I join him from time to time, the fried chicken and the tuna stuffed tomato are great! There are a lot of amenities offered to the residents and they take them on field trips for shopping and other activities as well. I would definitely recommend coming here for a tour to see for yourself.

Uncaring Administration Handicaps Entire Facility

Poorly maintained, smells horrible, rooms are not cleaned properly. Staff is extremely friendly, but you can see the attention to detail is awful.

Administration obviously does not make your one's well being a priority. Admin will not do anything in a timely manner, doesn't communicate at all.

Obviously the staff needs better training and direction on their jobs, but it seems Admin doesn't care to spend the time required.

Really sad how they treat the residents. UGH!

All Accept the Meals Are Good

It's fine here. My mother-in-law is not pleased with the food. She tells me the food is bland and they run out of things a lot. Everything from the activities to the cleanliness is very good. We have not heard from the staff about anything urgent. We talk and visit my mother-in-law often. We picked them because they we more quick to accept her in as a resident.

Terrible Facility

This is a terrible place!!!!Do not take your loved ones to Mount Royal. My mother didn't come out alive. They let her break a hip!!!!She was let sit in a chair with peed pants that looked like she had been left all day!!!!She fell mysteriously out of bed and broke a hip and had to have surgery at Brookwood which was another mistake. Then she had to go back to Mount Royal for rehab and [Removed] talked to everyone I could and I wish we had sued them . It has been 7 years and I'm am still hurt over this!!!She was dehydrated and when they took her to Brookwood she was dieing and they catherized her which hurt her so bad and she was hollering and we liked to never got anyone to give her a pain shot. I will never forget this !!!!I will never be at any of these 2 facilities!!!!I wouldn't let my dog stay at any of these. Mount Royal doesn't care as long as they get that almighty dollar!!!!If you have a loved one there and they are not getting care call the State of Alabama Health department in Montgomery, Alabama and let them come in unannounced to crack down on this facility. Never Never take a loved one to Mount Royal!!!!!

This is an outstanding place for your loved ones.
Great staff and care givers.

Everyone there is caring and friendly and my mother in law seems very happy.

moms home

Our experience was WONDERFUL, Lisa [Removed] is great to work with!

Good Staff!!

I went on a tour of this community. They did offer activities. The community was very well cleaned and up kept. The staff there was very nice the person that gave me the tour as well.

Caring and Professional

My father-in-law has not been there long but I was very impressed with my evaluation in comparison to other facilities evaluated. MRT have all levels of care so if conditions change, you do not have to move to another facility. The staff that I've met have been friendly, caring and competent. They are willing to work with dietary needs when some other facilities did not seem willing to accommodate a "blended" food diet. So far they seem to have good activities for the people and try to keep them "moving" and active. The memory care unit anywhere is a challenge for the staff but at MRT they seem to have a "heart" for the patients and work well with them.

She Enjoys The Painting Class

This is a pretty good community, we really like it. My mother is doing very well. It is a very well-kept community, they do a very good job with the cleaning. The staff is pretty good, I would say the servers in the dining room need more personality.The food is nice, she is pleased with the meals. They do offer nice activities, she enjoys the painting classes. The owner is a very nice lady. This is a facility I would recommend.

Nasty and Smelly

My mother broker her hip and was on the Rehab Unit at Mt. Royal. While she was on that unit, most of the nurses and aides were nice, but I did notice that they would be at the Nurses' Station when I got there and would ALL disappear as soon as I went into my mother's room. A couple of times I walked up and down the hall looking for anyone who could help my mother and there were no nurses/aides in any other patient rooms. I have no idea where they were hiding. I heard from a friend whose mother was on that unit that the same thing occurred when she would visit her mother and she finally found ALL of the nurses/aides sitting in a break room watching TV. Really? They ALL left their station at the same time?

After Rehab they put her on the 4th Floor. [removed] The smell was ATROCIOUS. It wasn't just a faint smell of urine that sometimes is in nursing homes. It smelled as if everyone there just used the rug as a bathroom. [removed]

That, in itself, would have been bad enough, but they put three people in the suite with her and [removed] My mother had her little closet full of clothing, shoes, bedding, blankets, pillows, etc., and they all disappeared. When she left she only had a jacket, two sweat shirts and a couple of pairs of shoes. I saw other women wearing her clothing and I saw her blankets (that she had hand-made herself) on other women's beds. Why? We were given a list of things she would need and were told to put her name in everything we brought for her, which we did. It didn't matter. [removed] Her shoes were all missing at one point and when I told the aide about it, she said, "They got lost in the laundry." Her shoes? What?

One last thing: She was on the 4th floor for two months and I never got a bill for her pharmaceuticals. I wonder if they were even bothering to give them to her. I have no way of knowing since my mother has Alzheimer's and could not remember if she took her pills.

I don't think they really care about these old folks. [removed]

Do your research

My mother was a resident there, and it was a nightmare. The first unit she was in seemed ok - sweet nurses and residents seemed well taken care of. She had to move to rehab - a few sweet nurses, but also some who didn't seem to want to be there.
Her last unit was 4th floor. Here's my honest assessment...[removed]
-you ring the door bell and it takes forever for someone to open the door for you.
-the smell was so sickening, I had to pull my shirt up over my nose and mouth.
-one big common room was lined with recliners - residents are sitting in those chairs all day. They look like zombies just all sitting there ataring straight ahead. Again..the smell in there is 10x worse.
-my mom was stuck in a suite with 3 other women - one was very combative - cussing and slamming doors. One day she slammed her door over and over and NO nurse came to see what was wrong. I was concerned for my moms safety.
- my mom had been there about a month, and in that time ALL of her shoes disappeared, ALL of her towels/washcloths, extra bedding, and most of her clothes GONE. Her name was in every stitch of clothing/linens, but still - gone.
-other women were wearing her clothes.
-her bedding was put on other women's beds
**This is a BIG concern. My mom was in a room with NO WAY to call for help. NO call button. NO button around her neck. NO button attached to the wall. I asked about it, and they gave her one that went around her neck. The next time I went to see her it was gone. I asked the nurse and was told "they just gave you that button for show because those don't even work on this unit. [removed]

My first impression is - I love it! It is bright and cheerful. The rooms are huge. They look like small apartments. There was a speech therapist there. The common areas were plentiful and nicely appointed. There was only one small outside area that I saw and the residents have to be escorted if they want to go outside. Very Nice though.

My sister feels right at home. Everyone is Happy!!

Really enjoyed meeting staff. Very nice facility, many options for different levels of senior living.

Nice place, overall

I think they do a good job overall at Mount Royal Towers. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the facility itself is well kept and clean. Our loved one is having a bit of trouble settling in here, but I think she is doing much better here than when she was on her own, she is safe and well taken care of here.

Friendly and Caring Staff

So far, we like it very much here at the Mount Royal Towers. The staff is friendly and caring as well as location is great and convenient. We are giving the Mount Royal Towers all five stars. Great Place.

Kudos to Mount Royal Towers

We moved my mother into Mount Royal Towers (MRT) from another assisted living facility and have been so happy we made that move. We were nervous that she would suffer a transitional confusion, and she did but only for a few days rather than the weeks we were expecting.

The prior facility was dark and their activities took place on another floor, which made it hard for the residents to participate. MRT has activities on the same floor in rooms that are flooded with natural sunlight. The people there are so caring.

One thing worth mentioning is that the prior facility did not bathe my mother frequently. Her hair would be greasy and dirty and she would smell. Plus, I kept getting charged for "haircuts & sets" but her hair was longer and longer and dirtier and dirtier. I mentioned it and the staff shrugged it off. The first day she was at MRT, she was babied and petted on, then the next morning she was bathed and they got her an appointment at the hair salon (in the facility) and she actually got a cute cut.

I can't say enough good things about Mount Royal Towers and the staff. Thank you to A Place for Mom for helping me find this wonderful place.

Very happy with this location

This is a very clean location inside and out. The AID workers are sometimes at a lower age and they aren't friendly in some cases, but overall the staff is very friendly and great. This is my first time experiencing this so I don't have a price to compare it too but I'm pretty happy with the value.

My family members enjoy the extra activities Mount Royal Towers offers when they visit.

Review of Mount Royal Towers Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Homewood, AL

The rating by the health department were not at all good for this community.

Nice place, overall

Things have gone well so far with Mount Royal Towers. It's a well kept, clean, nice looking facility, and the staff have all been very personable and friendly. They do a good job taking care of the needs of their residents. I do think they could do a bit better in terms of providing activities and events for everyone, though.

Not great, but I have seen worse.

It was sad in the sense that there were a lot of people who had a rough life. People who had lost limbs or had not been well cared for previously. But they were at least kind of happy. My loved one was in a basement facility, he had no one to talk to. He was on stuff that was just prescribed to him, and duplicates even, they hadn't gone through the list to see what he really needed.

Serious Problems with staffing

While most of the staff are friendly and hardworking, several are not. All who do a great job seem to move on to another facility quickly.
They are having problems getting medications given on time. Many times pain medication or other critical medications have been as many as 4 hours late. There are not enough LPN"s to cover all the residents in a timely manner. The residents suffer for this. The LPN's are covering three different floors all the time, even though you will be told they only cover two.
Forget RN's they are only supervisory positions and only there between 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Other times no RN's to be found.
Very little in the way of activities unless you are in independant living.

Looks are very decieving

The building is beautiful and the staff friendly, but what's really important is the care and services your loved receives. The nurses and nurse's aides can only provide the highest level of services and care as allowed by the director of nursing, administrators and owner. If a resident has medical needs (expensive medications, runs out of medication, equipment, lab tests, consults with specialty physicians, swallowing tests etc) and there is any additional cost for the facility then the resident will go without at Mount Royal much more than I've seen in any other facility. There's no immediate concern or action taken when residents themselves, lpn's, or cna's are noticing changes in residents medical, physical, and emotional welll being. Many medical issues could have been either resolved or prevented with more attention (even within 1-3 days or a in a week). It's truly unfortunate.

Not bad but there are better

The care isn't great but it is good. The staff is really nice and friendly. The food isn’t very good though. They are not a bad community but there are just better ones out there. I wouldn't take my loved on back here if I had a choice.

Great location and tour.

Great location and tour.

Dad visited by himself. He was impres...

Dad visited by himself. He was impressed with the facility overall, but was concerned about the strong smell of urine in the dementia care section. He did like the setup and that there was a bank on-site. Also, he said he felt like grandparents might like it.

From the Community

At Mount Royal Towers, we truly believe that your retirement years can be the most wonderful time in your life. As a full-service senior community, we provide the care you need when you need it. To make life even easier, Mount Royal is also a community within itself and the energy here is contagious. Come explore a slice of life at Mount Royal Towers.