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Customer Reviews

price swayed us away from this one

Sandy Pennington

Local Representative

Thank you for letting us know about your recent visit to Monticello West. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to Josie Winland, executive director, at [removed] when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

[Name removed] supplied me with all materials and tours to help make a decision for my mom. Very nice place.

While the staff appeared to be very good and knowledgeable, the rooms are too small and you get an institutional feeling.

A Place For Dad

My Father has been in Memory Care for 15 months and has never asked to go home which is a blessing. He is very comfortable in his surroundings and the caretakers are so very kind with him. The staff is very caring and friendly and the environment does feel like home. I am grateful to all who work so hard 24/7 on all levels of care. It means so much. I would truly recommend Monticello West to anyone that is looking for a caring environment for their Loved Ones. Thank you. [name removed]

Comfort and Care

Our father entered MW's 4th floor assisted living at age 96 after a slight stroke. We couldn't have asked for better care and affordable rates. Despite the intense demands of the resident population, the staff aims to keep everyone at their personal peak of health, happy and intellectually stimulated. Resdents are strongly encouraged to attend activities ranging from interactive games to crafts, ice cream socials, movies, exercise, holiday entertainment and more. The property is constantly maintained and clean. The staff is vitalized by their work with the elderly whom they love and respect. They tailor the meals to the individual's likes and needs. The resident's personal safety ranks high among considerations. Given my long distance commute, I checked in daily. To watch the staff in action helps you appreciate the gift it takes to do such responsible work. we felt comfortable with our father in their care.

Friendly Staff!!

I have no complaints of how things are going for my mother since she has made the move into this community. The property is always clean every time I visit and I like that they help keep moms kept up for her. The staff have been wonderful to work with and I am comfortable with the care she is being provided. She has had no problems with the meals and enjoys participating in some of the activities from time to time.

They can move in together!

I'm going to move my loved ones into this facility soon, and from what I've seen so far, it is just great! We are choosing this facility in particular because it allows my loved ones to move in together, even though one of them has Alzheimer's. It just makes the whole ordeal much easier for the whole family!

Needs Some Refurbishing

I am overall pleased and happy with them. The staff has been helpful not only to mom but to me as far as dealing with mom's insurance and medications. However, I do think that the property is in need of some refurbishing such as the carpets should be replaced and the inside needs to be painted a more cheerful color but other than that I find it to be very clean. I must say though I find the elevators to be very slow.
The food is very good it is seasoned very well. The portions are good and they offer choices.
They offer tons of activities and mom is not quite willing to participate in any currently but the staff is working on that. I can see a slight difference in my mothers walking and she is moving a little better.
The staff keeps me well informed such as they called me yesterday to let me know my mom's blood test results had come in. The location is close to me so that is a plus as well.

Still Adjusting, but A Nice Community for My Parents

My parents are doing well with their move to this community. They are still adjusting, but I know they are in a good place. This is a nice community, and so far everything is working out pretty well. The staff is good, more so the week staff compared to the weekend staff. They have gotten involved in some of the activities they have available. The meals are great, they are pleased with the food. They are receiving good care, and this is a community I would recommend.

Monticello West is a well established community with many long time employees. They were attentive and are actually pretty fun as well and seemed to really like their jobs. Plenty of activities and stimulation in the memory care. The residents seem happy and well cared for. Overall a great facility

Beautiful Community!!

This community is very beautiful with lots of great features and amenities for my loved one. I am really enjoying the variety of activities and the meals they serve throughout the week. The housekeeping team does a great job at making sure my room stays well maintained as well as the rest of the building.

Nice decor, convenient location, ?nursing skills?

Showed us a nice apartment at a reasonable rate. Then switched as soon as we paid up & moved in! In rushing the move, lost a $750 hearing aid & have made no offer to replace it. My Dad's 89 and recovering from a mild stroke that caused a fall in which he hit his head & was confused- slow recovery. He has "OCD" & will spend too long doing such things as combing his hair, eating, toileting and this where a CNA could help by prompting him but if he waves them off, they just leave! Twice in one week he was left in his recliner, TV on, overhead lights on... ALL NIGHT! So, of course, he felt tired & had a crick in his neck. So this is "Assisted Care" w/Memory Care by their definition. I'm not sure it's any better somewhere else😳

Nice looking place

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. My loved one was a bit beyond the level of care they provide here. However, it is definitely worth a look for those looking into assisted living!

Very happy with Monticello West

Things are going great with my father being at Monticello West. We are very happy. The place is very clean. The staff are very very helpful, friendly, caring very much, and they have been there a long time. They are easy to work with. They offer a wide variety of activities. My only problem is adequate parking for visitors. This is a nice, clean place, the people care, the pricing is fair.

To soon to tell

He has not been there long enough for me to be sure this is going to work out..I wish he would be encouraged to go to more activities ..

Angry Daughter, Abused Mother

ATTENTION to those thinking you can put your parent here, and they will be taken care of when you leave for your Aspen trips, WAKE UP!!! Monticello was a privately owned facility. At that time, they were a very favorable choice. The family sold to a corporation, and the game has changed, except the sales pitch you get has probably gotten better.

If you read other reviews, the one-star review from March 2015 closely matches my mother's situation. Before I give you too much to read, I will say that in many cases, I have learned that a faith based facility is better than corporate, because there is another layer of accountability. (and I am not of any faith). My mother was there 21 days, and was taken to the ER where she remained hospitalized for a week. We then transferred her to a faith based facility that is the oldest in East Dallas. It was a remarkable difference in her care, and her health.

She was admitted to ER for dehydration, malnutrition, never given her thyroid meds, and a host of other things. She never got a bath or her hair washed the full 21 days. That didn't happen till she got to Presbyterian. Her primary care doctor met us in ER. After looking at her, he remarked, "You wouldn't do this to an animal." Monticello wanted her on hospice, when in fact it was their lack of care. She fell in the hallway at night, as she was trying to get help. According to a neighbor, she was on the floor, crying, for over an hour. As she began to decline, she called 911 from her personal phone line. The nurse was so angered by this, she pulled the phone cord out from the back of the phone to disconnect it. Yes, you read that correctly! My mother had macular, and would never have seen this. Getting help at night is nearly impossible. She was told by one of the night staff, as they answered her call, "You'd better not push that button again."

In the floor lunch area, one lady remarked that her coffee was cold. The staff attendant told her, "Well, that's just too bad, isn't it." I could go on-an-on, but I hope you get the message. On a final note, as I was moving her things out, one resident exclaimed, "Someone's moving out." I said, "Yes, she's moving to another place." The resident said, "Smart lady, she has kids that care." No joke, this broke my heart. I wanted to ask her for her kids phone number so I could call them, but it wasn't my business. Anyway, they probably put their mom in Monticello West, and went to Aspen thinking it was all okay! At MW, it's not okay.


My dad seems to be much healthier since he came here. I feel like he is good off on his meds, and clear headed, I cant wait to see him get even better. Thanks MONTICELLO

Could Have Better Care

I feel like the quality of care is not there. She is getting her pills, but I just feel like she is not getting the attention she needs. The nurse indicated that she could benefit from PT, but I haven't seen anything done about that. They did basically everything pretty well, with the exception of the follow-through on her care.

They are doing fantastic so far.

They are doing fantastic so far. She seems to be in good spirits. I don't have any major complaints about food so far. The people are friendly, and it's well kept. So far I think it's working out well.

Monticello West no longer provides the quality of care it was did. They are lazy and lack empathy for the residents. They are slow to respond to the call for help and do not check on the residents on a regular basis. My dad has been found lying on the floor several time trying to get himself to the bathroom when no one answered his call for assistance. The director is quick to request the family pay extra for an outside care provider when we are paying them to provide the care. My father ended up in the hospital after becoming severly dehydrated and his blood sugar level dropped dangerously low. They claim to have a nurse on staff but not sure if she is a registered nurse because she doesnt seem to be very knowlegeable in caring for the elderly.

This place has gone down hill in the quality of care it provides the residents. The employees lack knowledge and empathy in caring for the elderly.

Peace of mind

Impressed by Monticello West and its Associates immediatly. There is a genuine concern for the resident and the staff is attentive and follow through as requested.
I am comfortable knowing my mother is being well taken care of.

Happier and healthier at 91!

Mom is 91. The feedback we get on her wellbeing is anecdotal and comprehensive, from examples and details to a sense of overall well being. She is well attended by competent caring staff, medically observed, and can be treated by on site nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors. Mom came to Dallas in November needing memory care, she is happier and healthier than when we first brought her. I am delighted to have her close to me and much appreciate her care.

Very nice place!

They've done a fabulous job so far at Monticello West! The staff is very responsive, and they're always around and available. They work very well with Mom, and she seems very very happy here! The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they've got a lot to provide for the people who live here!

Wish We'd Found Them Earlier

My mother had been in an assisting living facility for a number of years before their closing forced her relocation to Monticello West. As one of my siblings has remarked, "I wish we'd found it first." The two things I woud oserve that are most noteworthy with respect to the faciliity is that the staff does interact with the residents on a continual basis. My mother would lay in bed 24 X 7 if they let her, but they don't. Secondly, whether from the quality of the food, the fact that the staff won't take no for an answer or a nice facility she has actually been a) eating (a constant battle) and b) feeding herself occasionally. We have been very pleased thus far.

Monticello West: Tuscany Decore & Culture Near Downtown

I toured this facility with my Father who needs an age-in-place and memory care community for my Stepmother, and he's ready for assisted living after having care-giver burnout and getting frail himself. Monticello West became our second choice after seeing Windsor Sr. Living on LBJ, which they decided on. Monticello West was a good location for me to travel to, and parallel to I-75 on a back street on the corner of Monticello. The Director of Community Relations, Nan, was very sensitive, informative and helpful. I liked the set up, the staff, the food was good and the environment reflects the middle to upper class from University Park/Highland Park I'm guessing. We were told they are being bought out and they're excited about renovations which they need in the apartments and improved outdoor area (they have 2- one is pretty but no covered areas and another that needs love) that are enclosed, for residents to sit outside. I'm constantly amazed how there are no truly covered areas to sit outside in rain at so many of the various communities! You'd think the staff would like a break place to go during rainy days to get outside during good seasons, too. Their memory care unit was good. They have a "Jefferson Bridge" where a memory care patient can live there and the spouse can live in Assisted or Independent Living and meet up to eat and do things together. I liked their philosophy, they have dedicated care givers with tenure and who enjoy their work, and a 24-hour onsite RN. They also have on-site check ups with Dr. Studley of Baylor who is a Geriatrician (you can't get better care than that!), and my Stepmother's sons and I were trying to get them in to see her before we visited. Dr. Studley does on-site evaluations and visits to Monticello West which is a huge BONUS. I liked that Monticello West had many cultural onsite events, they were setting up happy hour with a performer around 2:15 pm and several of the women had glasses of wine. Something like that you need to keep in mind. If your parent or you like to have some alcohol from time to time, you'd better ask if that is permitted or supplied. Many small communities have residents that are far beyond enjoying or never did, so check details like that out for true fit. They also have offsite visits to the Dallas Symphony downtown, visiting authors, and the rest that many other communities have but more high end culture appreciators at Monticello West I have a feeling. Again, I had a good overall feel and so did my Dad. You must visit, tour and have lunch at EACH and EVERY facility you might consider, and the right one(s) to see who fit all your personal criteria best (or your parents') like ability to age-in-place, healthcare, staff, food, environment, social, apartments/environments, onsite and offsite activities, the whole ball of wax. There have been no communities that I had a bad experience touring or intuitive or gut feel that were just outright bad. I consider myself fortunate and a good sign that Dallas has good options for senior communities.

Lovely, established residence in HP

Monticello West is not the new kid on the block, and that is in its favor. My impression is of comfort, gentility, and warmth. Having visited a bit with some of the residents, I find that most of them previously lived within a short distance from where my mother did, and that "small town feel" is intact. Not every resident wants to have a conversation with each new person they see walking the halls , but most everyone is polite and genuinely friendly.
The staff is friendly, kind, and helpful, and make me, as a family member, feel quite welcome. I have enjoyed the presence of dogs, both resident and visiting, and that also is a big plus for me and for the community (in my opinion).

Excellent facility for my husband

My husband is 62 and has Lewy Body Dementia. His condition had progressed to the point where I could no longer care for him at home about a year ago. The transition to Monticello West was very easy! The staff are caring and engaged and make my husband feel special every day. Their onsite RN always keeps me apprised if anything about his condition changes. The care team members truly treat the residents as "family" and the atmosphere in the multiple living and dining rooms on the memory care unit is one of a very comfortable and welcoming home. I am so fortunate that my husband has such a safe and happy place to live.

From the Community

Over the past 30 years, one senior living community has earned a reputation for exceptional care in the heart of the Park Cities. If you or someone you love needs memory care or assistance with the activities of daily living, look no further than Monticello West, located in the prestigious Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. It’s a classic! But better, with up-to-date amenities and the latest innovations in supportive care.