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Customer Reviews

I can imagine myself and husband here. This is a beautiful location with well appointed features. The staff is friendly, the room is more of a studio which is a nice touch.

Review of Belmont Village

The staff is terrific. They are a bunch of hard workers. They make our tenure here more pleasant.

Review of Belmont Village

My experience has been excellent. I've been here 1 year and 3 months. Everybody has been very cooperative and helpful. I've recommended a couple of people come in and I'll keep on doing that... The permanent menu is very good. The chef for the fish comes from Veracruz and he knows what he's doing. The desserts are super. They're too good!

The entertainment is good - Aubrey does a good job of setting up the happy hour.

They don't discriminate, they like everybody.

Everyone is very helpful. Foods good. Plenty of activities. I really like being able to have transportation.

Very efficient and caring staff. Always a smile and a quick response to your loved ones needs and requests. I highly recommend this facility.

Very efficient and caring staff. Always a smile and a quick response to your loved ones' needs and requests. I highly recommend this facility.

This is a lovely community. My favorite aspects are the great women and men who work there in various capacities, including their unique "Pals" system. Another important part of our decision to select Belmont Village is the 24/7 nurse on premises. Their care for the memory impaired is outstanding.

We never thought we'd be living somewhere as nice as this. The staff is outstanding. The food is great, and my fellow residents are congenial. We are prepared to spend our remaining days here.

We were not crazy about this place for US. Whereas it might have been fine for others, and I could see some advantages, especially with the ability to rehab there, and the ability to make the transition from independent living to assisted living without having to move. The pool was great!

The rooms were not appealing to my mother in law. In a hig-rise, you have a different set up, but we found the rooms dark and a bit cold. The dark flooring did not add to the lack of ambience.

Also didn't get the sense that there was a big emphasis on full time activity direction. Since this was very important to us, we kind of wrote this place off.

Lorena Grimes

Local Representative

Thank you for your visit and your feedback. Our community is designed to have a modern and contemporary feel but we recognize it may not suit everyone’s preference. We do offer a robust daily calendar of events, activities and outings including book club and our educational series presentation in conjunction with SMU. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your loved one and encourage those currently searching to visit communities at different times of the day to get a better understanding of the environment. Please reach out to our community relations team if you are interested in scheduling another visit to learn more about our activities program.

Belmont Village is a very nice facility. The residents seem well cared for and the staff is quite pleasant. It is a big facility with lots of levels of care and many very interesting programs. They seem to be improving all the time. Not as intimate as some might like.

Great Care

We really liked this community , but my mother in law wanted to stay in Santa Fe . This community had a good program in place and very attentive for my moms care and needs. This would of been a good fit for my mother in law. The food seemed to be good. We spoke with the activity director that had a wellness program that would of been great for her. I know families would like the care and value here.

Needs Better Services!!

When there is a problem in the community we speak with the director. He does listen and tries to get things fixed, but it takes a while to get things done. The meals are okay there are no problems with it. Now that my loved one has an actual doctor visiting and checking up on them they are doing better. The services have not been very good it has been pricey as well, not worth what we have been paying.

A Good Experience

I had the pleasure to look at other communities and found this place to be the one. My brother was going to live here but due to bad timing he did not move in. The experience was good and worked out fine. The staff are very nice and cooperative, the community is really nice and up kept, and overall I was very pleased. I would highly recommend this community to anyone.

huge disappointment

Terrible! Nearly two years of complaints with little change.
Complaints yield temporary improvements but never resolutions.

I truly do not understand why we continue to have the same issues in an assisted living facility with housekeeping, laundry and hygiene.

Now a recent incontinence issue has only further complicated things.

Lorena Grimes

Local Representative

We understand your concerns and we continue to take steps to better meet your housekeeping expectations and your family’s specific needs. We encourage you to continue to work with your executive director to resolve issues as they arise so that we can provide consistent service as needs change.

Nice looking, friendly community!

We're very pleased with how things have turned out at Belmont Village! It took my loved one a bit to get settled in, but the staff have been very friendly, professional, and accommodating throughout the whole process! It's a nice looking place, and Mom is really enjoying the friendly social atmosphere in the dining room!

Off to a good step....

My first impression of Belmont Village Turtle Creek is extremely positive.
We have been in 3 other Assisted Living facilities that failed to meet our expectations. Custodial and domestic care was inconsistent and the food was so bad that the employees refused to eat there. Management clearly was more interested in the landscaping than they were about caring for the residents. There seemed to be a HUGE disconnect between marketing and the actual operations.
We are just now moving into Belmont Village and already my mom has shown a shift in attitude I haven't seen in years. She has had a cognitive test to serve as a benchmark, and a plan of care. Our hopes are that this will be our last move...but we've been fooled before.

Very nice location - even for someone who tends to be very critical

My husband and I were trying to find a new location for his aunt. We took her with us on our search, and as soon as we walked in to the Belmont, she said this is where I want to be.
So far, she really likes living there. The people are friendly, and the food still tastes good to her.
We think all of the locations are very expensive, so guess we are just tightwads!
The aunt is living in independent living, but we are paying to have medicine administered. This seems to cost a great deal, but it is something we must do to make sure someone sees his aunt every day. Otherwise she tends to stay away from people as she is an extremely private person.

Review of Belmont Village at Turtle Creek in Dallas, TX

Outstanding staff. Great location, near parks and hiking trails. Close by restaurants and theatre. They have responded to every request.

Review of Belmont Village at Turtle Creek in Dallas, TX

I have found the facility very accommodating to a persons needs. There are many activities for us, and the staff is very helpful. It is the next best thing to the old home. I am pleased at my daughter-in-law's good taste in finding it for me. It is a "home" that makes you feel well cared for.

Review of Belmont Village at Turtle Creek in Dallas, TX

This community has been an answer to our prayers after other less desirable facilities. The staff is carefully screen when hired, trained extensively, and are caring, compassionate, and well informed. The facility is truly beautiful and everyone treats it with the pride as it is their home. Programming for senior enrichment is stimulating, educational and fun. Food quality is like fine dining! Finally -- a senior living solution that gives elders the respect they are due!

BVTC Threw Dad in a Psyche Ward Over an Outburst

After watching Belmont Village Turtle Creek “BVTC”(1) ignore my father and then throw him in a Psych ward for typical dementia related behavior; (2) being given no alternatives for his care except that he could come back to BVTC once he was ‘certified’ and ‘non-aggressive’ (whatever that might mean, a bit subjective…); (3) having had no communication from anyone on the Staff of BVTC, prior to him being thrown into the Psych ward, indicating Dad’s disease may be progressing beyond what they are able to care for at BVTC; (4) all while being charged an ≈ $7,500 “30 Day Notice” fee while he resided in the Psych ward they remanded him to, I am strongly warning you to beware of this place.

Please look harder and consider putting your dementia suffering loved one in a facility that can handle dementia patients. We had no idea this could even happen – throwing a dementia patient in the Psych Ward because the place we had trusted him to, that specialized in dementia care we were told, apparently ran out of ideas? I would have thought a place designed to handle dementia patients, which I was lead to believe from the website BVTC was, would understand this and know how to handle the behaviors that a dementia patient might exhibit. But I was wrong.

From the BVTC website: “Belmont’s range of signature, award-winning Memory Care programs designed to maintain mental acuity and function”. Well maybe when they feel a Memory Lane resident might be reaching the threshold of BVTC’s ability to assist and care for them, they should TELL YOU, the family, before they toss them into the county Psych ward! Maybe give you a little time to work things out and, at that time, the 30 day notice could start….?

My Dad has dementia. If you are reading this, someone you love probably has it too. How much do you know about dementia? Have an expert in your family? Because we do not – and it is my belief BVTC used our lack of knowledge/experience against us, landing my Dad (who has run what would have been a Fortune 500 company in the 1970’s, has patents in his name, later ran a small business and retired at age 47), in the local County Psych Ward.

When my family checked out BVTC, it had been open less than 90 days. It was not at capacity, which is perhaps why they allowed us to move Dad in, and sign him up for Circle of Friends (which about two weeks or so into his less than 100 day stay, he had become unable to participate in) at a cost of around ≈ $7500.00 (approximately) per month. Yup. ≈ Seventy Five HUNDRED dollars per month.

One time when I visited, we saw an ambulance in the parking lot. When we could not find Dad in his room or elsewhere in the facility, we headed back to where we had seen the ambulance and looked inside – there was Dad. We were not informed by any of the staff that our Dad was in an ambulance, and we did not receive a telephone call or even a text.

After Dad returned to his room after the hospital visit, he started screaming and writhing in pain with his lips curled up and eyes clinched shut. I had no idea why. I asked one of the Caregivers to please get a nurse. After waiting about 10 minutes, I asked again. I was told they had two nurses on site, but they were both with other residents. Meanwhile, Dad is having these pains, and due to his dementia, he cannot clearly communicate what is going on.

After about 10 more minutes, I left Dad in his room (still in pain) and went out to find a nurse. Yes, I was pretty upset by now (due to this particular service failure, plus a couple other service failures that had happened in the three days I had been there) so I came out of his room and yelled down the hall to get a nurse in here RIGHT NOW. The director, Tara Arancibia, responded by telling me not to yell at her staff.

They did not provide any alternate places for Dad to be placed. (Thankfully, the folks at the Psych Ward were able to). They just sent us a bill for the remaining balance. Thanks, Belmont Village!

While BVTC is gorgeous to look at and has fabulous food, they FAIL on the paramount needs – staffing, capability to care for anything but early stage dementia patients, communication with family, doctors, and pharmacies, in my humble opinion. We thought a dementia care specific facility might know more than us when it came to dementia and what to expect and how to go forward as it progressed.

What this place is not, imho, is a well-equipped, experienced, well managed memory/Dementia Care facility. It may be ok, imho, if your loved one is in the beginning stages of dementia, has mild dementia, like that. But once it gets to where communication is an issue, and/or the behaviors become unmanageable for the staff – look elsewhere. I would compare it to being in the Little League when what we needed was full on Professional league.

I love my Dad very much. If I had known then what I know now, we would have never darkened the door of Belmont Village Turtle Creek.

Overall they have been extremely helpful. We are pretty pleased.

Overall I think they are doing fine. The initial intake and getting all the staff on board with all the individual specifications, took longer than I would have hoped. They did a care plan, but the staff wasn't updated in time for her arrival. I think they are really caring. It's very clean, and they are attentive. The food is handled really well. It's just the first four or five days in the beginning, could be handled better. Overall they have been extremely helpful. We are pretty pleased.

Assisted Living start at $5...

Assisted Living start at $5,075 for a studio and include personal care. starting price a studio in memory care is $6,225. Brand new.

They have been very good, and we are very happy with them.

They have been very good, and we are very happy with them. They are pricey, and the program seems like it is a little more than it really is. It's been a tough transition. They really did a very good job getting her acclimated.

Very nice facility, most lu...

Very nice facility, most luxurious of those we saw, but limited outdoor areas. Not clear to me just how often the residents could get over to Lee Park across the street. Had reputation for being most pricey, but their simpler pricing structure could work out for some.

A Bit Too Uppity

We toured it. Someone told me that I have to think about whether my father-in-law would be more comfortable being a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond and that really helped me make my decision because my in-laws are very private people. The Belmont was a bit too uppity and too stuffy. Their brain training to try and stop the progression of the disease (dementia) is incredible and maybe it would help with someone younger but it was not going to work for my father-in-law's situation.

From the Community

Beautifully situated in the heart of the Turtle Creek community, Belmont Village Senior Living offers easy access to an array of high-end dining and retail centers, world class medical care, numerous churches and synagogues, and the Dallas Theater Center and Arts District. Concierge services and daily scheduled transportation are available to make sure that residents don’t miss a minute of their active lifestyles.

Belmont Village Turtle Creek provides a full continuum of lifestyle and support, including Independent Living, Assisted Living and Belmont’s range of signature, award-winning Memory Care programs designed to maintain mental acuity and function. The French-provincial style mid-rise houses 201 private apartments with studio, one-and two-bedroom residence plans. No buy-in is required and monthly rates include a variety of services and amenities.

Belmont Village’s valet service and two-story underground garage ensure generous parking for residents, guests and staff. Our professionally managed fitness center and indoor swimming pool encourage wellness and allow us to offer physical, occupational and speech therapies on-site. A technology center and complimentary Wi-Fi service throughout the building helps residents to stay connected. Dining options include chef-prepared meals with over 24 daily menu choices in Josephine’s Kitchen and a bistro for casual dining. Located directly across from Lee Park and Arlington Hall, Belmont Village’s outdoor amenties reflect their surroundings with a garden terrace, private courtyard, dining patio and fountains.