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Customer Reviews

Arrived and the receptionist had no clue what I was talking about said I needed to wait for the administrator. She also had no idea when the administrator would arrive!

Entrance, garden, and dining area look nice. The resident living areas look shabby like they need updating, or at least paint. The rooms are dark and not at all cheerful. No pictures on the walls, no kitchenette or counter space, small bar refrigerator. The semi-private rooms, where two people share a room, only has room enough for two twin beds and two small dressers. They have to share a closet and a bathroom. You might be able to fit a chair and side table in. That shared room will run you $2,200 per month. They add other fees, for other services, like medication service, help with bathing and getting dressed, etc. Not worth the money in my opinion.

Pets not allowed. [name removed] was actually not very nice or friendly, but was negative and had some attitude. She said, "no we don't allow pets because we always wind up taking care of them". Implying that my independent cognitively sharp responsible loving mom wouldn't care for her cat. When I asked if Montclair had more assisted needed residence she didn't really answer my questions, she just sounded frustrated that they had to do more work. First impressions were not positive.

Very disappointed in facility. Although we had an appointment advisor was unprepared. Facility felt dirty as was the room we were shown that was ready for occupancy. Only saw a few residents out and about. Pricing was out of proportion with room.

Sister is happy here

My sister is here and she likes it. They are doing lots of remodeling and updating right now. The staff is good with her and things seem to be in order. She is fed 3 good meals a day. She enjoys the daily activities like games and movies. The room is always clean. I like the setup of this community it is escape proof. I would recommend this community.



Right Choice

Mom is doing really well here. She has settled in very nicely and is quite happy here. She is making new friends and enjoying the activities and social events they may hold. The staff is very nice and helpful very attentive to the residents.

This is a dangerous place

Due to the lack of care given to my friend here at this community he has ended up in the hospital twice in less than 30 days. I was up front with management on the type of care my friend was going to need and things went fine the first week as I was there daily helping with his care and his transition but when I left for vacation all of that changed. He stopped eating and they did not bring his meals to his room or try and bring him to the dining area to eat, they were not making sure that he took his medications correctly they just left it by his bedside, they did not care for his daily needs he ran out of depends so he soiled everything, they let him go without any clean clothes and worst of all they sent him to the hospital a second time and never called me, did not send his records to the hospital and when I called looking for him because he did not answer his phone an aide was the one that told me about him being transferred to the hospital. They also tried to cover up the fact that they sent 3 other residents to the hospital at the same time for the same thing. Yet when I confronted the management they had excuse after excuse for everything and they told me I would have to pay for the little extra things they said they had to do for him. I removed my friend from this community immediately.

A tour for care for dad

I toured this community for my father's care.The staff was nice and they informed me on the cost of additional services. The menu was nice and the variety would have been good for him. They do have activities for the residents that want to participate. I would recommend that families tour the community for the options that are available and the cost for care.

Well organized. All the staff was cordial and quick to answer questions. Lots of organized activities for residents. The rooms were large and felt like being ing a mid sized motel. The activity calendar and menus were displayed and provided lots of choices for the residents.

Very nice facility!

From what I saw, this was a very nice facility! The staff seemed friendly, and the facility looked clean and very well maintained. In the end, we did not choose this facility because it was a bit pricey, but other than this, the facility is very nice!


When I first toured this facility I was very happy with the cleanliness, appearance and staff . But, after only 3 weeks I felt totally different. If you place your loved one here, make sure they can do for themselves because they will pretty much be taking care of themselves. After initially placing her in a room with someone that sat with headphones on all day and did not converse at all, they did move her after week one to a room with a nice roommate that was a much better match. My mother paid for 2 showers a week, however, because she refused a couple, they cannot force them to take one. But they still charge you for it. I asked them what they do for the residents in memory care that refuse everything, do they never get a bath? Of course they said no, we make sure they get a shower. So my mom only got 1 shower a week for two weeks. Mom paid to be checked on every two hours to make sure she was alright and didn't need anything. This did not happen. And yes, I asked her roommate to verify this when I questioned it. I found my mom a couple times still in her overnight wet (from incontinence) underwear and clothes at 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. Many times I came and found her very thirsty which means they weren't giving her water like her doctor asked them to give her on a regular basis, (like every 2 hours). This added to the dehydration she suffered after only 3 weeks. I went in 1 time to visit and found her jacket flung over the shower curtain rod and one of her socks was on the back of her chair and the other across the room. Her roommates bra was on the floor by my moms bed and her dirty clothes were spilling out of her basket in the area separating the two beds. I went every other day to visit and pick up moms dirty laundry (because they charge $75.00 to do it) and many times found her roommates clothes in moms hamper (in the closet). I was told if she had an accident her wet clothes would be put in plastic bags and would be placed in her hamper. Never happened. As a matter of fact, found her clothes on floor of closet many times, with hamper right there. Found piece of toilet paper with poop on it in middle of floor in the bathroom. My mom had a pee accident while getting on the toilet, so I was cleaning the floor and was disgusted by how black the washrag was. It looked like it had not been cleaned in a very long time. By the third week the floor was sticky and yes I had been reporting all of this to the staff every time something happened. I was also amazed at how bad the bedroom started smelling like urine. I understand accidents happen, but, come on, clean it up. No reason for that. Mom kept telling me how bad the food was so my brother, two cousins and myself ate there and were very disappointed in the quality of the food. Quite a few of the residents told me how they hate the food there. After week one, she was missing a book, week two, a blanket. On the day I took her out they miraculously showed up. Granted, they let my mom use a hospital bed, which I greatly appreciated. But, after 3 weeks, my mom developed a horrific UTI (which we suspected and were waiting for results) causing her to be mentally disoriented and combative. They asked if it was ok to place her in memory care to keep her calm, I said yes. But they brought her back down later that night. Again, the next day she was off and instead of taking her back to memory care, they brought her back downstairs and to her room where she got destructive. They have an LVN on staff who should have know better. I ended up having her admitted in the hospital and then into skilled nursing for rehab. I feel her personal hygiene or lack there of, contributed to her UTI. There was no way I was going to take my mom back to Montclair Royale. They say they are under new management and are going through a lot of changes, which looks to me like that includes short staffing. The care givers seemed stressed out because they have so much to do and not enough of them to go around for the amount of residents and the time allotted to do what needs to be done properly. The staff is not very knowledgeable when it comes to certain things like medications. I asked one of the med techs once if mom had been given her night meds yet and she said she would be getting her high blood pressure med, Atorvastatin later right before bed. This alarmed me considering Atorvastatin is for high cholesterol and not high blood pressure, and she should have been given her high blood pressure med in the morning not in the evening. This is the person giving my mom her meds on a daily basis. KNOW WHAT YOUR GIVING YOU RESIDENTS WHEN IT COMES TO MEDICATION! I asked another med tech once if she was getting a certain med and she couldn't tell me. Hello, do you not have a list and could you not look at it to see if it was being given to her? Scarey.
I guess, according to them I was mistaken when I assumed Assisted Living meant you help them live. But, I guess they only do the very minimum and your loved ones need to be able to do the majority of their own care. They just monitor some of it. I was very disappointed and feel this was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made in my life by placing my mom there hoping they would help me take care of her. They did not. They sell a nice package, but, beware of the[Removed] in sheeps clothing.

Comfort for mom!

My mother is doing well since her move into Montclair Royale Senior Living. She has joined some activities and is interacting with residents. The staff is nice, but they are short staffed.

Care and comfort for dad

We are very happy with this community. The staff are outstanding and they keep me informed on how well he is doing. The meals are outstanding and my father loves the meals. They do offer him to be involved with the activiites, but at this time he is not participating. We would recommend this community for the staff and you could not ask for better caretakers to help with the care of a loved one.

I need to talk more to the director but I was happy with what I saw on my first visit to the memory care unit. This unit is the focus of their upgrading efforts at the moment. I liked their medication system, the activities I saw, and the staff person I saw leading a group of residents.The room I saw was clean.AnnaMarie was natural, focused, and caring.


I am giving this place one star because, only a few of the caregivers actually do their job. I've witnessed one caregiver shut the door on a resident because that resident was bothering her. Also the management doesn't really care about the employees. There's a new owner and her name is Anna Marie, she is never there only about two days a week if that. They cut down employees because they don't want to give them insurance and or benefits. So they are only down to two caregivers for three Floors. The place is a mess on weekends there is no one in charge except the medication technition. And when things happen in the weekends and we have to call the care coordinator she never answers her phone even when it's an emergency. They have caregivers passing medications that aren't certified to do so yet. There are always residents falling down and having to go to the hospital and unfortunately they don't come back, and this is because this place is not organized at all and they will hire anyone to work there. Management also doesn't know how to keep the patients confidentiality. They also will force you to work overtime and if you don't they will fire you, without just cause. The front receptionist is very rude and always has an attitude. In my honest opinion I wouldn't even take two looks at this place to move in the elderly, it is a waste of money.

Good fit for mom

I praise them every time I'm in there. it's a wonderful facility and a good fit for my mother. She is not very social so doesn't participate very much in what they offer but there are many activities you can join. I visit during her meals times and I'm glad she is getting three good meals a day. I chose Montclair Royale because I liked the management team and the surroundings. Overall it is a good fit for my mother.

Great tour with the LVN very informative and knowledgeable of facility.Needs to remodel the entire care center to make it more appealing to families searching for a place for their loved ones.
I did enjoy the garden area and the monthly charges.

The place was okay. Needed remodeling. Carpet is old and so are the rooms. Have to use a pull cord to call for help. Was surprised by the high price compared to other facilities that were much nicer.

Toured, seemed like a nice place

We toured Montclair Royale while looking into senior living options. I thought it seemed like a nice place, overall. The staff that showed us around were friendly and knowledgeable, and the place seemed very clean.

Taking Good Care Of My Mother and Her Needs

My mother is doing well here, I'am pleased with everything they have done for us. This is really a nice community with kind people. The staff is very attentive and helpful. They are very responsive to my concerns. She is trying a few activities they offer. The food is good, the meals are very nice. I'am comfortable with the care they are providing her. I would highly recommend this community.

Montclair Royale is a great place!!!

Dad is settling into this community very well. The staff are friendly, thorough and seem to know what they are doing. I have not tried the food but my dad feels that the food is good at the beginning of the month and then starts to decline. They offer daily activities however he does not yet participate in any. I would recommend this community.

We Are Very Pleased And Mom Is Happy

We are very pleased with everything this community has done for us. They have been very helpful and kind. My mother is doing very well at this community. The community looks great and very clean. They even keep her very nice looking and clean. She really loves it here. There are great activities for the residents to choose from. She likes the food, the meals are nice. I'am confident about the care she is getting. I would recommend it.

Montclair Royale

My husband and I had been looking at many places to move my mom into. In November we had to move her out here to California because she has Alzheimer/Dementia. So in about January we started our initial search and what that would be and what the cost of this would be. I was refered to quite of few places that we toured and just by chance i received an email from Montclair Royale and we made an appointment to go tour it. It came down to Montclair and another place that was close to our house. after much thought and taking everything into consideration we chose Montclair Royale. The staff has been nothing but friendly and accommodating for my mom. The place is very clean I know that they just went through some renovations. But overall my mom seems happy and adjusting to the place. The most important thing to me and my family is that my mom feels safe. The cost is very good for my moms income and what she can afford. She is in a studio room with another studio next to her they both have separate entrances but share a bathroom. They both have Alzheimers and are not wanderers and are not vacant so they are pretty independent in that area. The food is great and the care staff is very caring. For my mom this was the best situation for price and keeping her fairly close to our home so we could see her often.

Going as good as expected

Seeing as how Dad really didn't want to make the move things are going as good as they can be. Debra (the owner) made it clear on what to expect as dad goes through this transition and hes had his ups and downs but we're getting through it. The staff has been nothing but respectful and I can say that I am pleased with the cleanliness of the community. There have been a few minor issues that we've had to deal with like daily shaving but we've got it under control. All in all a good experience so far.

very responsive and knowledgeable

Everything with Montclair Royale has been very good. The personnel are very responsive and knowledgeable in all my interactions with them.

Not perfect, but good compared to other facilities.

The Montclair Royale is not perfect. Under the circumstances, I would say that it's good compared to other facilities. They don't have any activities. They told me that they would bring down the residents for activities. I haven't seen any. They usually just watch television. The people that work there are extremely sweet. They are very nice and accommodating. I haven't had any issues with that area.

made mom feel welcome

We have had a very positive experience with Montclair Royale and would highly recommend them. They give very good attention to detail in all that they do in caring for my mother and their other residents, and in everything else. The communication is excellent as they are very good at keeping me informed on how mom is doing and in answering any questions that we have. Everyone there is extremely friendly. They made my mom feel very welcome there.

Alisha Grueter

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your mom.

Love this place for my mom!

I am in complete trust that Montclair Royale and the staff are taking the best care possible for my mom. She is always clean, dressed, fed, receptive and as happy as is possible.
I actually enjoy visiting and visiting with the other 'clients'. and the staff is very professional as well as accessible.

Alisha Grueter

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Alisha Grueter

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

It's very good there. They aim to please.

It's very good there. They aim to please.


Everyone at Montclair Royale has been lovely. Those in charge, the differing nurses, etc. Alicia, Roxanne, and the lady in charge of the place (her name escapes me at the moment) have been very very nice.

My main complaint is that there is not enough help fast enough. Mom is 98 and is in such a weakened state right now. Maybe the response time from when you pull the cord to when you get help is good for others, but for us it takes a little longer than we would like.

The people there are lovely, the food is great, and the facility is beautiful and clean.

It’s a nice place.

It’s clean. I don’t know. They were friendly, nice people. They do things a little different. They play bingo and have music. It’s a nice place. It’s clean. I like it. The staff is friendly. They only have one small room to watch TV. The back yard is nice.

Nice size rooms for memory ...

Nice size rooms for memory care. They had redone some of the building. My mother is not a candidate for this place, because of the hospice agency that I was looking into.

Enjoyed my visit to Monclai...

Enjoyed my visit to Monclair Royale. Alisha Grueter was very hospitable and gave me tour of the facilities. Very Impressed

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Settle back in your favorite chair, close your eyes and relax. Nurture long-time hobbies, and make new friends. This is Montclair Royale.

Come visit our community to meet our friendly staff and see for yourself how easy it can be to call Montclair Royale "home."