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From the Office

At Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough, we are proud of the outstanding reputation we've earned in the greater Los Angeles Area, a reputation built on strong values, a solid work ethic and the best care and outside medical services available. Our active senior community promotes a lifestyle which fosters independence while providing 24-hour assistance when necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Not Secured Enough

My husband did not do good. I had to take him out. He kept leaving, the doors had alarms on it. They tried to give him more medication because he kept wandering off. We didn't want him to be that medicated. Their tactics to get him back in were very bad. They would tell him I was there and he would spend the whole time looking for me and then walk out the community again. The director was wonderful but the lady in charge of the Memory Care she was awful. They would call me all hours of the night and she would have him call me too. He would say please pick him up. It was a nightmare. Luckily, they gave us back our community fee.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. We value our residents and families and appreciating you sharing your comments. We are sorry that it did not work out for you and your husband. We hope that you find the community that best fits your needs. Please feel free to contact us in the future if you have any questions, we are happy to assist.

Not Enough Outside Space

This community was very nice and ended up being our second choice for dad. However, as we were walking around it seemed to me that there didn't seem to be much of an outdoor area large enough for my dad to take a walk. They had an outside area where tables and chairs were setups but really no other outdoor space to do anything else. I did not have a meal there but they provided us with a snack and that was very good. The staff was friendly and helpful in answering our questions.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your detailed positive review. We strive to provide excellent care and service to our residents and their families at Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. We are always more than happy to assist you if anything else comes up, have a fantastic day!

We are very happy with the care here for my father. The memory care is really the care that we were needing. The community is clean with a good feeling for him. The menu is nice and he appears to like the variety of the meals. They do offer activities for him. His room is what we were looking for. We would recommend this community for the benefits for loved ones care.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Hello, thank you for sharing your positive experience & kind review. We are happy to pass along your comments to the team at Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough! Your recommendation means so much to us and we're so happy to have earned it. Thank you again for taking the time to let the world know about your positive experience.

3 Weeks In

My Dad has been at Pacifica Independent/Assisted Living for only 3 weeks and so far he's happy there. He enjoys the food, especially the fresh fruits and vegetables. He likes the companionship of the other Seniors and has participated in some of the social activities. These are the positives.
One negative thing would be that the air conditioning in my Dad's room isn't working properly. The other is malfunctioning or unavailable laundry equipment. This is not acceptable as he just moved in there and likes to keep his clothes clean.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your review, we are glad to hear that your father is happy and enjoying himself. We are sorry to hear that there are some issues that need to be addressed. We are glad that you brought this to our attention, we will pass along your comments to the team at Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything additional we can do for you.

Look beyond the beauty

It's a beautiful facility but unfortunately the actual care the residents receive is not adequate. The residents pay good money for board and care. We placed my grandfather in this facility ten months ago and have seen the care decline rapidly. This is not what we were sold when we visited this facility.
We were told there was a gourmet chef on staff. I have actually seen them feed them chicken nuggets like you would a toddler not chicken tenders nuggets. When it says pot pie it's actually a frozen pot pie like a Banquet one from the frozen food isle.
Recently one of the med techs that had been here for more than 5 years left because he was denied a vacation he had requested 6 months prior and only given 2 weeks notice he would not receive it. Unfortunately the turnover has been tremendous I see someone filling out an application every time I visit. I go at least once weekly and often more. Recently with the change in staff we have found medication on the floor the new staff is not making sure the residents are taking their meds. My mom goes daily this is on top of the $4000.00+ we pay for care monthly. This morning my grandfather was sleeping with his shoes on? This is somewhere we thought he would get quality care. Unfortunately the more I get to know the residents the unhappier I see them. There are supposed to be weekly outings the van didn't work for more than a month so the residents were unable to go to doctors appointments and planned activities.
There is an elevator that has literally been out of service for 6 months the elevator next to it my family has been stuck in on at least two separate occasions. I take the stairs but when I am coming with laundry it's more difficult.
Laundry don't get me started I used to try and do my grandfathers laundry when I was there. The washers were normally being used by staff when I asked [Removed] the facilities manager he said they had a machine down. Well for the $2500.00 a month each resident pays for a room and food they should not be penalised for poor management. Honestly each floor should have a laundry room with several machines or stackable units in each room. Consequently I take the laundry home and return with it clean. However I have met residents who have told me they come in at midnight to do theirs most have given up and pay the $80.00 per month to have it done there or family does it.
I would advise you to look long and hard before placing your loved one at Pacifica it very pretty but that's all.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

We'd like the opportunity to discuss your review, so if you're willing, please contact our Executive Director at [removed]. We hope to hear from you to resolve this matter.

Caring Nurses!

My mother is actually no longer in this community, but while she was there, the place was great. We have no complaints. She was receiving great care. I never visited the place but from phone calls, I gathered that the place was very clean and from my brief conversations with the nurses I knew she was being well taken care of.

Perfect, Beautiful Place for Seniors with Mild Dementia

Pacifica is a beautiful facility with a diverse, friendly staff.
My mother is in a special section called "Transitions," which is appropriate for her. She is not competent enough for Assisted Living but too competent for standard Memory Care facilities. I don't think there are too many activities for the folks in that section. The televisions seemed to always be turned to the same old movies.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Thanks for the feedback and positive review. We strive to provide excellent care to our residents and their families at Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough.
We have shared your review with the community and wanted to let you know that we post pictures to our Facebook page and will try to post more of the Transitions activities too. (The link to the Facebook page is on our website).
Please feel free to reach out to us here at the community at any time to share your thoughts. We are here to make sure that you and your family are happy.

The staff is exstreamly helpful and very very nice! My Grandpa is very happy here.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Crystal Armendariz, thank you for leaving this positive review about your experience with our community. We appreciate it and look forward to seeing you again.

A great community!

Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough is a very welcoming, respectful, kind, and helpful community. My mother-in-law likes it very much, and things are going well. They do a lot of activities, and she really likes when they do an ice cream social. She seems to enjoy the food. She has gained about ten pounds since being there, which is good for her. All of the residents I've seen are happy, out of their rooms visiting and being social, and enjoy living there.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for leaving this detailed review about your experience with our community. We appreciate it and we are very happy to hear that she is enjoying herself here. Did you know we have a Facebook page? (The link to the Facebook page is on our website). Thank you again, we look forward to seeing you again. Please feel free to contact with any and all questions, [removed].

Very nice, clean & friendly place to live for my father.

It's been about 2 mos. next week for my dad being here. It's more than we can afford but we'll try to stay as long as he can
So far it's been good. My dad likes it here very much. The cleaning lady & activites director, medication technician and waitresses are very nice & helpful people.

Everything is 5 stars

The Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough is excellent. Everything is 5 stars. The cleanliness, the friendliness, the care services, the activities, and the food are all 5 stars. They have been so stellar. I would highly, highly, highly recommend it to anyone. My father lives here and he is very happy and pleased. This is a very nice community. I have no issues at all. 5 Stars across the board. It is nice.


Haven't been their that long really new to the place. Cant really comment on the activities though doesn't really precipitate. Since I have my mom their its going good so far because she does need a lot of help and they are able to help her.

Buffet Style Breakfast

The facility itself is well kept and maintained. The staff are very friendly and top drawer. I think the food could be improved like at breakfast if your not there at 7:30 at the buffet and frankly can't get anything to eat. I think I could cook better.

out of 5 Stars, I give them 8 or 9

My father stays at the Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough in Chini, CA. He is very happy here and we are very happy too. I don't have any comments, other than everything is just great. I give them all thumbs up! Everything is good and I recommend you to visit them and see for yourself. It's a beautiful place.

My uncle lives there

The staff is wonderful. I give the place an 8 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi, Thank you so much for your positive review! We are so happy to hear this!!

Pacifica Hillsborough

My family and I are pleased with the choice we made for my dad to go to Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough in Chino, CA. The one and only issue I have is that he is immobile and in a wheelchair. He has fallen three times in the 2 weeks that he has been there (twice having to be taken by ambulance to the ER). I know that the staff is doing the best that they can do and maybe it will be determined that my dad requires a higher level of care and attention. We are working with Pacifica to see if there are methods we can try to make it difficult for him to get out of his wheelchair (making sure not to ride the fine line of illegal restraints). Otherwise, the facility is wonderful and he really likes it and they like him.

I had been to this facility...

I had been to this facility many years back, I did not like the memory care area, it was dark and bland looking. I decided to re visit to my surprise it is undergoing reconstruction. I was pleasantly surprised with the look and design of the memory care facility. They did not have the tub that I think my mother might like.


This was more like going to a hotel than it was like going home. If you want something fancy it's nice but, personally, I think you should be paying for people to help you not for something fancy.

Older Facility. We walked i...

Older Facility. We walked in an saw no personnel for 6-7 minutes by the front desk. Yet there were numerous guest milling around. Seems rather dangerous. We finally went to look for someone.

So Far So Good

So far okay. It's only been a short period of time - about a month that we've been working with them and my mother has only been living there about a week and a half. So far the care is good. They have all kinds of activities. My mom only been here like a week and half so we're not sure about all of them yet. So far she's okay. She said the food is okay.

Not Warm and Fuzzy

I didn't get the warm and fuzzy feeling like I did when I walked in to some other places. It felt like there wasn't as much help or something, I don't know. It felt like my father-in-law would be going into a cooler environment, not so warm and fuzzy.

Supervision Issue

The supervision was the issue. The administrator/manager was never there. The caregiver ratios were not what I thought were appropriate. The caregivers would ask families to do things that they were supposed to do supervise a group.

Great Place!

The cleanliness is a four because they're remodeling right now. They have a lot of activities but it's getting my dad ot participate that's the hard part. They have all kinds of stuff. They're having a barbeque this week and they have trips to walmart, trips to church, trips to shopping and the doctor's offices. It's a great place. My dad likes it. He said the food is good but they serve too much chicken he said, but he doesn't like chicken.

Not enough care in the memory unit

They had a lot of staff turnover, which kind of tells me something, but the ratio of the staff in their Alzheimer's unit was like 1 per 7 people and I just didn't feel he was getting enough personal attention. Their idea was sitting him in his room and watching tv or wheeling him out to the common room, they didn't have time to walk him or get exercise.
I didn't feel I was getting the value of the care, he was in the assisted living part of it for a couple of years and I felt like when he could get aroundon his own it was a good palce for him, it was in he was in his memory unit and I was paying mroe that he wasn't getting the kind of personal attention he needed.

Lots of Love

We have not found anything negative about the community. They are a very well run community that truly care about their residents. This was the first community that we visited and then every community we visited after could not compare. They have lots of activities and the residents are very alive. The staff is really knowledgeable and very caring. The figure out the residents and what gets them moving. They allow me to call everyday for an update on the status of my mom. You can visit your loved one anytime and see what's going on. There is just so much love with the staff toward their residents. What more could we ask for. They have given my mother a sense of life and have really been working on giving her the will to continue. She was in a lot of pain and had lost her husband and seemed like she was just ready to give up and Pacifica seemed to offer her a little more and give her a purpose again. If the residents insist in staying in bed the staff will not cater to them as fast as they will to someone that is staying active and is trying to be active. I am very happy with Pacifica and would pay anything for their services. I would highly recommend them with all my heart.

Very impressive & informati...

Very impressive & informative. Beautiful facility. Happy residents. Delightful a 4 star hotel.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi, Thank you so much for your positive review!

Very nice place, still considering it...

Very nice place, still considering it for my mom.

I enjoyed the tour. It is a very nic...

I enjoyed the tour. It is a very nice facility.

Independent & assisted living mixed. ...

Independent & assisted living mixed. No cooking, but sm frig & microwave. All meals provided. 400-600 sq.ft. Most w/ balcony. Emergency cords in BR & bath. 6 scheduled activities daily. Transp. w/in 10 mi radius incl. Weekly housekeeping & one load of personal laundry. No pool.

Really liked the facility.

Really liked the facility.

Pacifica Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi, Thank you so much for your positive review!