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Above and beyond wonderful

i would give them stars everywhere. They were there 24/7, someone was in her room, they took care of her and they were absolutely wonderful. It was peaceful and I will never forget them. She had gone into a coma by then but they came in and talked to her and they were always there to care for her. The night before she died, the whole entire family was in the room, the chaplain was there and he was awesome, it was just amazing. It was an amazing night before God took her home and the hospice, he just happened to be there, he came in to check on her, I think he was off duty, but he came in to see her. He came to both memorials and not only attended but he also took part in the services. The man to me was beyond what his duties probably were, because he cared and he reached out, he was just amazing and every other hospice person that I came in contact with was too.