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The medical care system is broken

This place is in trouble. Staff can be surly and unresponsive and not motivated to do more than the bare minimum. Food is cafeteria/steam table lukewarm and tasteless with gelatinous gravies. It’s hard to reach anyone who can make a difference. Service is slo-o-w. Be prepared to wait for whatever you need/want.

Sorry excuse for a skilled nursing facility, a rehabilitation as well as a nursing home. HORRIBLE PLACE.

Terrible place. Should not even exist. My significant other was transferred to this place after having a stroke. The place was recommended as a skilled nursing facility. Skilled nursing is a joke at this place. A majority of the nursing staff as well as the DON were liars, lazy and made excuses as to why they could not do their jobs. My significant other had a small bed sore when he was transferred there. It got really bad where he was in a lot of pain. They did not care. [Name removed] and [name removed] were the worst nurses I have ever encountered. They are poor excuses for nurses. I constantly had to argue with them to care for my loved one. Management was no better. I complained but no one took it upon themselves to see that things were done right. I will not recommend this place to anyone. Very few people were ok, but the majority of people I had to deal with were not accountable for what was happening in the facility and for people not doing what they were employed to do.

better off at home

On [date removed], I had a THR (total hip replacement) in Santa Fe,. Because there are no viable in-patient PT/OT options in Santa Fe, I opted and go to the Medical Resort for "intense therapy". While the therapy was "good enough", it definitely wasn't often enough. As an ambulatory patient, it was obvious that I was having a vastly different experience from the majority of patients, who were non-ambulatory.

There are more than a few nightmarish tales I could relate, as well as several "less than honest" statements that were made to me by administrators by way of lesser employees - which was much like playing the child's game of telephone.

All things considered, I believe I'd have been better off recuperating at home. I honestly didn't appreciate the lies that were thrown at me.

[name removed]

The worst facility. Do not take your loved one there. It took them a long time to give my Mom her meds and when they had to move my Mom they weren't gentle. She got a bed sore and they hardly did any therapy to get her stronger. It took them forever to give my Mom a shower and the menu didn't change. Lot's of carbs and barely any meat or vegetables,my Mom didn't like the food. She barely ate and she was malnutrition. This place isn't equipped for elderly dementia, or broken bones. Future people don't take your loved ones to this medical resort.

Horrible place

Please do not take your loved one to this place. Transport dropped my mother in her room and just left her. 3 hrs later we finally got a nurse to put her in bed. She is supposed to be there for rehab. Broken hip in 2 places and hip replacement was fixed. Tonight she waited 3 hrs for pain medicine. Her first night she waited 13 hrs. They are under staffed. The LPN is extremely rude. She called 5x tonight and nothing. It take over 20 minutes for a call light to be answered. Filed a grievance paper. Nothing has been done. The place is dirty. Dried boogers on the walls, doors and door frames. It’s grouse. I’m actually afraid for my mom. Will be removing her as soon as I can.

Worst decision we ever made

Worse decision we ever made. My husband went here to recuperate and get stronger after open heart surgery and four days later was sent back to the hospital emergency room with sepsis. A day and a half later he went into cardiac arrest, septic shock and died 5 days later. The nursing home apparently never noticed that his vitals were deteriorating, especially since the Tylenol was masking his fever until it each time it wore off. The especially tragic part was that I felt he was “safe” so I could go to one of my children’s weddings out of town. I was only gone three days. If your loved one isn’t really sick and doesn’t really need any nursing care, this place may be okay. It is seriously understaffed and took about 45 minutes for help to respond to a cry for assistance.

Never again!

My dad was at this facility following about of pneumonia. The facility looks pretty, but everything is surface. The night after my 96 year old dad checked in, my husband was eating breakfast with him, when Dad started choking. My husband rang the call button several times, started calling for help, and ran to the nurse's station only to find it abandoned. Finally one of the dietary workers came and patted my father on the back. That was at the very beginning of his stay. We found the staff to be friendly, but not very effective. Dad would ring of assistance and wait no less than 20 minutes. We started staying with him because we didn't feel that he was safe there. He stayed through the weekend and we got him discharged first thing Monday morning. We never saw an RN, only LPN's and techs. We did finally see a Dr. on Monday and she was terrific! But, by that point we knew we could provide better care for Dad at home.

To be fair, he did have significant medical needs. If someone is just doing rehab after an injury, and does not have medical needs, this facility might be ok. For someone with my father's needs and age, it was horrible!

Brought out the best in my Dat

I'd just like to comment and commend the staff who have been working with my dad, your patient. I am totally impressed with the staff who have been helping and working with him. I'd like to shout out to [Removed], and the other folks who've been helping him. I live a thousand miles away but was so impressed with your compassion and skills in working with him. My dad is a really good guy and I saw that you all brought out the best of him.....even at 87 years of age, you brought out some of the laughs left in him. Thank you so much.

If you want to know what his center of gravity is - talk to him about Tennis. The guy watches tennis constantly and knows who's who.

Best regards to everyone at The Medical Resort; I appreciate you all.

28 patients with 1 nurse and 2 aids!

My father was in this facility for a week after having a stroke. We had to transfer him out so he could get the care he needed! I was told they only have two aids and one nurse per 28 patients! This is unacceptable when we were told before taking him there they were equipped to handle a stroke victim.

Beautiful facility, but the care is not as good.

This was a nice facility, with beautiful equipment and lots of bells and whistles, but the care was not as good. The whole transitioning between hospital to rehab, and then to home or a facility, is really important. Individuals and their family can get really swept under the rug, when it comes to making right decisions. These challenges exist everywhere, but this facility did not deliver great intake. They did not conduct a comprehensive assessment or map out a plan with the patient and family. If it wasn't for a few individual staff members attentive to my mom's needs, I am not sure if we may not have been able to respond to medical issues and progress. It is also important to know the number of licensed occupational/rehab therapists on staff to be sure that your loved one gets appropriate care and continuity, especially if your loved one has conditions such as osteo or rheumatoid arthritis. They were concerned about billing and the insurance coverage periods, but not so much on the rehabilitation plan and progress. Paperwork should not trump actual care and service.

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Experience the recovery you deserve at The Medical Resort in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With a progressive vision of rehabilitation, we are committed to providing restorative, short term care for body, mind, and spirit after a major medical event. With private rooms, stunning views, and quality medical care, The Medical Resort helps you recharge in a short amount of time so you can return home refreshed and recommitted to living your best life.