Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital - Evesham Township, NJ

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More like the worst

It is utterly shocking that this place is considered one of the best rehabs. I'd like to know who ranks these places? What is the criteria? Because perhaps having a few good therapists is all it takes, but the therapists are not the ones there providing care around the clock. The "care" at Marlton can only be described as complete negligence. Maybe these employees have been desensitized in some way and have lost compassion for human life, but I wish nothing more for them than when the inevitable day comes they themselves or their loved one is the person in that bed, that they receive no better care than they provided to others. I think that is fair. My grandmother, 73 years old, suffered a stroke and spent two weeks here. The staff has zero people skills, barely looks at your face. Have a question? They can't get away fast enough. Blank stares. My grandmother has no use of her right arm, her dominant arm, but every night we went there the food was obviously sitting there all day untouched, sometimes not even in her reach. She left the facility weighing 87 pounds. She left the facility with a bed sore, which was never noted until arrival at a different sub acute rehab where she is now. She left the facility with bruises, as well as five stitches in her head from a fall. An incident that was not reported to us until 5 hours after the fact. My aunt arrived on that night and the nurse's supervisor lied to her and stated my grandmother was in the ER for low blood pressure. She was labeled as a fall risk. She wore a restraint belt the width of her entire torso which would sound an alarm if it was taken off. I have very close friends who are nurses at other places and have great respect for them, and understand how it is. But this floor was half a hallway. Three rooms were empty under construction. 7-8 people behind the desk. Nurses running around trying to meet all the patients needs? Well let's just say working hard or hardly working? My family plans on exposing this place, and I will never stop sharing about it.