Margaret Tietz Nursing Home - Jamaica, NY

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Not worth it

Terrible place! The management is rude and don’t care about the workers or residents. Only the workers care about the residents and they are overworked because management refuses to hire enough people. They don’t have enough supplies and refuse to medicate violent residents. They have bedbugs and flies.

Margaret Tietz

I would like to start off by saying I took a chance sending my dad here for rehab. I read the reviews and I was quite hesitant to say the least. However, from the moment my dad arrived to today (the day he is being discharged) I was pleasantly and gratefully surprised. I am happy to say my dad is walking out of here today. He came here with multiple issues, pneumonia, cardiac stent, uti, acute kidney injury. The nurses were so patient and caring. There was a music therapist on staff. My dad was happy and well cared for and that's what matters the most. Thank you Margaret Tietz!


I have been volunteering at Margaret Tietz for a little over 2 years and I can say that I fell in love with this wonderful facility. The environment is so welcoming and everyone is so friendly and caring. Yes, there have been changes going on and not all the time someone is available to answer the phone, but that is due to them attending to the needs of the residents/patients. I have seen that everyone who comes to Margaret Tietz is happy with the care they receive and have even come into the Admissions office to personally give positive reviews. Margaret Tietz is the place for your loved one to be- the rehab is great- there are many activities to participate in- we have a beautiful garden that everyone can enjoy. Come to tour and see for yourself.

Rude social worker

I had a phone conversation with the social worker, Ms F today. She was rude, unprofessional and impatient. I'm truly disappointed and can't imagine how she takes care of her elderly patients with such bad attitude. Shame on her :/


When my mom first went to MT it was considered one of the better Nursing Homes in the area. Under the present management, this Nursing Home has a lot to be desired. Except for the cleanliness, they do not have enough staff, the food is terrible and to reach anybody on the phone is a nightmare. They have let go many of the staff and now one person is doing the jobs of three. These are elderly and sick people who need constant care and attention. My family and I are very disappointed in what this Nursing Home has become.


It's run by Hacidic Jews, so you can't get milk on certain days, and the food was NASTY. It was awful, and I took her out of there. It was dreary, the staff was rude, it smelled, I can't say anything good about them. I would never tell anyone to go there. We didn't even get to the therapy. I saw them pushing the resident in the shower chair and they didn't even cover him up so you could see all his privates. They had no considerations, and I could see the embarrassment on his face. The staff was too busy running their mouths at each other.

Very Depressing.

It was very depressing and I didn't like it. The residents were just sitting around in wheelchairs. The beds were uncomfortable. The exercise and the rehabilitation was good, but we were waiting hours for someone to come in and he would wheel himself back to his room when he wasn't supposed to. There's not enough staff. They weren't addressing his complications.