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Customer Reviews

Be very cautious.

Communication between staff and family is very difficult. My Mother has been there for 2 days and I am very concerned for her safety. There have been omitted meds, meds given that should not have been, lack of knowledge and understanding of one of her conditions, which while rare, they should have some knowledge of it. I have called and been on hold then "disconnected" 7 times in 2 days. The nurses do not return your calls when you leave a message for them to do so. The night aide she had last night was "rough" but Mom didn't say anything because she didn't want to make her mad. I will go first thing tomorrow and if things aren't better I will find another place where she can do her rehab in safety.


Today, my friend, a patient at this facility had to call me at my home to help her to get care from the staff at this hospital because for more than 20 minutes her call to the nurses station was not answered. It was only after my contact with the facility that the patient received the personal care she called for. The patient is not a resident but is there for rehab after a hip replacement surgery.
I'm in touch with the office of the ombudsmen and will escalate this issue all the way to the State of California if the facility does not respond and resolve this (and other issues) to satisfaction. I left a message for the director of nursing 5 hours ago and have not received any response. I will update this post (if it is an option) with results of complaint.

Lack of Comminication

That was horrible. There was very much a lack of communication between staff. Between the nurses and the rehab there was no communication at all. The food was horrible. It's a different kind of setting than an assisted living or even a hospital so it's kind of hard to compare but I just didn't feel that the care was there. She didn't gain anything there. She may have actually taken a step back from being at the hospital.

Attentive and Friendly Staff

My mother has only been there since Friday and so far she seems happy there. The staff seems attentive. She hasn't been seen by a physician yet - that is supposed to happen soon. The staff is friendly and the facility seems clean.