ManorCare Health Services-Utica Ridge - Davenport, IA

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Customer Reviews

Not what we expected

Thank goodness they took a patient after 11 pm, from the ER, the night before a holiday. I don't know where we'd have gone otherwise. The aide wanted a blood pressure check right away. Patient can't tolerate one on upper arm, requested lower arm. Aide refused to move it and hand held it to the frantic patient until patient pushed aide away. Nurse intervened and allowed lower arm reading, thank goodness. Dirty sink stain on Sunday, finally cleaned Wednesday. Soiled wash cloth left for 4 days, only received fresh one after family's second request. They were nice to bring meal to patient who was uncomfortable going to lunchroom. Lunch is served at 11:30 and tray was still in room after 2pm. Patient call apparatus left on floor under bed, on the side away from patient chair, all day, until family came. Roommate hit button for help to bathroom. 20 minutes before help came. Aide responding said two aides were needed and left. 20 minutes later patient hit button again and aide who answered said the same thing and left. again. Patient clothes changed only once in 2 week stay, but admittedly patient would not have been cooperative. But underwear left that long? Family waited to leave until patient was escorted to lunchroom scheduled for 11:30 am. At 11:50 family asked at desk when someone was coming for patient. They said they weren't coming as family was there visiting. Family had no idea that was how it worked. No one came in to see about it. Would patient have missed meal entirely? I think care would be better for patients needing therapy after a hospital stay, if the patient was mentally more alert and capable, but not if patient was less mentally fit, who didn't know what was going on. Advise family to keep track of meds being given and when; if refused or taken.

Very sad place

For the price of this place is not worth taking your love one to stay. They are friendly at first then they treat the patients like nobody. From the nurse, CNA and specially the aides. They rather you go in your pant then take 5 minutes out of they time to take you in the restroom. They tell you they will be back and they don’t come back just because they think the seniors don’t remember. These people only work here for the paid check. Very disappointed facility.

Good day care for animals

My aunt was there. It was terrible. The people working there use to all like to stand around & visit @ the nurses station,which was located very far from the patients.

I guess for $6500 per month for a semi private room a person should not expect too much.

Brand new & very clean. It was on a rare occation that I ever saw anyone giving her any care.

God Bless my aunt & may she rest in peace.