Breeze Park - Weldon Spring, MO

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  • Devotional Services Available
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  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
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Customer Reviews

I went to Bayberry again today. The care was much better. They were helping the people eat that are not able to eat on there own. It definitely made me feel better.

Annmarie Wallis

Local Representative

We are so glad to hear that your experience improved. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate in reaching out.

I would like to start off with saying I was very impressed with the rehab side of this facility. The staff was amazing. They took great care of my father-in-law. He was recently moved to the Bayberry side and we are so disappointed in the care he is receiving. The difference is shocking! We went there yesterday and he was in his room freezing and he had a jacket close. He is not able to put it on himself he needs help. He hadn't had a bath his hair was greasy! His clothes hamper was full. He had no clean clothes. You try and ask questions and no one knows anything. We did meet a nice nurse [Name removed] she was able to answer some questions after checking herself. We took him to dinner and was even more disappointed in staff. The gentleman cook was working hard to get there food to them. But, the care after they got there food was disgusting. As we sat there and watched a woman trying to eat with food. It was all over her face and down her shirt and no was paying attention to her. It was like the staff had their favorites. My father-in-law cried and said please get me out of here it is not the same. If you have a parent there I would check on them. I will be there everyday until we can find him a different place to go.

Annmarie Wallis

Local Representative

Hello Sandra – Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your experience. Although your second review indicates a change in your experience, we would still like to speak with you to make sure our standards of service excellence continue. Please give us a call at [removed].

Service and Environment going downhill in Long Term Care

I am very concerned about the conditions of the long term care "neighborhoods" and the quality and training of the staff. My aunt has been living here for quite some time and the overall conditions have declined. There are definitely problems with dirty carpet in the rooms and family rooms, dirty bathrooms, and the room tables that are used for the residents who eat in their room are never cleaned by the housekeeping staff. I have sat and watched the housekeeping staff come in and barely clean or wipe anything and rarely vaccume, Chairs in the dinging room are filthy and the bingo table and chairs are dirty too. I have also watched residents asking for anyone to come and help them (whether it is to go to the bathroom, or go back to their room, etc.) and the CNAs just ignore them, or say "ok [Removed]we will do that in a few minutes. I often see the CNAs laying back on the couch looking at their cell phones, or eating themselves, while people are needing help. There is never enough staff around when the residents need it and it seems like the turn over has become extremely high. There is also a shortage of nurses (supposed to be one in every neighborhood for every shift), so if you ask a question about your loved ones care, the response is usually "I don't work on this side very often and I don't know." Every time I ask my aunt what someone's name is, she says, it doesn't matter, they will be gone by tomorrow. They have had some excellent CNAs in the past, but they are all gone now, and training of the constantly changing staff seems to be non-existent. Food is delivered from the main dining room in big carts and always seems to be cold and congealed by the time it gets to the residents in long term care. Seems strange that they don't cook dinner in the nicely appointed kitchens within the neighborhoods. My aunt pays over $9K a month to live there and I really think her son should be looking for someplace better for the money.

I almost chose them, it was very nice.

I almost chose them, it was very nice. I really liked it. They had a meal plan, but there weren't any extra fees. You could decided if you thought you would eat there sometimes, or often. I liked their attitude, and their atmosphere.

They are pretty good.

They are pretty good. It's very clean. The staff is pretty friendly. They have stuff going on for activities, but they told me they take them out at least once a week, they told us they had a bus with a lift, and they don't. They told us when she was there she would be able to eat in any of the dining halls, the one on the independent living side has an open flexible eating schedule but when it came down to it, you have to stay with the assisted living dining room, if that is your section. We liked that it was faith based and that is really what drove the decision to move here.

Like Being on a Cruise

We're not in the care services. I've been over there and they seem really nice. That is one of the reasons I chose this place is because they have all the areas of care. It's really been helpful for us. We should have moved probably 2 years ago. They take you to the doctor and to go shopping. It's like being on a cruise but there is not water. You can be as busy as you want to you can just stay in your room. Right now we're in the independent living and if we have to step down we'll be together. We won't have to start looking for a new place.

Good Memory Care and Rehab

The Memory Care unit has a higher ratio of staff to residents and I like that. It is working out very well. My dad ended up going to Breeze Park for rehab after surgery for a fractured bone and now he is in their memory care unit, for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. It has a higher licensing level than some memory care places, so they're able to provide full skilled nursing care.

The rehab unit was good, but it was a lot more chaotic because you have so many people in there for different reasons. It certainly would be nice to have more staff in the rehab unit, especially during the evening time when meds are being given and people are getting ready for bed. That's very time-intensive, and it's especially tough for residents who have to wait a long time for 'their turn' since so few aides are on-duty then -- especially for those residents with dementia and/or those who have trouble staying awake until someone can get to them with their meds and to help them ready for bed.

The food is pretty good. It's the same at both the rehab unit and the Memory Care.