Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center - Syracuse, NY

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Customer Reviews


This place needs to get shut down. Very dirty, unprofessional staff, don't treat residents well. Management can get away a with murder and the building is extremely understaffed.

Terrible place

Horrible place. Severely understaffed. Saw residents going to the bathroom in the hallways on the floor after begging staff to take them over and over. Staff will only tend to "their" residents. If your staff is on lunch or break, you aren't going to the bathroom until they get back. Staff was routinely on cell phones, gossiping and generally ignoring the residents. My loved one was told if she didn't like it there she should get out and go somewhere else. She was left sitting in a diaper, alone, for hours a day in front of a television that she could not see nor hear. She routinely had injuries that we were told were of unknown causes. Her belongings went missing all of the time. The food was terrible. We visited EVERY single day to try and take better care of her and provide her with some attention and compassion. Broke my heart to leave her there but with lack of ability to pay, we were reliant on Medicaid.

A dump, Awful!

A dump. Awful, they had a leg monitor on her so she couldn't get out of bed. They kept her confined in a wheelchair and wouldn't let her walk. She had to lay in her bed and couldn't get up because they wouldn't let her.

Very Expensive

My dad was there for 28 days and the medical insurance would pay for him to stay as long as he was progressing in rehab. Once he stopped progressing it switched to private pay and the were $390 a day so I was really under the gun to find something else. The nurses were fine. It's very institutional with people in the hallways yelling and people would just stroll into his room.