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Customer Reviews

A great place.....

The chef we met shortly before my mother moved in left before she arrived. The food was terrible but they have a whole new staff in the kitchen and everyone is wonderful. The food is outstanding and the food presentation is beautiful. They served a buffet on Sunday and it was wonderful!
There has been a huge turnover of staff but I don't know why. Maybe this happens in a new place as things settle down and people either don't like the job or find something better.
The place is beautiful and there have been some issues with flooding - but it is not the fault of the complex. Workers rags from construction were found clogging one of the pipes. Pipes break, elevators quit working (but there is more than one elevator in the building). Landscaping could be improved as many plantings have died over the hot summer.
The residents are very friendly and everyone is making an effort and getting to know their new neighbors.
All said and done - it is a very nice place to live.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Good afternoon and thank you so much for choosing to review us at Legacy Oaks of Azle! Our community holds itself to a high standard that we deliver to our residents each day. We are fortunate to have you choose our beautiful community as your Mom’s home. We want you to know that Legacy Oaks of Azle is a community that’s always striving to be the best in every aspect of our industry. Please feel free to reach out to us directly on our social media pages or at [removed] for any questions you may have about our community in the future. We look forward to the opportunity of continuing to build upon our relationship with your Mom and your family. Thanks again for the review and we hope you have a great rest of your day!

Decline in services and surroundings.

Dining room continues to be a source of disruption. Lack of serving staff. Diabetic woman was not served timely and caused her blood sugar to crash. Working on fourth chef. Due to dispute in salary, new chef simply did not show up on first day. Civitas has now raised prices on meals.

Dead trees and shrubs abound on the campus. Depressing.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Legacy Oaks of Azle is an equal opportunity employer that provides competitive wages and benefits to its employees. Our top priority is our residents and ensuring that they receive a level of care and service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. This dedication to quality includes having competitive pricing on all of our amenities. We immediately investigate complaints such as yours, and will take corrective action, if substantiated. Clear communication and dialogue with our residents and their family members is paramount. Thus, we would like to have an opportunity to discuss your concerns directly with you, if you are willing. Please email us at [removed] and a member of senior management will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Thank you.

A host of problems and bad management.

My relatives unfortunately moved here and after only three months wish they had not. This was a newly built place, and it looks so pretty, but it's plagued with problems, as we unfortunately found out too late.

I'm writing this because management makes it unpleasant for residents who complain too much, and my relatives' voices must be heard anyway. I rely on reviews so much, and I like to help others get good value and avoid trouble.

This beautiful building was just not built right. It flooded, plumbing was done wrong, so parts have no cold water, showers run over, toilets overflow, lightning strikes frequently, causing appliances to burn out, and elevators go out for weeks. Big issues are being handled very slowly or not at all.

Management is the worst. They don't take responsibility, and if you contact corporate they just sound nice and don't do anything.

The food is just okay. It's expensive too. I notice corporate posts a generic answer, but when we contact corporate it does no good. It's too bad. Seniors deserve better.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Legacy Oaks of Azle is a new and vibrant senior living community that prides itself on providing passionate care, cleanliness, and service to all of its residents. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors, and we seek to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our residents and their family members. Our mission is to provide top quality care, services, and amenities at a competitive price. This includes timely responding to any maintenance requests, and promptly and clearly communicating the status of repairs to our residents and their family members. Legacy Oaks recently opened, but we pride ourselves on the good reputation that we already have in the surrounding community. We immediately investigate any complaints that we receive, and we take corrective action, where appropriate. Senior leadership is actively engaged in the management of the community, and seeks to be proactively involved in the resolution of any complaint. Your review concerns us, and we would like to have an opportunity to discuss in further detail. If you are willing to talk to us directly, please email [removed] and a member of senior management will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a nice day.

Not a good place to get committed to, we're regretting it

A complete disaster, so many problems that we are looking to move out. Their management is either incompetent or doesn't care at all. They'll answer this with a saccharine "oh, thank you for the feedback and please contact us so we can help you!" but many of us have talked with them till we're blue, and it doesn't do any good. Way overpriced for how it is.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Legacy Oaks of Azle is a new senior living community whose mission is to provide passionate service, cleanliness, and care to all of its residents. This commitment to excellence includes promptly communicating with our residents and their family members whenever we receive any complaints. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than other senior communities, and we are deeply concerned by your review. We immediately investigate any complaints that we receive, and we take immediate corrective action, if appropriate. We want to discuss your concerns in greater detail if you are willing to speak to us directly. Please email us at and a member of senior management will contact you as
soon as possible.

Low value for the money

Expensive for what you get. They had a chef when my mom signed up, then he was gone in two weeks, we hear due to low pay. Food has gone downhill. Management all left due to overwork and low pay. Very understaffed now.

They were way too slow and it required way too much demanding to fix serious construction problems, flooding, sewer overflows, showers that leaked on the floor.

We've ALL communicated extensively with corporate to no avail. They talk a lot and not enough action. Corporate greed, trying to cheap out on the expenses and wages, and still LOOK like a high-end place.

A whole group is planning to move out.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Thank you for providing us with this feedback. Our corporate team would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion with you so that we can better understand and address your concerns. Your feedback is important so that we can meet and exceed expectations. Please contact us at [removed] so we can connect you to our corporate team.

High rent, mediocre food, corporate is not listening

We moved my mom in there when they had a chef that made delicious nutritious food, but he soon left (word is underpaid), then they replaced him with mediocre cooks they're insisting on calling chefs, and the food went downhill.

The management all left en masse due to overwork and underpay, and the remaining staff is super sparse, and still underpaid but really caring. They won't last is they find other jobs.

Legacy didn't quickly enough fix some serious construction deficiencies, and toilets overflowed, apartments and common areas flooded in the rain, and showers ran onto the floors.

We've all communicated with corporate till we're blue in the face, but we've mostly gotten lots of excuses and too little action. It' seems they're trying to run it on the cheap and still be seen as high end luxury, as the building does look high end. The only ones not complaining are memory care, and they can't complain!

Corporate greed at its finest.

Residents are getting fed up and threatening to move out, but geez it's expensive to move! We're giving them another month to get it together. We'll see.

Start up issues with dining room, water supply and landscape.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. Anything below a 5-star review we take seriously and request that you send a note to [removed] with the best form of contact to discuss this matter to the fullest extent.

Premiere Property

Legacy Oaks will be the premiere independent living in Azle.
The parent company only builds first class properties. They have great staff who really care about their residents.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Thank you for the great review! We are very proud of our community and can't wait to open our doors to the people of Azle!

I love this facility. It is perfect in every way. There is something for everyone.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

Thank-you for the great review! Hope you can stop by when we are officially open!