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Customer Reviews

The Good and the bad

Due to a steady change of "chefs" and/or budget for food the quality of the food and the service has gone from excellent to mediocre. The number of wait staff has been decreased.

If you need something repaired or installed, like grab bars, etc. there is only one maintenance man for the entire complex, so you may have to wait days if not weeks for your turn to come around.

Otherwise, the residents are very friendly, the place is clean and the staff courteous and willing to help with many problems.

One of the major problems is you can only get Time Warner/Spectrum TV, which is the lowest rated in Customer Service. It seems like something is always going wrong.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

We are passionate about being a part of the solution. Because your experience was less than excellent, we hope to discuss this with you directly. Please email us at [removed] to connect you with an executive leadership member.

An excellent facility with the easiest pathway to assisted living that I have seen. All the necessary services and amenities are available including optional medical and dental services. The atmosphere seemed comfortably casual and flexible. The staff we met seemed competent, helpful and friendly. Apartment sizes are adequate but will require significant down sizing of our current household furniture and other possessions. This facility is the most affordable one we have visited and appears to be a real value.

New Resident

Our loved one has been in the community less than a month, but so far, it has been really nice.

It looks good but doesn't work well.

It's new and clean. Assisted Living building staff are nice and work hard but there's a shortage of trained staff and a high turn over rate. Food is mediocre to fair. Their nurse left or was let go after 2 months of bad performance and covering up mistakes. Services we paid for were not rendered. I had to remind the manager, nurse and caregivers of weekly/daily services and I had to coordinate them. I had to take out trash, bathe my loved one and change the sheets myself on several occasions. Activities are entertaining but very basic and minimal. There's no weight-bearing exercise to maintain muscle mass or led walks for cardiovascular health, only sitting in chairs and lifting their arms and legs. It's very [Removed] oriented, which may be nice for some people but makes other people feel uncomfortable because they're not supposed to impose religious practices. This is not disclosed in brochures either.

Not for Diabetics

Ledgestone opened in January 2017 and is gorgeous. However, it needs new management that supports its residents and our needs. For whatever reason, they are unable to keep valued employees on staff. It may be due to the [Removed] character of the local manager herself. When asked to provide nutritious drink choices for those of us with diabetes, she tells us to drink water. Daily meals and food at community gatherings are treated the same way. When it comes to low-carb and sugar-free options, there are little to none. Vending machines with healthy options are needed. Even though meals are provided, I am having to spend much extra money to buy healthy options. Also, residents should be asked to tread lightly if they live above others, particularly during normal sleep hours. Doors and gates to the outside of the building need cushioned weather stripping so they don't wake everyone when they slam at all hours. Instead of improving the community and service to residents, management plans to build a new kitchen outside of our building, which will not solve problems with food and will undoubtedly create numerous problems during the expected 8 months of construction. It will also be a huge waste of thousands of dollars. We have enough waste on the property already. A thoughtless new rule was recently enacted which got rid of trash receptacles that residents used regularly. For at least two weeks, recycling has not been emptied, so there is nowhere to empty the recycling from our apartments. Regular trash must be set out 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, even if it means setting an alarm to do so. If I had known all of this ahead of time, I would not have moved in!

Upon entering Ledgestone we observed an extremely rude and patronizing management-level employee who was visibly impatient with a resident. I was shocked an immediately knew there would be no chance I would feel comfortable having my mom live in this place. She was then very abrupt with my husband and me, creating a most unwelcoming feeling. Don't be fooled by the new construction and nice decorations.

Staff is not attentive

This facility has been a little less attentive than I first expected. Everyone here is personable and friendly, but there just aren't enough caregivers. The ones they do have are just out of high school or college. There is also a really high turnover rate. They should hire more skilled nursing. One thing they have done which is a very big misstep is they have forgotten my Mother-In-Law's medication a few times.The facility itself is clean and new. I really like that they have an App where they give us updates and notifications on what my Mother-In-Law is doing. They have activities like exercise, bible study, painting, and arts/crafts. I would recommend this facility.

More For Independent Living

Ledgestone Senior Living is a fine community. But my loved one is not doing well after a trip to the hospital and rehab. Ledgestone is doing the best that they can with the staff that they have. When we first moved in the occupancy was only half full. Right now I would rate the care a 3-star only because they are now at full residency and they have not hired enough people. The staff that they have are very caring and work hard at trying to accommodate everyone's needs the best that they can. The shortage of staff is really noticeable when they have to help out in the dining room and at bedtime. Right now my loved one needs extra care and we have hired an extra a person to help manage her needs. It is a beautiful, clean community. The residents seem very happy and there is plenty to do for socialization. The food is excellent. There is a beautiful courtyard for the residents to enjoy the fresh air. I would recommend this community to people who need little or no assistance.

Just My Opinion

I've lived at Ledgestone only two weeks so it's too early to go into detail about it. I don't know anything about the Care Services because I am independent. The food is okay but it has to come from another building that has a kitchen. It would be nice if you could get a hamburger if the main entrees did not appeal. The apartments are very nice with washer, dryer, dishwasher, and disposal in each apartment. Maintenance has been willing and able to do minor things without having to wait for days. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the doctor appointment days and it hasn't been a problem getting into Austin. There are lots of in-house activities and a nice pool. This is the third senior living residence I have lived in, and as of now I think it's the best. I live in a one-bedroom apartment. There are always quirks, and what one person likes, another might not. But this is fine--so far.

Kind Tour of This Facility

I had a nice tour of this community. The staff I came across was kind, and helpful. The experience was a pleasant one overall. The community looked nice, and well-kept. Everything went well, but I did find another community that met our needs better.

Clean Community!!

i have recently take a tour of this community for my mother and I have no complaints about the experience we had received. The staff where all lovely people to work with and where knowledgeable with all the details of the facility. They had a variety of activities for the residents as well as a great menu for all the residents. It was just not the right location in the end decision for my mom.

A good place for mom...or dad

My dad moved into Ledgestone Assisted Living two months ago and I'm very happy with the care he is receiving. Quality care starts from the top down and the senior staff is warm, highly competent and genuinely concerned with the residents well being. This carries down to the direct care staff who have also been very kind and involved. The food is very good, the facility is clean, safe and very attractive.

I have a background in mental health and home health and looked at many places before choosing Ledgestone. Any problems we have encountered, the staff has handled in a timely, professional manner.

A major decided point for us is that, in addition to assisted living, Ledgestone has independent living (which my mom will move into soon). The assisted living has levels of care covering all the way to two person transfer. My dad is very happy here and I'm hopeful we can keep him at Ledgestone even as his needs progress.

Reality of services

I once described living here like being on a wonderful cruise. However, there are two problems which continue to be problematic. Food is "iffy" at best. It is not representative of the on line and brochure brags. Maybe a 2 star at best.
Second, housekeeping requires that you remain in your apartment until the maid arrives and you are given no specific or general estimate other then the day. Have requested 2 hour and 4 hour time frames and was refused. So must not leave until they get here or I have to wait for another week.

Quiet, beautiful, new and tons of activities. The food is incredible!

I would give them a four point eight

Mom is still adjusting to living at Ledgestone. The staff are wonderful. They are personable and we like them. They do offer daily activities and the food is ok. This is a brand new community and they are still working out a few things. She has a nice room with a large closet which is perfect for her. We like that this community offers a pool in the independent living area and it is located close to family. I would recommend this community.

Good option!

My father was here for two weeks. During that time it was a positive experience. They seemed to have ample staff and the residents and staff were friendly.I hope my father is able to come back to Ledgestone Senior Living.I would recommend them!

Ledgestone Senior Living also met our expectations in terms of the memory unit and common areas, types of services provided, staff qualifications, policies and procedures, pricing, location and suitability for our mom. [Removed] was extremely helpful in walking us through the detailed information we needed to evaluate this location and begin the application process to secure a room.

Under Construction

Since they were under construction I got to meet with them and got thorough information about what they offer. I liked the amenities, they were great but they did not offer the services I wanted. Either one would be in assisted living or independent living. If care is needed one would have to move to the assisted living. I was not a la carte options for the care.