Las Palomas Nursing & Rehab - Albuquerque, NM

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Customer Reviews

the staff just doesn't seem to care. they're extremely rude , and NOT compassionate at all.
its so heart breaking to see staff like those who are employed here.

Not Impressed with Las Palomas

I had to stay on top of them all the time. Part of it is I just wasn't really impressed with the care there. There was a whole miriad of issues. They're under new management now but when my dad was there there was a period of time when they were giving him cold showers because their hot water didn't work for a couople of weeks. There were times when he got bed sores and times that he would call me because there was no one to change his diaper.

It's older but it had been remodelded several times. Like a lot of the bigger nursing homes, they smelled. We looked at this place recently for a friend of the family but they didn't have any openings anyway and it's much more expensive. The smell was the same but I didn't know any body in there so I had no way to check if the care is better.

Horrible management of life saving medications

They have a very good rating on the medicare website but we were not pleased, I would not take my dad back there. The biggest deficit was the medications and that's life threatening to me. Here's something I [removed] every time my dad is moved, they change his medications and he is re evaluated. When he came to Palomas, they stopped critical mediations for him and we started addressing that the first week. They said we were treating him in the extreme but there was a reason that the doctors had him on what he was on. They're life threatening medications and they blew it in our mind. Any medication that we asked for for his comfort took forever. If we requested it one day, the doctor would finally come in, two shifts later, the medications would finally show up.