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Customer Reviews

I would love a few more salads on the menu, and home made dishes and fruits of the season.

The activity lady is great. She does everything and keeps us from being bored and helping us to know on another better. New plans for each day. Maybe someone can help her, she does so much, services always can improve.

It's clean and bright with decorations here. Nurses [are] friendly

Best place, being like my own home. Can't really complain about anything

I have lived here for 9 months. I came on my own and have never regretted it. I am content here with the service I get.
I think this is the right place to be if you can't stay at home

Everyone (staff & other residents) are just like family. Meals are just like home cooking. Activities are for older people. The time of activities are at times that are achieved at the time that are appropriate for us. Well, lets say this facility is just great

Lane Park is clean. The rooms are arranged where it's convenient for the patients & visitors. And comfortable to play cards, etc.
I have no complaints

Very Satisfied for The Most Part

My father in law is doing well since his move to this community. We have been very pleased for the most part with all they have done for us. The only issue I have had, is I wish they would inform us when the doctor visits with him, and what he says. Other than that. they have a nice staff. He is being provided with good care. It is a nice, well maintained community. The residents like him, and he seems to like them. We have already recommended this community to our friends and family. It is a nice community.

They have the worst management I have ever seen. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to have an emergency call answered. Talk with the residents and ask them how long it takes; you'll be shocked at the lack of care and poor management. Staff turnover is very high.


Would not recommend them! They lie to you and keep your money! The care was good but the management will lie to you and when your loved one passes they will not give you any of your money back! There is a lot of turn around in the higher positions due to this fact! I work in the food equipment industry and I am in a lot of these facilities in my area. I have spoke with several of them and they all tell me that when the person passes and you move them out that you are entitled to a refund on the remainder of the month. They told me this as well when I moved my mother into this facility and she was only able to enjoy it for 20 days before she passed away. I had just paid for the following month in advance and they are trying to keep all of that money! I am now in the process of suing them to get what is owed to me and my family. The contract even states that a full refund is due upon death! I think that $9500 for 20 days is extremely CRAZY!!! You need to stay away from this place because they are crooks!

Friendly, accommodating staff

Our experience with Lane Park has been a good one so far! The staff here is friendly and professional, and they've done a great job looking after our loved one. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they've got a lot to offer the people who live here! It's just a very nice place, overall!