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Customer Reviews

Poor care

Where to start? The facility is frequently renovated to lure new clients but once your loved one is placed there the care is suboptimal to say the least. The staff will nod and agree with whatever you request but there is NO follow through. I asked from day 1 that my father have his teeth brushed daily and was bathed regularly. I even went to the nursing director twice with this request and others. When I would come weekly his mouth would bleed profusely and had a horrible stench when I would brush his teeth and it was apparent the toothpaste or brush had not been used since I was there last. At times I couldn't even find his toothbrush and of course no one noticed. He was often sitting in stool and there were countless times his depends was so urine soaked his pants and socks were saturated with dark old urine. He contracted mrsa on various occassions and scabies with a secondary staph infection. I had to call his Dr for treatment for both of these as no one noticed the sores or rash. The aids pretty much provide all of the care that the patients do get and either do not know the importance of cleanliness from an infection standpoint or simply do not care. There were many nights I asked if he would be showered as it was his scheduled shower night and was met with "I'll do it in the morning". They sedated him so much the first week he went from freely walking around to not being able to lift his head. Once again I had to request the medication be decreased as I was met with " is that not normal for him?". They also had him sit up on the couch all night instead of putting him to bed for several weeks as "he might try to get back up so we just keep him sitting on the couch ALL NIGHT!" Once again I had to figure this out by showing up late and insisting he be put to bed. There were blood clots and infections that also went unnoticed but you get the picture. Lastly when he was dying. Had quit eating (for 2 days) or drinking(1 day) and was unconscious (18 hours) and no one called the family. I randomly went for a visit and was met with "do you know what's going on with your father?". Ummm no. Did u call me? " I tried your mother earlier today". She had no messages or missed calls. Very Unorganized facility. No follow through. Poor management.

Janet Davis

Local Representative

I am sorry to hear about your experience with Landings Of Huber Heights. We hold each of our employees to a high standard. At Landings Of Huber Heights, we take pride in giving our residents the best care possible. We take your concerns seriously and we would like to further understand your feedback. Please feel free to call us at [removed] to discuss this issue further.

Good Place for memory care

My mom has been in memory care at the landings for a little over two months now. The caregivers are a great group of people who really care about their residents. They take the time to find out what makes them tic and cater to their special needs. The food doesn't always seem to be great, but sometimes is really good. The rooms are nice and the community areas give us plenty of room when a bunch of family visits at the same time. The activity calendar looks good, ,bu is really more for the independent/assisted living side of the landings. Overall we are very happy with the care that mom receives at the landings of huber heights.

Tabitha Butler

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. We take great pride in our staff who help ensure that each resident has the best experience possible.

Unscrupulous business practices

The situation I have with Lane Park. My mother, [Name removed] passed away April 8 2018. Previously, the family selected Lane Park from your list of referrals to provide assisted living for [Name removed] .  We signed the agreement March 20th and moved in some of her belongings March 21, 2018. Prior to [Name removed] actually moving in, [Name removed] experienced abdominal pains at Lincoln Park (where she was receiving physical therapy) the evening of March 20 and was admitted to the hospital.  She did not recover from the surgery and never made it to Lane Park.  I kept [Name removed] (Lane Park) abreast of the situation and she suggested I provide them with a 30 day notice of our intentions to cancel the agreement which I provided March 29 2018.  I have not received a refund for the care level cost ($975) or the community fee ($2500).  The agreement states [Name removed] will not be charged for any care level days she is away from Lane Park for medical reasons. I was told the community fee was for renovating the apartment for the next occupant.  Since she was never there, The apartment is in the very same condition as before we signed the agreement.  I understand I am responsible for the 1st months rent ($3295).  I have not been able to resolve the problem with Lane Park or the new owner "Landings" after numerous phone calls. A Place to Mom has not been able to resolve it either.

Janet Davis

Local Representative


I am sorry for the loss of your mother. We completely understand how frustrating this all can be and we apologize for the inconvenience. I have sent your information to the regional team and they should be reaching out to you shortly. If you do not hear back in the next several days, please feel free to call us at [removed].

Nice building thefts are constant for residents

The facility over all is clean and well kept and the nurses are good. The biggest problem is that there are thefts consistently ever since we moved my mother in 6 months ago and other residents are experiencing the same thing. The director says they will keep in contact with us but they never do and they never return calls nor respond to emails.

Also, the phones are constantly going down and we are unable to consistently reach my mom nor can she call out.

Our hands are tied because there are very few other facilities in the area close to family.

Robyn Studley

Local Representative

I am sorry to hear about your stuff getting stolen and the lack of communication. Since this occurred, we have changed management. We will do our best to ensure that this problem does not occur again.

The facility is really thoughtful & caring of all residents. Everything is given for our care service. They are helpful to us.

Thanks again.

Reliable Staff at This Community

My husband is doing pretty well since his move to this community. He is slowly getting adjusted, and I know he is in good hands. The staff is wonderful. They are always there when you need some help. There are plenty of activities available for the residents. The community is always neat, and tidy when I visit. I would highly recommend this community, it is a great facility.

It [is] great to live here, where you get into your 90's & 100's. It's fantastic nursing, staff really cares and activities [director] is great and she is sincere

Very professional staff !!

I could not have asked for a better experience for my loved one, this community has been absolutely wonderful to her. They are very accommodating to her needs as well as the rest of the family and are constantly keeping them involved. The food is also very well prepared with lots of healthy choices. I often go over to the facility just to eat the lunch with the my mother because I enjoy the food as well.

Good staff, lousy owner

Lane Park is a revolving door of both satisfaction and disappointment. They have some wonderful staff who really care, really listen and work hard for the residents. The food is pretty good. The facility, while relatively new, isn't quite getting the maintenance it should, and there are long stretches when resident rooms get no cleaning. The worst aspect is the nearly constant (this is no exaggeration) turnover in management and administrative staff. They literally walk out with no notice and don't come back. A "president" was hired with great fanfare in 2015; he was quite experienced in the field and I'm sure he tried his best...but within a few months he "walked out," followed by the bookkeeper and other managers in short order. To me, this indicates the owner is failing and placing intolerable conditions on the staff...i.e., "get this done, with no budget" or "my way or the highway." It's obvious, and a shame considering how good most of the staff is. The turnover creates problems...there's no follow-up on problems and promises.

My father's care

This is a excellent place for great care for my father. The staff is excellent and always wanting to make sure that everything is taken care of. Alot of activities for my father to stay active with others who want to participate. We would recommend this for others for great care.

Assisted Experience

Lane Park is a nice facility and the care is really good. Like any other facility you have to keep a watchful eye out. With so many people to care for and a good sized staff some things get missed. The food is average, but they do have a menu as an alternative. Overall it is a very nice facility and my Mother is very happy there.

Lane Park

They have been very helpful and kind to my Mother. The could do a better job of keeping the rooms clean and the food has it's highs and lows. Over all a good facility.

Nice on the outside, great if you don't need assistance.

This will be very difficult to keep short... I shall try.

The good:

The day nurse in my grandmothers wing was always very nice, professional and stayed busy.

The facility inside and out is well maintained.

The bad:

Extremely high turnover. Every issue we have had, we refer to the employee that helped us and they are no longer there. I'm not talking months, I'm talking days after speaking with them.

My grandmother entered the facility at a level one for care, other facility's wanted to begin at a higher level right away. We felt it wasn't necessary and liked the nurses that met with us and toured the facility. They both left the company within a month.

We were told my grandmother was not social enough and kept to her room more than they wanted. When she began exploring the facility they complained and began pushing to raise her from a level 1 to a 4.

Sold us on the wonder guard, sold it like it was exclusive to their property to my wife. They want to raise the level of care because she's tried to open the doors to leave (they had no documentation of when and how often) They say she is easily redirected but still add "points" to raise her care level.

The points system to determine care is not standardized. They add what the director feels is appropriate for each item though she has no interaction with the residents.

The director is over multiple facilities. She can be very in impersonable. And has failed to meet us for scheduled appointments. In the discussions regarding her care level going from a 1 to a 4, she made several statements that she later retracted and said she mis spoke. Such as, "this is standardized" and then upon saying something contradictory we said "but you just said this was standarized" and she replied "sorry I shouldn't have said that". I wish I could tell you every conversation my wife has had with this woman but they all end up the same. They score the care level on an individual basis. It's their opinion. Brushing your teeth? Could be 1 point, could be 5. It was very difficult to get a copy of the documentation for stuff like this.

My grandmothers room was rarely cleaned. Somehow she had a stack of soiled laundry in the shower when they claim they help her bathe(extra points) and help her dress (extra points). They also claim she wears too many layers so they have to redress her (I thought you said you dressed her???) Because its summer time outside. Well you don't let her outside and the air is on inside. She's an 80 year old woman with a thyroid condition. She's cold and your not.

They offered to build a half wall in one room to share with another resident. I can't even begin to explain how stupid that was. It's a studio apartment. You can't make it smaller. Only one closet, one TV, one mini fridge. No room for more than a twin bed for each of them. This was to offer us a $500 savings each month.

I have to limit myself here. Basically they expect your family to be independent though they say assisted living.

Grandma also wears false teeth. She takes them out at night and soaks them. They added points for teeth brushing. >:^(

Today another facility sent representatives to meet with our grandmother. We called to inform the nurses station. When the reps arrive the director calls us saying "So and So is here to meet with (grandma) and people are freaking out saying she's leaving." Very unprofessional lady and completely inappropriate phone call. The only time she's called us concerned is when she seen money about to walk out the door.

For less attention and a smaller room in memory care its an extra $1000 a month. They insist she require more help than they can provide in the rest of the building but she is now getting less.

If you have a family member that needs basic help and doesn't mind wasting $3,500k a month then good luck. They will love you. If you are expecting assistance with living, be ready to watch their life savings be sucked dry. Things are so bad, we are willing to spend more money to leave than to deal with these people anymore.

So far they have been really good to my parents. My parents are satisfied there. The only thing is the staff has not been keeping my parents apartment clean. I think they have only vacuumed three times and I have done it the other times. Other than that they all treat them very nice. My dads legs were real swollen and he was having trouble breathing, and I had to take him to the hospital, so I do not know why they let him get that bad. My parents consider it their home and they are satisfied there.

One Year Later...

My Mother has lived at Lane Park for a little over one year. She does not have cognitive issues, she does use a walker but does *not* require assistance with daily activities such as dressing and bathing. She moved to Lane Park for the ease of living and safety - she no longer has to do laundry, clean, cook, manage her meds, and has someone to call immediately if she feels ill, falls, etc.

My best advice is to read the contract carefully - we did read it carefully and feel comfortable that we are getting what was mentioned in writing. If the services should deviate from the contract, we would have solid footing to complain.

We chose the facility primarily based on location as she wanted to be near her friends so she could keep her social lifestyle similar to when she lived in her own home.

She leans toward the independent side of the care continuum as compared to the rest of the residents. When visiting, I encourage you to ask about and consider the specifics of your loved one relative to the other residents. There are only a few people (out of approx 75 people at Lane Park) that are functioning at the level of my Mom and I believe having to live day in and day out with those that are not really her peers can make her sad and sometimes frustrated/annoyed. She handles it well - but I can see that it does wear on her.

She feels very connected to and cared for by the day to day to staff (nurses and aides) but does not feel the same toward the administration. There has been a large amount of turnover in the administration, and to some extent the day to day staff as well. My experience with the administration has been generally favorable as I know they are more the 'business' side of the equation. I am thankful my Mom is happy with her day to day staff interactions.

There are some activities, but my Mom participates primarily in the social type activities (e.g., happy hour) not in the balloon volleyball or newspaper reading type activities.

The services they promised when my Mom moved in are being provided, though many of them are not exactly what we expected.
- cleaning and laundry: cleaning and laundry is done every week, trash is taken out - sometimes my Mom has to ask. The quality of the dusting is terrible. I could write messages in the dust (and I have!).
- transport: transport is provided to doctors and other places, though there is recent discussion about limiting it to certain days and certain types of appts. This would be a major problem for us.
- hair salon: the salon exists, and I believe that someone comes in periodically if requested/appts are booked. My Mom would really like to see a manicurist come in too!
- dining room: overall, this is OK. There is a menu to choose from for meal times and also a special for each meal. The menu is pretty basic and so are the specials - I agree they may not be the healthiest meals.
- activities: this has been better in recent months, but the success of this is really dependent on the residents involvement and it is really hard to find activities that can relate to the different functioning levels of the residents.

I would like to see some kind of exercise equipment (e.g., recumbent bike) but I have not heard anything about something like this. Even if there was a place to walk other than just around the halls that would help.

As for the physical building and rooms, I think it is laid out well but I do recall that they had plans for independent cottages and a pond in the back, which would be great, especially if there was a path around the pond. There is no where to get outside and walk a bit. I think they could also put an awning or something from the front door to where the car drop off is - my Mom and I are always getting rained on when I pick up/drop her off!

My Mom is in a studio room so her bedroom area is open to the rest of the room. This takes some getting used to, but I think it works well and is sufficient for her needs. In fact, a one bedroom (with a separate bedroom area) opened up, my Mom decided not to move into it because she was happy with the studio.

Pretty much anyone can walk in the front door and walk around the facility. There is no full time receptionist to check that people have a reason to be there.

You scheduled a tour for me on April 20th. Rooms were nice. A resident was upset about the tables in the dining room being moved and Lindsey blew her off and was laughing about it. I want a place where my Mom lives and has a say in what goes on in her residence. That she would be listened to and heard. It would have to be her home and others work there, not she lives where you work.

Tour with lunch already taken in March. Two bedroom not available. Facility willing to remove wall between two single units. Didn't see many residents at that time.

Some good staff, too much management turnover, not enough follow-through.

Great place!

Overall things have gone very well with Lane Park of Huber Heights! It is a well kept, clean, nice looking community, and the staff have all been very friendly! Mom really seems to like it here! After touring quite a few communities we narrowed it down to 3 and let Mom make the final decision, and this is the one she chose. Knowing that Mom is somewhere she enjoy, and somewhere she is safe and looked after, provides me a lot of peace of mind!
The one area I'd like to see them improve would be their activities, they seem somewhat limited.

Nice overall, but a lot they can work on

Overall they do a good job at Lane Park, but there are a few things that I would like to see them improve. The facility itself is very pretty and well kept, and is a new building. The nursing and aide staff are all very friendly and caring, and I think they do a great job for the number of people they have. However they feel very understaffed. We moved in right after they opened, and as more residents have moved in the response times to the in-room call buttons have gotten slower and slower, and now it can take from 30 minutes to an hour until someone shows up. I am not a fan of the administrative staff here, they are difficult to communicate with and seem much more concerned with corporate interests than providing care to the residents.
Another aspect I would like to see them improve is the dining service. Although the food generally tastes fine the menu is very limited, and often not appropriate, considering the age and health of the residents. It is almost always more salty than it needs to be, and they don't offer much in the way of vegetables.
I'd also like to see them provide more in terms of transportation options. They have one small vehicle which is mainly used to get people to and from appointments, they don't have any sort of regular shopping trips or off-site outings.

Lane Park - Huber Heights is wonderful

We showed up without an appointment and were greeted by several friendly staff throughout our tour. The facility is beautiful and the residents were all comfortable and cared for. I don't have a negative comment to make. They were extremely helpful in working with our very short timeframe and making the move happen smoother than I though possible.

So far so good

That’s good so far. So far so good. Everything’s been good with my loved one so far. It’s a friendly community. It’s new. My loved one likes the food, but laundry seems to get washed all together. We haven’t had any trouble finding parking at all.

The facility seemed very cl...

The facility seemed very clean. I didn't notice many people in the dining area. I figured that this place still had some rooms available, since it is still new to the area. It appears that a good portion of the staff from the Laurels is at this facility. Their brochure needs some work, the same information is repeated many time and there are mistake which make me concerned about their brand and image.

Just overall our experience with my mom has been excellent.

They’re doing much better with the activities. I think they’ve just hired an activity director. Now they are having an activity everyday. I'd give them a five on the activities.

Just overall our experience with my mom has been excellent. Everyone was so friendly! She tells everyone how she loves it. We have eaten there quite a bit. They do a good job. We wanted a place where she felt comfortable and safe.

This is a beautiful, brand new facility...

This is a beautiful, brand new facility. We had a checklist from A Place For Mom of what to look for when visiting a community, and this had everything. However for our purposes it didn't really work. They did not incorporate the assisted living with the memory care. It was smaller with only about 14 residents, and she wouldn't be able to join in the activities in the assisted living area. The memory care was kind of a lock down. We thought this would be a bit confining for our loved one. We also got the feeling that they didn't really know their residents.

Very disheartened. Actual services do not justify high cost of this facility. Management/owner concerns.

Lane Park of HH is a new facility, opening December of 2013. Although the building is new and nice; care, extras, amenities and programs are what we looked for, for our loved one. What was presented and promised to us before deciding upon this very costly community and location, simply does not exist. Other than the Chef, none of the original staff is still there, either having been asked to leave or left on their own. This is very unsettling for residents, however the newer staff seems more mature, knowledgeable and experienced. Many times when calling the main number, which is the only number, no one answers. Phones in the rooms are extra per month. Staff is limited, so it may be some time before someone comes to the room when a resident calls for help or meds. There is currently no activity program. Nothing special for Christmas or New Years. I know LP is working on this. On weekends there is little more than a skeleton crew, so plan to be on call yourself to take care of things for your loved one if needed. There is a room for a salon. A separate barber and hairdresser were said to have been lined up when they opened, but as of yet, there is no one. When I am visiting, I regularly hear residents complaining about this. We were promised different physicians that were "visiting physicians" so that the residents would not have to leave the facility, but there was so much confusion around this, we finally had to select an outside physician, which means we still have to be involved almost daily for meds reordering and visits to the dr. They advertise residents can eat when ever they wish, instead of set times, but there isn't someone in the kitchen all the time. They advertise housecleaning, however emptying the trash is the only thing I have observed, even after I asked about it. There is no transport for outside or away activities, however, if there is an emergency, they will find a way to take your loved one to the dr. There is no designated area for religious services. There are no exercise machines, but I heard they are also working on this. These are just a few concerns.
I understand this is a new facility, however in our opinion, if you aren't really ready to open, you should not. What is the state's criteria? If you don't have the staff to perform the services you promote, you aren't ready to open and charge full price. ALL of the amenities and promised care are why we chose this community and to pay so much more than other locations at which we looked, (20 in all). Luckily we live close enough to take care of things for our loved one, but are charged and pay full price. We do not feel we are receiving what we are paying for, but what is the alternative now? Another move? File a complaint with the state? There are no good options and we are worn out from all the care we are still providing as family members. LP is trying to ramp up and get their programs going but we are still expected to pay full price for the room even though we are going through all the opening/growing pains on their behalf. We had many discussions as a family and determined that for what Lane Park was offering, we would justify the cost. The worst part about any of these concerns is that you are not aware of what is lacking until your loved one has moved in. How many months of "we're working on it" should you tolerate? We were promised and told these things would all be in place when our loved one became a resident. Now they are "ready" to open the location in Sidney?

Very nice facility.Limited ...

Very nice facility.Limited Medicade apts.

They are a new community and they are...

They are a new community and they are just starting to fill up. The food is excellent. They have addressed any issues we have had and made things right. They have that personal touch, they all know me by name. I am very comfortable communicating any concerns, so the communication is really good. I feel like they have done a good job making him feel comfortable.