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Customer Reviews

Malene Gets Kudos!

You have a lady by the name of Marlene that works on the laundry. She is to be commended for the wonderful care she showed my friend and me when we went from the hospital to your facility last Friday night. She was the only one that was up front when we arrived. She asked if I needed help and I said yes we did right away. My friend left the hospital with no oxygen and was without it for over a half an hour. When I told Marlene that she rushed to find a nurse to help.
I deeply appreciate her help in this matter. She needs recognition badly. She went above and beyond her job and deserves to be congratulated for it. I have told her many times when I have seen her that she was deeply appreciated. She needs to hear from you as well.

Tenured and Caring Staff

Though it does not look pretty on the outside it was okay on the inside for that type of facility and the care they provide. We liked this one the best of all the ones that we saw because the staff people made a very positive impression on us. They knew every patient by name and they woman that took us around had been there for 19 years and had worked her way up from, I think, a CNA originally. The geographical negative is that there is a train track that runs nearby. Mother is quite deaf so that would not be an issue for her. They only do rehab and skilled nursing.