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Customer Reviews

Stay Away!!!

I had a horrific experience at Kings Harbor Multicare Center. I was over medicated, and severely overdosed. The nurse on call that night wasn't experienced enough to help me at all. There's no Dr. in the entire building. They have a nurse on call, but does not come over there to help you either. They have security, but only for burglaries or a resident trying to leave (good idea)!! I basically had to make my own recovery from all the symptoms of an overdose. Nausea, vomiting, rapid eye movement, light headed etc. The nurses that are administering the medication are inexperienced, and do not pay attention to what a patient should be given. The same incident would have occurred the following night, had I not been careful to check the medication before taking it. The next day every "supervisor, director, and manager was in my room pretending to be concerned about the incident, but all they wanted was that insurance money. I was even given a survey, yes a survey about my stay at the nursing home...they could care less!! I want you to imagine how many of the residents are given the wrong medication or dosage on a daily basis due to negligence. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!