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Hillside Terrace - Assisted Living (NOT a Nursing Home)

Not happy, thus the overall 1-star review. In my opinion, management is very rude. It took several phone calls leaving messages for a director (family member, since it's a family business) asking for an explanation of charges - this was NOT a complaint; it was a REQUEST for the INFORMATION). However, to repeatedly dodge calls and simply not provide the information, then need your boss (your mother) on the call when you finally return a call weeks later is very unprofessional. Bigger issue - I received messages from more than one staff member from hospice (outside, independent agency coming in to assist with our relative's care) regarding issues with her care as far as keeping areas clean and dry. A new Hillside staff member was somehow allowed to place shoes on her - in spite of the fact that she had a severe ulcer on the bottom of her foot, and is in a WHEELCHAIR; she does not WALK! If your loved one has any severe illness that may progress later, such as dimentia, Parkinsons, Diabetes - consider whether he/she may be better off in a nursing home in the long run. Hillside is NOT a nursing home. While they do offer many activities, at this point our relative is able to participate in very few of them. Two dogs were presented during our tour. The larger one is no longer on the premises, and the smaller one, from what we can tell on visits, is NOT taken room to room by any means; [Removed] is simply [Removed] going to work with her owner (a nurse) and comes and goes as she pleases.

Did not like the layout

We toured this location when we were looking into options for my loved one. It seemed very dark, and was depressing. It was a maze of hallways on the upper floor of a building, so there would be no easy access to outside areas. I did not think it would a good match for my loved one.

From the Community

Hillside offers continuing care starting with Independent Living, Assisted Living and also long term care such as hospice needs and dementia care. Our nursing staff is scheduled 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our current care needs resident to staff ratio is 7:1. What makes Hillside stand out from others is our ability to make the residents living feel as if they were at home. Starting from the moment you walk through the hallways the feel, environment, and atmosphere seems as if you were at home. Our staff and management are very personable with their care so you don’t feel as if you were at the hospital or rehab facility. Our food is prepared by chefs with herbs and spices to create flavorful food without adding salt. Our meat is through Boars Head which specializes in low sodium.