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Customer Reviews

Hillebrand Nursing & Rehabilitation

I had a recent short term rehabilitation stay at Hillebrand Nursing Center and I would highly recommend this Home to others. All of the staff were friendly, attentive & made me feel comfortable. The Nursing staff was always willing to help me and the therapy that I received was excellent as well. It is a lovely place and I certainly recommend it to my friends and family.

My family and I had a loved one at Hillebrand for 5 years and 5 months. When we first picked this nursing home for our loved one, it was the best option at the time, given its staff to patient ratio, rating, and location. However, the quality of care that our loved one received significantly declined over the years, and the administrator was unwilling to work with us in an empathetic, professional, and effective manner to ensure that our loved one received the utmost comfort and care in the final days. As a healthcare professional raised in a healthcare family, I caution everyone reading this review to use his/her best judgment. And if you have the option to use in-home care, do it.

Don’t go here! It’s a charade

The bathrooms are filthy. They stink of sewer gas and are scary to say the least. Nasty. The activities are awesome and [name removed] and [name removed] are single handedly keeping this place above water. Unfortunately, the Aids are 50/50. They care but they are not well treated. They rush and hurry and act like they’re getting “caught” if they chat even one minute. The nurses are overworked. I saw 3 medication errors in less than 24 hours with my parent. The food is Ok at best. It barely passes. The rehab people care. Do home health if you can this place is a charade. Pretty facade- but detached, disengaged and I regret every minute there. It would have been less worry to have had my folks at home.

The rehab part was great, but...

The food was gross. The cleanliness was about average. The rehab part was great, they did a lot as far as the therapy was concerned and getting him back on his feet. But his room cleanliness was just average. We had to share a room with another person, and the bathroom was very large, and when you opened the door it had a sewer smell, and it was coming from the drain, and it was never corrected when he was there.

expect the unexpected

My spouse's recent experience at this facility was fraught with injury, pain, inattention and poor response time. I would not reccomend that a loved one be admitted here without having a full time advocate in attendance.