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Customer Reviews

I would give a million stars if I could

Thank you Hillebrand

Hillebrand came along at a very stressful time in my life. At the time, my mother was 90. She lived alone in a house that needed constant upkeep, grass cutting, snow removal, etc. Mom had health issues at the time such as diabetes, blood pressure issues and other maladies that came along with age. After a bout with diabetes that put her in the hospital, she did a short rehab at Hillebrand. After a short visit back home, the family, whom were all working at the time, decided to bring mom to Hillebrand long term.

This was a very traumatic experience for us all. Thankfully, the administrators, staff, both nurses and aides, and even maintenance staff aided in this difficult time. I cannot say enough good things about the people who work at Hillebrand. From [name removed], the Adminstrator, who always has a smile on his face and a kind word for both residents and family, to [name removed] and [name removed] in the Business Office that I absolutely could not make it without. They both steer me through things that I have no idea about and are always patient with me when I barge into their office with my latest crises. They talk me off the ledge! Hillebrand is truly blessed to have these two gems.

There are also the nurses and aides that help mom in her daily life. To me, it is more of a calling than a job. When mom was on the second floor, "[name removed]" was a good friend and helped mom get ready for my daughters' weddings. She even came in on her off time. On the 3rd floor where mom is now, [name removed] and all the other staff members take care of mom and I will always be in their debt.
Thank you Hillebrand for being there at a time when I do not think I could have made it without it.

Hillebrand is a safe, caring, and warm environment for my Uncle. I am pleased with the level of care that his receives. The staff is proactive in communicating any changes in his medical status. They always treat him with respect and are very kind to him.

Hillebrand: Terrific care and Staff

My Mother was a resident of Hillebrand off and on for 10 months due to multiple medical issues. The staff at Hillebrand treated her like family and they were genuinely interested in her rehabilitation. My siblings and I were overwhelmed by their concern and care of her. Previously, she had been in a newer, state of the art facility where we had to constantly stay on the staff to take care of her medical needs and dietary restrictions. This was never the case at Hillebrand where my Mom's care and needs were always attended to and always with a smile. Although my mother has now moved on to a new senior living facility as her rehabilitation was completely successful, we are so grateful for Hillebrand for the very important and highly professional care she received. Should she require nursing or rehabilitation anytime in the future, Hillebrand is our only choice.

The Hauer Family

Both of my parents were residents of Hillebrand. The care and compassion of the staff was exceptional. My dad particularly enjoyed the food! It gave the family peace of mind to know that they were receiving great 24/7 care.

Wonderful rehab and caring staff

I was a patient there for short term rehab. What a wonderful experience! The staff are always smiling ! So kind and caring. The food was delicious I especially loved the homemade soup everyday. I just feel so blessed to have found this wonderful caring place! They have a chapel that has mass where my son could be present with me. The activities were so fun. I really feel blessed to have found such caring people help me recover.

Caring staff and beautiful place

My husband was a patient here for rehab after a long time in the hospital. My husbands and mine experience was first rate! The staff are incredible and very caring. The food was delicious. I would not hesitate to return for recovery, rehab, or longer stay. The activity department goes beyond 5 stars ! So do the caring nursing staff. What a wonderful gem in Western Hills!!

My mom was a resident for a couple years. We loved everything about this place! The staff was friendly and helpful. The food was always delicious. My mom was not someone who would attend activities, but they had a variety of options available. My mom was very happy when she was there and never had a bad thing to say!

Thank you Hillebrand

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff of Hillebrand for the great care our mother received. The nursing assistants and nursing staff were aware of all of our mothers needs and treated her with such kindness; for that we are eternally grateful. They gave our family peace of mind. We left after each visit with that feeling.

Great rehab facility

Great experience at Hillebrand Nursing and Rehab!! The staff is courteous and has a lot of longevity, which in my opinion, says a lot about an organization and it’s leadership. The therapy and nursing departments are fantastic. They helped me reach my rehab goals! Everyone, from housekeeping to dietary is always smiling-which then makes you smile! I loved my time here and highly recommend it to anyone else!

Hillebrand-the loving, family environment you’re looking for

My family’s experience with Hillebrand was phenomenal. There is such a stigma associated with the words “nursing home” but this facility works very hard to create a culture of change, kindness and positivity. You can tell that they are different from the moment you walk through the door. We knew that our mom/grandmother was being cared for and treated with dignity. From her admission, nursing care, to discharge, each member of the staff gave us guidance and advice in an area we don’t have much prior experience. We are eternally grateful for the care she received, and wouldn’t consider any other facility on the west side for nursing or rehab!

Hillebrand Nursing & Rehabilitation

I had a recent short term rehabilitation stay at Hillebrand Nursing Center and I would highly recommend this Home to others. All of the staff were friendly, attentive & made me feel comfortable. The Nursing staff was always willing to help me and the therapy that I received was excellent as well. It is a lovely place and I certainly recommend it to my friends and family.

My family and I had a loved one at Hillebrand for 5 years and 5 months. When we first picked this nursing home for our loved one, it was the best option at the time, given its staff to patient ratio, rating, and location. However, the quality of care that our loved one received significantly declined over the years, and the administrator was unwilling to work with us in an empathetic, professional, and effective manner to ensure that our loved one received the utmost comfort and care in the final days. As a healthcare professional raised in a healthcare family, I caution everyone reading this review to use his/her best judgment. And if you have the option to use in-home care, do it.

Don’t go here! It’s a charade

The bathrooms are filthy. They stink of sewer gas and are scary to say the least. Nasty. The activities are awesome and [name removed] and [name removed] are single handedly keeping this place above water. Unfortunately, the Aids are 50/50. They care but they are not well treated. They rush and hurry and act like they’re getting “caught” if they chat even one minute. The nurses are overworked. I saw 3 medication errors in less than 24 hours with my parent. The food is Ok at best. It barely passes. The rehab people care. Do home health if you can this place is a charade. Pretty facade- but detached, disengaged and I regret every minute there. It would have been less worry to have had my folks at home.

The rehab part was great, but...

The food was gross. The cleanliness was about average. The rehab part was great, they did a lot as far as the therapy was concerned and getting him back on his feet. But his room cleanliness was just average. We had to share a room with another person, and the bathroom was very large, and when you opened the door it had a sewer smell, and it was coming from the drain, and it was never corrected when he was there.

expect the unexpected

My spouse's recent experience at this facility was fraught with injury, pain, inattention and poor response time. I would not reccomend that a loved one be admitted here without having a full time advocate in attendance.