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Would Highly Recommend

Heather Glen has been the best personal care place my brother has lived. I actually removed him from the previous place because of their lack of care/concern. Heather Glen has restored my faith that my brother can have a fulfilling life in a personal care facility.

Everyone knows my brother, makes sure he is being cared for, assists him with daily activities, etc. Where they go above and beyond is by getting my brother to be involved in daily activities. Even when he doesn't actively participate, he still enjoys observing the activities. The care team has learned how to encourage my brother to be a part of the community.

I see it every time I visit. There is always a staff member saying "hi" to my brother. And my brother says "hi" right back - not something he normally does. He trusts the people at Heather Glen and he enjoys being a member of this community.

Hi [name removed],

I want you to know how happy I am that my Mom got to spend some time living at Heather Glen. Unfortunately, due to her physical and mental decline, she needs Skilled Nursing, and had to leave your facility.

When my family and I came to tour your facility over a year ago, we were overwhelmed by how bright, clean, and airy it is. Add to that the staff (nursing, PCA's, maintenance, custodian, activities, front desk, PT and OT, and you also!) treated myself, my family, and most importantly of all, my Mom with kindness and respect.

It's never an easy choice to come to the realization that your parent needs some additional assistance with everyday tasks, but I always left the facility after visiting knowing she was in good hands.

Communication with the nursing staff was stellar. They were always available to respond to any questions/concerns I had. Please let all of the staff know how grateful I am that you made my Mother's stay at Heather Glen a positive experience. I would highly recommend this Personal Care Home to anyone.
Thank you,
[name removed]

Devastated and Sickened!

Let me start by saying I love some of the staff that took care of my father. Some are very attentive and caring while others not so much; but I think you will find that anywhere you go! If you would have asked me what I thought about Heather Glen a month ago, even a few weeks ago, I would have said it is a wonderful place with a few hiccups but it is still kind of new. So that is to be expected right?

I will not bash the whole facility as there are some very caring and kind people working there. People who genuinely care about the people they are taking care of; but I I am going to tell you that with their new director and her heartless approach to running the facility there is only so much an employee can do! With that being said....

Who knew your loved one could be evicted from a personal care facility! Well as I found out it can happen and your next few days will be a tail spin of emotions. Mostly though it was shear panic for me to find a facility for my father quickly to remove him from Heather Glen as requested. I was completely blindsided not having any previous warning or meetings to discuss what made her come to this decision. I was given several different reasons; but as the meeting went on and I refuted her reasons her final excuse was that my father needed skilled nursing. Now to tell you that statement is ridiculous is an understatement as my father was and still is at the same capacity that he was accessed at by their head nurse not once but twice to be a resident and now accessed again by another facility who agreed that he is not in need of skilled nursing in fact only needing their first level of care.

I will probably never know the true reason that my dad was evicted but what I can tell you is she sat across from me in a meeting with no prior knowledge of my father.
She never took the time to meet my father, she never took the time to talk to my father, she never sat with us before this meeting to talk to us about any concerns or issues. Instead she came up with excuse after excuse for throwing my father out.

My only advice is to say a place can look very appealing to the eye but that doesn't mean that it is run with respect and concern for your loved one. When you are told that your loved can age in place, be sure you are getting the truth and not a sales pitch because never in a million years did I think they would or could evict my father. Never in a million years did I think that we would have to move him again. I cannot begin to tell you how heartbroken and stressed my dad became when he was told he had to move from what he thought was his home. Had we known that eviction would become part of their practice, we would have never placed my father at Heather Glen because as most of you with an aging loved one know, moving them and removing them from their familiar setting at this stage of their life can be detrimental to their health and place unwarranted stress on them.

Lastly, I made several failed attempts to receive written notice that my father was being evicted including reasons why with no response to emails or phone calls from both the director and their sales representative. The refusal to put it in writing only solidifies to my family that their decision was underhanded and reprehensible..

Heather Glen

Local Representative

As owner of the facility, I have reviewed the complaint and I am taking actions to improve communications in difficult situations such as these. In the future such communications will be made more clear. It was certainly not our intent to request an immediate departure.

It is often difficult to determine when we feel we are no longer able to provide the level of care most beneficial for the resident and their families. The safety and care of our residents is of the utmost importance.

Great Facility!

Love Heather Glen!!!
Heather Glen's Memory Care was the best choice for my Mom. My Mom was one of the first residents upon their opening in May of 2017. I have looked at many other Facilities prior to choosing Heather Glen but no other facility matched what Heather Glen had to offer. The brand new, modern and welcoming facility, it's convenient location, the upbeat and knowledgeable staff as well as other amenities is what made us choose Heather Glen. My Mom absolutely loves it there and it's all she talks about. She definitely feels welcome and comfortable there. I would definitely recommend Heather Glen for your loved one.

Highly recommend

Our mom has been a resident of Heather Glen since May 2017. We believe we made an excellent choice with this new facility. Some places seem more like institutions with their long narrow hallways. Heath Glen is very spacious and well lit. It's nicer then some hotels I've stayed in. Mealtime is good in that you don't have an assigned seat or an assigned time slot. You have a full 2 hour window for each meal and a full menu to choose from.
The best part of of Heather Glen is the staff. My mom is constantly receiving hugs from so many staffers and that's very important. It really helps to brighten her day .
I highly recommend Heather Glen for your loved ones.

5 Star Facility

My Mom has been a resident of Heather Glen since it's opening. Over the past 18 months, she has received exceptional care from the entire staff at Heather Glen. The facility is beautiful, clean, always festive with a warm & cozy environment. The food selections are large, the rooms vary in size, the activities are endless (fitness, baking, crafts, outings, movies, parties etc). My Mom feels very safe and content living there which is the result of the genuine caring staff for their residents.

A great home for mom and dad.

My siblings and I tried to find a home for our mother and dad. We checked several places and settled on Heather Glen Senior Living. We liked the openness of the halls and large common areas. Dad is now living by himself and we know he is being taken care of daily.