Heartland Health Care Center-Decatur - Decatur, IL

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Customer Reviews

Give Heartland a chance

I feel that the reviews are one sided. This home has great potential and some loving staff. It needs good leadership just like any other home in this area. I have been and worked in several "better" homes with higher ratings that have many faults. Nursing is a struggling department everywhere I have seen. A "better" home in Decatur has too many falls and infections for being a 4 star. I "better' home in Decatur has too many skin conditions/pressure ulcers for the staffing ratio. So my point is, every home has its faults. Get better leadership within Heartland and it could turn around. Give this home a chance.


I am very dissatisfied with Heartland. My mother went there to get therapy after having pneumonia. She has been there 48 hours, and they have as yet managed to get her medication and breathing treatments right.
I was there all afternoon, and not once did anyone come in to check on her. at dinner she asked 3 times for a glass of milk as the nurse walked past her. Finally I got up and stood right in front of her and ask her to get Mom some Milk.
My sister had to take medication from my mothers home into the nursing home for my mom because they said they didn't get a list from the hospital. I pray we can find a better place fast.

Clean with Good Care

I didn't have her there, so it's hard to say, but looking at the cleanliness it was good. It was clean and a lot of staff who seemed caring. We didn't call ahead or make any appointment. It's a nursing home that had an Alzheimer's wing and it was our second choice. They could provide more care, nursing care, around the clock. She didn't like that she would have to share a room, but most nursing homes are like that. The cost was also a lot more.