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Customer Reviews


Harmony Hills is absolutely the best place around. I have moved my mom in and out of 5 facilities. With that being said, I have probably toured 20. Harmony Hills Staff is loving, kind, warm, and genuine. Whenever my mom presses her pendant, they are there within 5 minutes. The food is amazing. My mother is a diabetic and they have absolutely catered to her dietary restrictions. The facility itself is large, beautiful, clean and new. Management is very professional and make a special effort to go out of their way for each and every resident. The activities are a blast! My mom has met some of the best friends she has ever had. She looks forward to the daily activities with all of her best friends. I seriously could go on and on about how wonderful this facility is. I recommend it to anyone looking or on the fence of putting their loved on in an assisted living facility.

Great for an Independant elderly person

This is a beautiful building and everything feels so new and clean. The housekeepers do an excellent job making sure if always feels clean. The girls in the kitchen are so sweet and the meals they make are great. The activities are thought out but not always well attended I think they could do a better job at making sure the residents know it is time for an activity and try harder to get residents involved. They do a fair amount of advertising through the community by doing open houses, while these are fun I think it is overwhelming to many of the residents and often they are lost and not well attended to in the chaos of the activity.
This is definitely not a facility that caters to an elderly person that has any health issues. This location is great if your loved one is pretty independent and doesn't require much help, but is just lonely or doesn't want to live alone. The sign on the side of the building is misleading because it says all skill levels included. I think what they mean is all skill levels included in price not all "skill" (medical) levels taken care of in their facility. The nursing staff is very sweet and kind to the residents but lack medical training. It was not uncommon for my loved one to be waiting for assistance to bathroom or have other needs and 2-3 nurses be sitting talking/on phones in the nursing office. Medications of my loved one were given incorrectly which affected their care. Things like assisting patients in getting oxygen put on at night were neglected. One of the nursing aides is the directors daughter which I think is a conflict of interest because if she's sitting in the office when things need to be done it seems many of the other aides follow suit. Overall this is a beautiful facility that is reasonably priced but is only a good value if your loved one doesn't require a lot of assistance or care. If your loved one has any medical needs (even needing help knowing when and what medications to take) in my opinion it would be best for them to be in a facility that can accommodate their medical needs better. If your loved one is pretty independent and needs friends and some socializing then this would be a great place!