Blue Diamond Estates - Bandon, OR

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Customer Reviews

If proper care is not available, DO NOT fill the room/bed!

Externally Harmony Estates is very well kept but internally it is not. It is dirty, run down and smells horrendous. My father was recently moved from the facility because of the lack of care he was receiving. The caretakers are wonderful and doing the best they can with what they are given but I heard repeatedly "we are under staffed, we are under staffed". I believe the beds/rooms should NOT be filled if the proper care is not available! There are over 22 "patients" living in the facility and I never saw more than two caretakers at any given time, most of the time there was only one. Most of the people are bed ridden and require/DESERVE much more than they are receiving in my opinion. There are no activities to speak of other than one so-called "game night" on Thursdays, other than that, it's just TV. The food consists primarily of hot dogs and PB & J sandwiches. Again, the caretakers are absolute Angels for doing the work they do but they deserve better support.