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Customer Reviews

Do not put your loved one at this facility

This nursing home has a few nurses that care about the patients and that’s it. My husband is there for a short term stay and his overall experience has not been so great. Today he asked the nurse to change his dressing on his leg at 12:45 I got up there around two I asked three different people only to finally have his nurse walk in and tell him he she will get to it soon it’s not that big of a deal . I just spoke to him on the phone it is now 9 PM and it still has not been changed there’s blood dripping from it has been since two something today it’s dripping all over his bed I put a towel under it when I was up there. Due to it being a wound that a vacuum just come off of and the only reason the vacuum got pulled off of it is because they said it malfunction which was the second one that malfunctioned in a row .I don’t know how to change it unless obviously I would have already. He has also not had a bath and has been there two weeks tomorrow mind you I went up there and sponge bath him but they have said nothing to him about even giving him a bath. He can’t walk due to a bad motorcycle accident. I could go on and on about his problems there. I have work in the medical field last nine years of my life in a psychiatrist office and now for a lab The rule has always been patients come first. I know I’m not the first complaint I can’t be it’s a shame to have people like this working in the medical field. I understand he is not the only patient. I am very disappointed

Bad habit of neglecting residents. Bad falls of people because of not listening to family and when it's in someone's file about falls, but yet nothing was done with it. Now someone had a serious fall and even had bleeding in the brain from it.

Skilled care

Dressings have not been changed until days past due dates. Skin assessments not done for days. Family found skin tear as result. No fresh water every day. Confusion regarding IV med administration- twice in 3 weeks. Familes needs to be activate ADVOCATES for basic skilled care.

Overall Rating ZERO

My mother was in this facility for a total of 11 days. They need all new management and a director of Operations to oversee all staff should be required. The staff is completely rude especially the "supervisor" [name removed]. She should not be working with people at all. The lunch was left on the dining room tables when serving dinner at 5:00pm. The state of Missouri will be contacted and needs to deal with this facility. I would not allow them to watch my dog much less a relative. The staff likes to congregate in the hall and discuss their personal life. Some sit on their cell phones at the nurses station and never acknowledge you are standing there. Where is the owner of this facility? He/she needs to take a hard look at this place and their license needs to be pulled. Call lights blinking and not being answered...this is called patient neglect.

No change.

Green Park Rehab facility is a joke. Do not be fooled by the pretty exterior or interior. I laid in pain several nights while my call light was on for 6hrs before anyone came to check on me. The nursing staff was nowhere to be found. My call light was finally answered by the morning shift nurse. I complained to everyone that would listen. The director Mitch came in and gave me his card with his phone number and apologize. Also the head nusrse came in and I told her my story. She too apologized and said she was going to have a talk with the night staff and give them a verbal and written warning. However, nothing changed. Wed Thanksgiving eve, no help, overnight Thur, no change. The weekend nights are horrific.
I would not send my [Temoved] to that place.

Horrible Night Mare Experience at Green Park

My close friend was in rehab area for two months and we were miserable. Nurses and staff took breaks same time in evenings which made patients which left patients seeking help. I got bombarded with the patients asking for help when I came him to visit in the evenings. My friend was given double medication when a nurse was being trained and didn't enter it in computer so the head nurse wouldn't believe me when I tried to stop the second medication. The next day staff couldn't figure out why my close friend's memory was poor and he couldn't remember anything.
Previous complaints are truthful. Medications were given hours late and I had to stay and make sure meds were given and sometimes I was there till midnight. One nurse gave shots by putting the end of the capped syringe in her mouth and pulling needle out and doing a lot of diabetes meds during dinner.
My friend developed a bed sore and I had to override the nurse to get the physician to look at it. Physician was there one time a week sometimes and generally just looked at paperwork. I had to bug nurses and aids for care. When my friend rang bell for care without me being there my friend said nothing was done and heard nurses and aids in the hall just talking.
Previous complaints of rehab are truthful. Nurses bragged on therapy so I thought it was given Monday through Friday. One day I went there during day and found one therapist working on patient while getting interrupted by several patients. Not professionally set up and not efficient. So my friend was right when stated therapy was only one time a week.
Previous complaints of administrator are truthful. She was [Removed], rough and insensitive, giving talk about handling issues and no action.
Discharge was pathetic. I asked for meeting with therapists and his nurse the day before discharge; no one but administrator was in meeting with us. She told us in the meeting that paperwork would be ready and completed for discharge next day. To my surprise no papers were not there, meds were not ordered as was told, nurse had to do discharge papers she did not know how to do. I called nurse when arrived at pharmacy and demanded meds be prescribed. Greenpark sent med list from the files and there were all meds given from the beginning. Called nurse and together with pharmacist and I had to decipher current meds. I was livid to see on the med list that follow up date to visit with kidney doctor for my friend stated "not done".
I tried after the first week to get my friend moved to another facility and had the facility on hold and the Administrator held the paperwork back for two weeks plus which made me lose the spot for the rehab and make me look inefficient.
I could go on and on, it was a nightmare experience. Aids and nurses would talk in halls for long periods of time. No order, no weekend or week day group activities, Head nurse couldn't exert authority. Patients were sat down to dinner and had to wait for hour or so and have to flag server done due to understaffing.
A friend of mine admitted her mother-in-law there and within weeks this mild mannered lady was combative and energy drained and acquired memory loss. Once removed to another facility she is back to being mild mannered and memory was returning. I wish I would have transferred my friend from this facility the first day and missed being part of horrible night mare experience.

Pretty facility TERRIBLE staffing and care.

Rehab staffing is pathetic. Physical therapy for my daughter did not deal with her issues, building up strength in walking after hospitalization so she could come home. Spent time learning to use a wheelchair which could not be used or wanted in our apartment. Second PT session spent doing arm exercises which were not appropriate. She was told every patient in the facility had to be able to use wheelchairs.

Medications were rarely given on time if at all. Pain medication was requested when due, was two or three hours late.

In over a week she was not taken to a shower, attendant did not have time.

Physician came into room smiled and did not hear or understand our concerns about a significant change in her medical condition. At this point I made the decision to get her out of facility next day.

This place is your worst nightmare!

The Rehab facility is very inadequate, understaffed, many of the nurses and cna's were unknowledgeable about medical issues they should be trained on. Medications for my relative were found under the bed, the floor was not swept for days, and the administrative staff was frankly a joke. Time after time, papers were never delivered to outside facilities for tests even though they were supposedly faxed "3" times. The therapy was totally inadequate and the staff was untrained on which therapy was needed for various injuries or diseases. The only thing they were consistent on was asking for money and telling you they would keep your loved one for an additional shared service fee. When the nursing home administrator asked if we would like to use there services, she introduced herself by name and said she was "in collection". She should have said come tour our skilled nursing facility and see if you would like to place your person here.
Therapy is only given once per day for 30 minutes and nothing is done on the weekends. Any gains made during the week would be set back over the weekend. Patients were never encouraged to participate, therapy was not given everyday during snow days but patients were billed anyhow.
The medical director of this facility is uncaring, insensitive, very arrogant, and would not listen to our concerns. The social worker for the rehab center would never carry out her duties, was never available, and would not return calls. She needs to be dismissed for she is totally ignorant of her position and the needs of her clients. This place needs to be reported and shut down and stop milking the insurance companies for services NOT rendered. What harm has been done to my relative for the lack of therapy is totally damaging and time was crucial. I could say much more but will be doing so to the agencies that can shut this place down. Everyone should read the Green Park Senior Community state inspection and see the problems.

Not a safe place

The care in the rehab center was very substandard. Resident left here with bed sores, nurses were slow to respond and did not fully understand the scope of care needed by the resident. The house Dr. did not take patient concerns seriously resulting in several additional hospital admissions. Medications were not readily available and often times the resident went without meds or they were administered late. Therapy was disjointed at best. Scheduling was a nightmare. Tried on more than one occasion to address concerns with administrators but was always told they were in meetings. I would not recommend this facility for anyone that has more than one health issue as they are not equipped to accommodate needs. It is my feeling that resident's admission was driven by the almighty dollar. It is a shame when companies are willing to sacrifice resident well-being only to fill a bed or make a buck.

Care at Green Park Resident Center

Bar none, this is the worse home in the State of Missouri. I recently moved my father from Green Park because they had no idea how to take care of an 81 year old Alzheimer's patient. Green Park professed from the beginning that they were qualified and capable of taking care of Alzheimer's patients. They are not after watching them attempt to take care of my father for 9 months, I concluded that they just don't care, nor do they have the capability/training to handle any type of patient. They failed on several occasions to give my father his medication, one of which is a daily dose of insulin for his diabetes, they never were able to come up with a diabetic diet for my father, even though I begged them several times and my father's doctor ordered it. They would not give him his meds timely and by doing they it set his disease off and he would get beligerant and a little mean. When they were unable to handle this they would immediately make up a story and send him to the hospital for evaluation. The doctors at the hospital would get back on his meds and level him out with necessary medications. Once my father was sent back to Green Park they once again did not administer his meds, either timely or at all, and they actually lied to us when questioned. On more than one occasion I witnessed the abuse that the staff would inflict on the residents. Many of the residents cry and beg for help from someone outside the staff. We recently moved my father to another home, one that does not have crying begging, abused residents at all. One that actually takes care of the patients. I want everyone to know just how bad Green Park Resident Center is and I worry about the people that are there. I have filed a report with the Department of Aging and the State of Missouri.

From the Community

Green Park Senior Living Community provides compassionate skilled nursing in St. Louis, Missouri. A member of the CommuniCare Family of Companies, Green Park Senior Living Community is a skilled nursing center, offering short-term recovery and rehabilitation services provided through our Advance 360 unit, as well as long-term care services, focused on your emotional and physical well-being.