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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Doctor on Call
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

If You Love Them, Don't Put Them Here

My grandparents stayed here for a week while my grandma recovered from hip surgery after falling down. This was the worst service I've ever witnessed.
Almost every caregiver had a hostile attitude; when one of my grandparents had to use the restroom, sometimes they would wait hours after pressing their button, which signaled that they required assistance. The employees treated everyone as though they were brainless, when they were very much so aware of their surroundings. There was absolutely no respect or care here.
I wish my family knew how horrible of treatment my grandparents would receive at this place, before they went.

Mom did not like this choice, mainly because it was older facility and no cover over the entrance

Please stay away!

My mother-in-law stayed at the rehab part of this facility for a week. I wanted to move her after the first night when she told me she had to scream for help to go the the bathroom since the aids and nurses did not answer her call button. Then I and other members of my family witnessed with our own eyes how long it took aids and nurses to come and see what was needed after the call button was pushed. We were told twice that the button was not working properly. We actually were lied to many times within that week.

We finally moved my mother-in-law after she fell early one morning and we found out that she was on the floor for at least 20 minutes until the aid could find the nurse on duty and another aid to help lift her into bed. We got a phone call that described the fall completely different than what my mother-in-law reported to us and when I got there to talk to the new nurse on duty, she told me the same fabricated story. She stated that my mother-in-law fell on her own because she wasn't patient enough to wait for an aid and that the aid came in just in time to lower her to the ground. She also stated that it only took minutes for others to come in the room to help lift her onto the bed. In reality she fell because the aid did not have a good hold of her and she slipped on the slippery floor. She had a cut and bruise on her knee as proof of her fall. Luckily she was not injured any further than that except for her dignity.

This same nurse was so rude and condescending to us the rest of the day while we waited for x-rays. She could have been more empathetic towards us and my mother-in-law, but she wanted to be righteous and rude instead. Another complaint I have about this place is that the nurses and aids do not ask what they can do to help the patients or simply observe what is needed, but wait to be asked (after having to wait for up to 40 minutes). For example, providing ice bags or refilling water cups for the patients.

PLEASE, just do not place your loved ones into this rehab center. They will be neglected and mistreated!!!!

Faith based community (primarily Catholic). Nice grounds. Assisted Living is acceptable. Less expensive than the newer (for profit) places we visited. A downside is having to travel through the (larger) Skilled nursing units to get to the Chapel as that can be somewhat depressing. Nice to have skilled nursing and Rehab both on same site with Assisted. Our dad was in Rehab here so had tasted the food (made in same kitchen and delivered to Rehab - often cold by then), so he was not interested.

I visited Alexian Bros on Monday Jan 15. It's an older facility but has been updated. It has an extension for nursing home care. It's all inclusive; many different views of wooded areas. Studio apt is $3445. Month to month rent; will not kick out when money runs out. To apply, mom must have 2 years of finances to qualify, approx $123,000. That is only possible IF she can get VA benefits. Extras are phone and laundry.

Very happy with this place!!

I have no complaints about how things are going for my mother since she made the move into this community. I have to say my favorite thing about this place is how friendly the staff are and the positive living environment they have for all of the residents. My mother has been enjoying her dinning experience as well as some of the activities throughout the week, Overall we are very happy with this facility and would recommend it to anyone interested.

We love Sherbrooke Village~

My dad had his second stay at Sherbrooke Village for rehab. He had his first knee replacement last year, went to Sherbrooke, and did great. When he had to plan for his second knee surgery, there was no doubt where he would go. He got excellent care, and the therapy he received was beyond compare. My family will never go anywhere for rehab besides Sherbrooke.

Sherbrooke Village is great

I had a great experience at Sherbrooke Village. The building and setting is beautiful, and my care was excellent. I went for rehab. I was able to get better and go home.

Sherbrooke Village was great

My mother needed rehab after she broke her hip. She has never been in any kind of nursing facility. She was very scared to go to a "nursing home". Once she got to the Lodge, my mother felt much more comfortable. It doesn't feel like what you think of as a nursing home. It is very nice and inviting. The staff took very good care of Mom and made sure she knew that she was going to get therapy, get better, and go back home. I would recommend Sherbrooke Village to anyone who needs extra help after being in the hospital.

Sherbrooke Village is great!

I was a patient at Sherbrooke Village. Everyone was very nice, and took good care of me. It is a beautiful place to recover.

Sherbrooke's staff is very helpful

The people at Sherbrooke Village went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my mom had everything she needs. My mother can be difficult, and the staff at Sherbrooke were patient and kind.


Please DO NOT take your loved one here. I have never been spoken to like I was at this rehab facility! I stayed one night & went to Green Park Rehab. The workers at Sherbrooke are rude, uncaring & just plain nasty, the nursing staff are not much better. I was told by the manager that the person that I had trouble with had several other incidents reported about her. [Removed] I was able to speak up for myself & had family involved also. I feel sorry for ANYONE who cannot speak for themselves. I WOULD NOT TAKE MY DOG THERE MUCH LESS A HUMAN BEING!!!

I always choose Sherbrooke

I have been a resident at Sherbrooke Village several times over the past few years. They know me well and treat me like family. I would never go anywhere else for rehab.

Sherbrooke Village is a great place to recover.

I had rehab at Sherbrooke Village after my first knee replacement. I was so happy with my care there, I returned after my second knee replacement. I love the Alexian Brothers, and Sherbrooke is a wonderful place to rehab and recover.

Excellent rehab stay

I had a great experience at Sherbrooke Village. It's a beautiful community. The therapists were wonderful and got me back home.

Horrible place

DO NOT SENT YOUR LOVE ONE TO THIS PLACE IT IS HORRIBLE. The staff at night do not want to be bothered you could wait all night for someone to come help you. My mom was put in time out in the middle of the night because she was ringing the call button and she was disturbing them. She was sick and needed help. The aid came in her room and yanked her out of bed and hurt her arm and put her in the dining room so she would not press the call button. Another time one of the staff took her call button away so she could not reach it and bothered them THEY ARE LAZY AND SHOULD NOT BE WORKING IN A CARE FACILTY. My mom could not breath the nurse said just put her to bed she will be fine. You know if she does not when her lips turn blue.REALLY . I did not listened to her. My mom died that night. PITIFUL

Horrible, uncaring staff

The Lodge:
Rude, uncaring, understaffed and lazy!!!
RNs & CNAs are extremely rude.
Brought my Mother here for physical therapy after a pelvis fracture. The PT department is wonderful, very professional. The nursing is horrible.
First night: Mom is extremely weak when admitted. CNA dragged her,, yes, dragged, to bathroom and left her there. When she finally returned she would NOT assist her with cleaning herself. Mom stood there shaking and trembling as she tried to clean herself. Finally got dragged back to bed- no walker- asked for another blanket, never returned with it. Spoke to assistant administrator next morning and let her know of the demoralizing treatment. Doubt that did any good.
Never had the RN come in to discuss course of treatment as we were told upon admittance. In fact, RN didn't do initial assessment for 2 days!!
And the call button.....might as well have been in another state....took over 2 hours to come to the room. Understaffed????? Ya think?!!!!!
Food: Bring you to the table and you sit for over an hour before being served. Only to be told they are out of that entree. REALLY???!!!!
DOCTORS: Where do they find these people?? My Mother was assigned a Dr. [removed]....what a joke. Called mom's doctor, explained problems, asked for help. Dr called, ordered a series of blood tests and the RN was extremely rude and argumentive!! What business is it of yours???? Do your job, any DOCTOR calling in orders deserves your respect.
My Mother was only there for 10 days, I have 2 other sisters and one of us was always there. We made sure after that first night that they knew we were watching.
I will NEVER return to this place!!!
What happens to all the patients that don't have relatives watching???
All RNs and CNAs here need serious retraining or fired. This is NOT a caring, compassionate facilty. Their advertising is a completele lie.
Do NOT bring your family members here unless you are ready to be there 24 hours a day to ensure their care.

Uncaring facility for sure

Our Mother spent 8 days here for respite care. Her wedding ring disappeared on the 6 th day. Staff was very cold & rude about the situation, especially the social worker. Very unwilling to help resolve the issue. We all were horrified & heartbroken to think that our Mother had been violated. Please do not leave your loved ones there.


I only gave 1 star because I had to. I would not put my dog in here. My mom was here for 8 months. The first two were okay, after that, it really went downhill. They are completely understaffed now. You can NEVER find anyone to help you. If you do find a nurse, they dont want to do anything, they say to get an aide. All they do here is put the patients in front of a TV all day. Then they put them to bed at 6:30. The billing is a joke. They constantly billed us for items that my mom never even used. She was missing several items of clothing. We did her own laundry, so there was no reason for anyone to take anything of hers! About a month ago my mom was not feeling well. They did all kinds of "tests" on her and told us everything came out fine. It wasnt until we got the nurses notes to give to the new facility we were moving her to that we discovered she had E Coli at that time! We were never informed of that! The attitudes of everyone there are horrible. Even the receptionist doesnt even acknowledge or greet you when you walk in the door. And forget about ever getting anyone to return a phone call...PLEASE PLEASE look at other facilities before ever considering putting a loved one here.

Do NOT send a loved one here!

Don't ever let a loved one go here! The staff has no compassion, no communication skills and they flat out just don't care. They are not monitoring my loved ones oxygen levels, dietary needs, vitals or hygiene needs. When asked for simple things like water or asprin the staff laughs as they walk out the door because they know they won't come back. This place is a [removed] lawsuit waiting to happen. And it isn't because they are understaffed. Several people hanging out chatting as if they have nothing to do. What's the point of a new $13.5 million facility to take care of your loved ones if you're afraid to leave them there alone because no one is caring for them? Complain and they don't solve anything, they just tell you who they blame. [removed] DO NOT send anyone you love to this facility.

I don't know how this place has more than a one star rating. If I could give it a zero rating I would. Please look at their other one star ratings and reviews on Yelp. It would be dangerous to leave a loved one here. Please beware!!!


My wheelchair bound friend and guardian for, whom I visited 2-3x/ wk, resided here for 4 yrs. The last 3 months of my friends life, I feel, was unacceptable negligence. She had 1-2 UTI's/yr, 3 UTI's her final year with the last one getting infections from the antibiotics. She complained for weeks that her behind hurt. She developed a blood clot, had lost her appetite and was eventually bedridden. Hospice was called in the final 2 weeks before her death. At this point she was put on morphine. She would scream every time her pads had to be changed so I requested to see why her behind was so sore. I couldn't believe what I saw! Severe bed sores as well as heel sores. It was passed on to me as "Kennedy Ulcers" by the facility. Kennedy ulcers cause death within 24 hrs. Decubitus is strictly neglect. Hence, she complained for weeks about being sore. I would not recommend this facility!

Dark, Dreary, Glum

It's a nursing home and it's reall dark, gloomy and dreary looking. The location would have been very convenient for us but the staff was older. The place was a dreary, glum looking green color and the furniture was dark and some of it was delapidated looking. The place looked clean but it was just not very warm and friendly.

"The Lodge" is the best part of Sherbrooke

Having had a horrible experience with another portion of Sherbrooke Village, I told them I was going to move my loved one someplace else and that's when they moved him to the lodge. The social worker asked if we would be happy there and i told them i just wanted my loved one to be taken care of; when we got to the lodge it was as different as black and white. The service and care was much better, the people were better; i think they brought the food over from the other place but they did tell me i could bring food for him if i thought he would enjoy it. They did take him in his wheelchair to the dining room and he knew some faces and sait with the same people which i thought was nice. it was a much better place for him than the other part of sherbrooke.

Would NOT recommend to anyone

Our first three days here were horrible. There was a lady across the hallwho jsut kept crying and cyring and crying. They said "she does that all the time" and ignored her but she was on the floor and had been the whole time. I took it upon myself to go over there and went down to the desk to tell them the lady was on the floor; the man in the room with my husband had been waiting 20 minutes for someone to come when he pushed the button and when my husband fell out of his wheelchair, it took them 20 minutes to come and I had to go to the head nurses station to get somebody and the nurses aid who came was bad mouthing the whole time. The lack of caring and compassion....those people should not be working with these patients. This was supposed to be an area for people who've suffered a stroke and they deserve some extra compassion.

From the Community

Alexian Brothers Senior Ministries honors an 800 year tradition of caring, which is expressed in the programs and services that are tailored to the unique needs of the older adult.
Regardless of their stage in life, the opportunities presented by Alexian Brothers Senior Ministries are designed to make life more enjoyable, enriching and satisfying.