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Mom is safe

The staff is very nice to my mother. I appreciate everything the staff does for her. It is a relief knowing my mom is safe.

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Randy - this is always our #1 priority. Thanks for entrusting us with your mother's care, we're glad she feels at home with us at Grand Emerald!

Great Events, Great food

My father and stepmother were residents of Grand Emerald for a few years. They enjoyed the food immensely, we enjoyed the great parties and family events put on by the staff. The nurses were always on top of things. It is a great place!

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Thanks so much for your review! We're glad we could accommodate your dad and stepmom from all directions.

Don't go there

Food is terrible and portions are skimpy. Residents rarely if ever receive their choice from the pre-selected menu because there isn't enough, there weren't sufficient ingredients to make an item, or the cook was "off" and someone else is filling in. Consequently, meat is predominately "processed" and fruit/vegetables are either from a box or can. There is a shortage of staff so basic housekeeping of residents is random or non-existent.

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We are so sorry to hear your experience with us has come in beneath our standards. We will certainly share your feedback with our local Nutrition & Dining teams. Additionally, please feel free to call our Enlivant Cares Resident Line if you have any other issues you'd like to discuss or feedback to give. Thank you.

The food was great, [name removed] and [name removed] were very understanding and addressed all my concerns. The entrance fee of $3000 is quite high. My only concern is smell, it smelled like a nursing home and one room we saw had it very strong.

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Thanks so much for your feedback, we will certainly take this back to our team. Glad you enjoyed the food!

Grand Emerald Place-Great quality

Grand Emerald Place is a perfect place for seniors to live and enjoy life -I know the staff and management are truly committed to providing the best quality of life for their residents-they go above and beyond!

Very welcoming and caring

Grand Emerald Place is very friendly and caring. It is cost efficient with great care. The staff, as well as the residents, are so welcoming and caring. The food is very good and homemade. The residents genuinely care for each other and seem to have a lot of fun. We are so happy that we found Grand Emerald as a home for our mother.

Extremely friendly staff and residents. Meals are home cooked with little reliance on processed foods. Excellent chef.

Good Tour Of This Facility

I had a pleasant tour of this community. Everyone was kind, and helpful to my family, and I. The community looked nice from what I saw. Everything appeared to be well-kept. The staff was friendly, and informative. The experience went well, but I did find another community that suited my mother needs better.

Abundance of food and friendly faces

It is a beautiful and clean community. Many activities for the residents if they want to participate. No complaints regarding the food, they provide ample proportions. The staff is very friendly, but there is a lack of communication between the staff and caregivers. All they needed to do to help my aunt with her physical therapy was to move the wheelchair back so she could do her leg exercises. It seems with my insistence they are communicating more with me, but there are times when they still do not return my calls. Overall it seems they are improving.

My mom is really happy here. Everyone who works here really cares and they do a wonderful job making sure that she has a happy life!
It feels like home here!
[Removed] is awesome!
All of the other staff is too!

Staff very friendly always knowing mom by name. Nice environment – Great Meals!

They do a good job overall. Mom loves the staff, they treat her well.

The process of moving my dad and stepmother was handled by the community, alleviating the stress for us. The apartment is nice, spacious and bright, staff has been kind and considerate. The food has been a hit with my dad! We highly recommend Grand Emerald Place.

Food is much better! Mom enjoys living here.

[Removed] and [Removed] (café) are great.
[Removed] and [Removed] very good at their jobs!!

This place is wonderful. We had a few problems with the laundry and cleaning of the room but it is all worked out now.

Service where called to the room is slower than desired. Food is fine / good selection.

Very good today. They try to do this for every occasion.

The mother’s day brunch was wonderful. It was very well organized. It was nice to see residents and their families together

Great time, Good food and good service, mother’s day brunch!

Everything is nice and my mom enjoys living here.

A Very Welcoming Tour

I liked the community when I got to tour it. The people were very nice. The staff were nice and they had a sign to welcome [Removed], I have no complaints. However I was concerned with the stairs, it was set up like an apartment building with many levels. I was afraid my mom would get confused and nothing was available on the first floor.

Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

The building is nice. The dining room is beautiful with all the windows. We saw deer frequently. The marketing girls put on lovely events too!

We Are Happy With The Upscale Community

Dad is doing great and the staff are very warm and friendly, they treat him with such great care. It is very social around the community. I like that is is very upscale and very nice. He eats 3 meals a day that is great. He is happy so we are happy too.

The majority of the staff I met are friendly, compassionate & efficient. However, I feel the facility is understaffed, which is detrimental to residents like my mother, who require an increased level of care. As my mother's condition deteriorates, I fear I may need to transfer her to another facility which will be able to attend to these needs. I would prefer for her to remain where she is if at all possible.

Feels Like Home!!

I am very happy with my choice to move to this community. The staff spoils me, they do my laundry, clean my place and cook me meals. The ladies always have a beautiful smile on their face and are always available when I need them. The meals are great, and if you don't like what you order, you can reorder something else. My children now have the peace of mind that I am being well taken care of and kept safe.

Willing To Work With Us With The Problems We Have Had

My mother is doing well here at this community. We did have some issues with the staff, but they have since corrected the issue. They are willing to work with us with any problems we have. The community looks nice and very well maintained. Heart to Heart hospice has provided us with great care as well. I know she is safe and being cared for well here. It is a community I would recommend, it has worked out well for us.

We would recommend this community!!!!

I have only been able to visit my Mother in law a couple of times since she moved into Grand Emerald. The community is clean and well maintained. I have not tried the food but she does say there is plenty of it and they make sure she eats. She likes to play bingo, go to church services on Sunday and make visits to the beauty salon. The staff seem nice so far and she has not said anything bad about them.

Not recommended

As of yesterday I removed my loved one from the Grand Emerald. I will simply and truthfully state that I can not recommend this facility.

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Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear of your concern. We would like the opportunity to discuss with you further. Please call [removed] to speak with our customer support.

A wonderful place for assisted living.

After my 96 year old mother fell and broke her hip at home. I talked it over with her to look into assisted living Prior to this she was very independent and did her own cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry. etc. She was reluctant at first but while doing therapy in a rehabilitation faculty she came to realize she may need some help with bathing or other small tasks, I checked around and looked into all assisted living places in the area and found Grand Emerald to be what i was looking for. It is not huge like most of the newer ones. But it is really cute , pretty decor with the seasons. it was always clean and more of a home like feeling that i liked.
Everyone was friendly and so nice. The price was very reasonable which was also a plus.
Unfortunately while my mom was in rehab she contracted C;diff infection twice. and once we moved her into Grand Emerald she came down with it again. THe nurse was wonderful in seeing her had the care she needed, THe aides were wonderful in helping her to the restroom and other assistant she needed. The nurse kept me informed on sending her to the hospital for her care since she was so weak and not eating. Once again she came home and within a week she had [removed] again. I understand that once you get C,diff in your system it is hard to get rid of and can come back many times over and it is hard on the elderlies. This last time she was in the hospital it took a toll on her mind and body and she passed away Dec 11th.
I am so grateful for Grand Emerald for their care and concerns during the short time she was there. Everyone was so friendly and nice from the administrator down to the aides. They really care about their tenants. They spent time with them. got to know them. Both times mom was in the hospital the Administrator came to see mom which surprised both mom and I. She even received a get well card the first time she was in the hospital.
I can't give a honest review on the activities since mom wasn't there long enough to participate in any but what i have seen on their monthly schedule looked like fun things to do.
I met a few tenants on the elevator going to see mom and they all said they loved it here. It was so homelike, friendly and happy to be here.
THe food was good and the chef even came and talked to mom with what she can or cannot eat being a diabetic, He would make something special for her if she had something she would like to have,
Her room was always clean, her laundry was done once a week,
I cannot say enough good things about Grand Emerald. and the faculty.

A solid choice with room for improvement

It's not bad but it's not what it could be, either. In some combination, my parents were there from February through October, 2015. The two items I've read in other reviews that are worth confirming are on pricing when you're considering the place and staffing levels. I'll add other comments after the first two sections.

Pricing - Make sure you are very clear with your expectations when you are looking at the lease contract. We were considering two facilities. Grand Emerald has a community fee that is equal to one month's rent. The other facility, Wellbrooke of South Bend, didn't have that. We went with Grand Emerald because we were told that we could use our current outside pharmacy for our mother's prescription needs. It was significantly cheaper than the other of Wellbrooke's contracted pharmacy. I figured I'd make the community fee back in time based on the savings. We were not allowed to use the pharmacy we discussed as we were evaluating our options for care. I never received a satisfactory explanation for this change once the contract was signed and our mother was moved in, and I still view this as a material breach in the evaluation process. I get puffery to make something sound good/better, but this was specific misrepresentation to a very specific question.

Weekend Staffing - Grand Emerald was largely empty when my parents were there. I think they had no more than 21 residents at any one time. As a result, the staffing levels were quite low on the weekends, with the folks running around doing so much that they couldn't really take the time to care for the residents as well as they would have preferred. Like all other places, this is a business and labor costs are the easiest place to make a difference in the bottom line. I don't think the care was negligent but it wasn't what you'd expect from the brochures and promises that are made during the sales pitch.

Atmosphere - Grand Emerald in its current configuration is definitely a low-key building. There isn't much vibrancy in the building, staff or activities. Wellbrooke of South Bend, where our father resided after he required skilled care, was much more energetic. Just know what you're getting yourself or your parents into on this one. Some might like the serenity of Grand Emerald, while others prefer the frenetic pace at Wellbrooke. That's entirely a matter of preference.

Administration - The people are very nice and will take your questions with the respect they deserve. The staff that actually interacts with the residents is quite good. There may not be enough of them on the weekends, but those who are there are really first rate. I had a dispute with them over our dad's account after he went to Wellbrooke for skilled care. He left Grand Emerald, never to return, in May and I received a notice from their corporate office of a price increase for 2016. I had to phone Chicago (corporate headquarters) to make sure they understood that my dad was not on the books at Grand Emerald. That's was a pretty typical experience. Paperwork does not appear to be a strength but that's not the primary reason we placed our parents in the facility.

Overall, it's a solid place. My brother and I were both away from South Bend and it was nice to know that our parents were in a facility where they were safe and we we didn't have to worry about them. There are lots of areas where improvements could be made, but the core of the mission...caring for seniors in a healthy environment largely takes place at Grand Emerald.


At first its was just a little pricing confusion but everything is great now.

It's been okay, I would give them 7.5 or 8 out of ten.

It's been okay, I would give them 7.5 or 8 out of ten. I have two complaints, the food could be better, it's kind of bland, not a lot of taste. It takes a while when you ask for help, especially on the weekends. They could use some more staff. [removed] They were the least expensive place in the area that I looked at. The facility is also very nice, she has a great room.

Review of Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

The care, nutrition, and community have made the difference between "getting through" each day and actually living life. It has been the right decision for my Dad.

Grand Emerald Place

My mother is well cared for and very happy. More independent and vibrant than I have seen her in years. Everyone is kind, friendly, and caring.

Very nice place!

Things have gone well so far at Grand Emerald Place! The facility itself is nice looking and clean, and the staff have all been very friendly and helpful. Our experience has been a good one, and I would recommend it to others looking into senior living in the area!

My mother is very happy here. I have visited and was treated like family! So happy she has made her home here, and I do not worry that she is taken good care of.

Review of Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

A very nice location - people are friendly.

Review of Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

Every day it gets better and better.

Review of Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

Born, raised, we have lived in South Bend all of my life!

Review of Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

A very nice location. People are friendly.

Review of Grand Emerald Place - South Bend, IN

My mother is very happy here. I have visited and was treated like family! So happy she has made her home here, and I do not worry that she is taken care of.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.