Gracious Care Home #1 - Garland, TX

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Customer Reviews

Nightmare at Gracious Care Home.

My mother in law spent 7 1/2 months in this "care" home.
When she went in she could walk, a month later she was confined to a wheel chair. They do not like there boarders walking around, just to the bathroom and then back in bed or in the wheelchair. They do not speak English well and it is hard on the people that have trouble understanding a thick accent. The staff is not trained well to care for senior citizens at all. The food is poor. She died after just 7 1/2 months at this place. The hospital was shocked to see the bedsores and she also had untreated pheumonia both were hidden from the family and she was also mal- nourished, these are facts from the hospital. When she died we did not even get a phone call from Grace to say i'm sorry or anything. She also owed the family a 1/2 months rent that we never seen. We are contacting adult protective services on this place.