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Unhappy for a loved one!

Formerly Glen Ayr Health Ctr, of Lakewood, CO. now called Westlake Care. I was not able to check out this facility in the beginning but I chose it blindly & I am now regretting having sent my dear father there. Since there isn't a Fed. Govt facility for the veterans as yet, the V.A. reserves beds at certain nursing homes. My father is at Westlake Care 1 month & there hasn't been anything but problems from the start. 1st, his wheelchair was missing & Westlake personnel blatantly said no wheelchair was ever delivered for dad. The ambulance delivered dad & a large suitcase of clothing and 1 wheelchair to his room. Westlake continued to deny any presence of dad's wheelchair. Suddenly, a wheelchair did appear. Then I made a surprise visit to check on my father and at 12:30pm, June 19, 2015, dad was in bed with no teeth in mouth, disheveled & half dressed with a very soiled top. I asked where are his clothes & someone showed me an empty closet and a chest of draws with no clothing in it. I asked where are his clothes & no one knew anything. To make this experience a bit shorter, I had packed his clothing personally from the last facility, I delivered the large well stuffed luggage with an inventory of clothing & clothing in pristine condition to the hospital, because he was leaving the hospital next day to Westlake Care. The suitcase was delivered as per the ambulance co. & driver said but the clothes have disappeared and Westlake Care has a policy of not making an inventory of incoming personal items (clothing, etc.) to protect the new resident, or themselves, nor wants to know anything about the existing problem.
Now, I ask the concerned relatives that may need a place for a loved one, is Westlake Care a facility that you want to entrust your Loved Ones with? Their S.S Dept. is very outspoken in a negative manner & quite frankly resident issues are a delicate matter & should be treated as such. The entrance assistant is outspoken & has a bad attitude. This is an environment where these people should be having compassion, understanding & tolerance. Communication with resident's relatives is not their forte, however, I have found the nurses station nurses, open, warm & caring. The place does not appear dirty nor has an offensive odor but the terrace table is very neglected as some dining room tables were.
Thank you for reading my experiences & concerns & all that has taken place within one month of arrival. Sincerely,