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Very nice, but more expensive (probably worth it if he could afford. Friendly staff. A good tour with lots of info. Appears very neat and clean.

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Thanks for your review of our tour. Our rates include all kinds of monthly expenses outside of room and board that your loved one might be paying even more for right now. Just something to consider. We're glad you stopped by!

Wonderful Staff Keeps Facility Afloat

I can say that the receptionist, nurses, caregivers, and kitchen staff are wonderful at Glassford Place, as are the residents. Of disappointment is the lack of activities, which are very limited in scope. Many scheduled activities are also not carried out due to lack of a larger number of participants, or lack of a staff member to start an activity. A new activity director would be a blessing to Glassford Place if they could also be hired full time. Was told by staff that residents mainly sit in their rooms watching T.V, folding their laundry, etc. in between meals. Housekeeping is not able to tidy up rooms each day. Instead the one housekeeper cleans all once weekly with a 'through' cleaning is said to be done once monthly. I could not recommend this facility except to someone whose loved one is maybe bed bound. I'm sorry that the director and head nurse do not take an active role is what is going on in Glassford Place and defers all activity responsibilities to the activity director. They must know that lack of stimulation. etc plays a huge part in the health and wellness of the residents. Sorry this could not have been a very positive review of Glassford Place which employs many wonderful people whose loving care seems to be what keeps this facility afloat.

Somethings they take from you

this is just for glass ford place. The staff enters the room when ever they desire even with out knocking. They take all your over the counter vitamins and supplements until or if you can get a prescription from a doctor for them. they are used to people who need considerable amount of care and do a decent job from wha I can see, I do know they are bound by state regulations.

Very open and proactive staff

I’ve been very pleased with the people that work here and how they care for my Mom. The whole set up is very nice. It’s a smaller facility and there aren’t a lot of residents, so there’s a lot of one on one care. Everything is situated on a single level because they’re very conscious about safety and security, which I really like. They have plenty of things to do and they check up on everyone a lot, which is something I was worried about because I didn’t want her to be in her room all day. The food seems to be very good. 3 times a week they have chair exercises, there are games that they play on different days, just about every day there’s a domino game going on, and there are a lot of different types of crafts. They’ll take the residents to lunch, if they want to go out, on Fridays and there’s even someone that comes to do their hair if they’d like. The staff has been very proactive in taking care of my concerns and they’re very open to our needs. I would recommend them and in fact I already have.

Mom is adjusting very well

I love this smaller environment for my mom. They go above and beyond with my mother and checking to make sure she is OK. The staff is really friendly. If I have to call and leave a message I get a call back quickly. They have a secured courtyard if they want to go outside. They have people come in and do a hair salon 1x a week. The do lots of daily activities like music and they help mom with the bingo. The food is good here and 3x a day. Mom is an ex veteran and they are helping me with all of that paperwork which is amazing. I would recommend this community if you need more care.

Nothing Really Special

We toured this facility and nothing really stood out for us here. The community appears to be outdated it could use to be refurbished and lightened up inside. The place was clean but everything looked dated and didn't give that welcoming feeling. The staff was very nice and helpful on the tour and the dining staff went out of their way to acknowledge us as we walked through.

I went there recently to try to get my mother in a nice place. The first thing I notice was how dirty the facility was, not to mention the furniture was so worn out. That was my first impression of the place. Second I met the nurse, I didn't get a good vibe of her, she seemed not interested in when i was explaining how my moms condition was..,. Thought that was rude, second I had a tour from the sales lady who was very unhelpful, she didn't know the answers to my questions, she would change the topic and i was so confused was awful, cold plates, portions were small, no special diets for diabetics... My mom is diabetic. So i had to ask. Dining service was bad, i had to get up and get my own drink... ( when there were four caregivers in the dining room) the only nice person they have there would be the activity man, very sweet, warm , and very welcoming. That i give it to them very nice guy. Last i thought the morning shift came on a little to aggressive and pushy... Especially the red hair one, i think her name was [Removed]. I left hating the place and terrified for those who have their loved ones living there. Please stay away from this understaff place.

Nice facility!!

I thought this place was really nice and had a lot of great amenities available to all of the residents. The staff was on time to our appointment and remained professional throughout our entire visit. They had a great meal plan as well as activity program for all of the residents which I was impressed with. I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone.

Great Place to Live

Very efficient staff and able to help me with my transfers, toileting, showers. Dining is well organized and cooks accommodate most requests. They transport me to doctor appointments and help me schedule my lab work right at the facility. So sad to leave but I am moving to be closer to my children.

It was good while it lasted

My wife was at Glassford place for a short time before her condition took a turn for the worse. While she was there and healthy she was able to participate in activities and never complained about the food so I'm guessing it was good. She was able to make friends with some residents as well as some of the staff. The staff were all very friendly and accommodating. We were hoping she would have been there a bit longer but we are very happy with the overall experience and would recommend.

Under Staffed

Things are going well at Glassford place we will be moving out on March 14th but our experience has been great with them. There was a few issue's that did concern me and that was the food here was poor but that is because they have bad cooks. The staff is very helpful and very friendly but the place was a little under staffed and could use some more help. My husband has improved here and gone to a few new activities so that is really nice. I just don't feel like we got our money worth out this place.

everything has been great

So far everything has been great. The people there are very friendly and they seem to care about the residents in the assisted living facility.

Great appeal and really nice rooms. The pricing is in range of what we expected. The service fees vary according to level of care. There is nothing in place for LTC after all funds are exhausted and thus would be on a waiting list for a Payson facility and we were told there is a 2 yr wait list. Also a # 2,000.00 non refundable Community Fee was in place.

Absolutely the best!

My mother, age 89, lived at Glassford Place for the final 9 months of her life. She suffered from fairly severe dementia. I personally noticed the superior level of care she received, and the honest and heartfelt compassion for my mother by all staff members from the Executive Director to the RN to the cleaning staff and service personnel. She was not just a resident, she was their friend. They treated her like a loved one. You can tell it's not about money, it's not about running a business. They really care, and it shows in how they treat their residents.

I was kept informed on a regular basis of how my mother was doing, what changes in treatment she required, her level of care, and her personal well-being.

When my mother passed away, I noticed the impact it made on the staff; there was an emotional bond that had been forged.

I toured several facilities in 2014 before making a decision to have my mother live at Glassford Place. At the time I felt it was the best place for the money and for what she needed in care. I now realize I made the perfect choice with Glassford. I urge everyone considering assisted living for their lived one to do the same. You will not be disappointed.

I'm happy here.

I'm happy here. The are all friendly, I mean everyone is nice. It's really clean. The food is pretty good. I haven't got any complaints whatsoever. They have done everything I wanted them to do and everything they said they would do, and then more than that, if you ask me.

When we first went in it was very good.

It was so nice, and every one was so friendly. When we first went in it was very good. Then we started having setbacks, and she needed more care, and they increased her price, and said they would take care of her temporarily, because they wanted people that were more independent. They had a home care agency in there taking care of her. I think they should have supervised the caregivers they had coming in. Phillip was very nice and very gracious but they kind of dropped the ball, in the end. She came from a skilled nursing place before hand so maybe the assessment could be better. We appreciated all the help in the beginning.

Very happy here!

They do an absolutely fabulous job here! The facility itself is very clean and very well taken care of. The staff are all very attentive and friendly! I'm very happy here! Even the meal service is very good, although the service can be a bit slow at times. I would recommend this place to anyone, it is wonderful!

Very nice place for semi-independent residents

For what they provide I think Glassford Place does a very very good job. The facility is a nice looking, modern, clean, well kept place. The staff all seem very friendly, and they are able to provide a good amount of assistance to their residents. They are more suited for residents who are still at least semi-independent, so unfortunately it did not end up being a good option for my loved one. But for those who meet the level of assistance they provide they are a fantastic place.

They are doing wonderful!

They are doing wonderful! It's a very nice place. I am very, very happy with them. It's really clean. They are so very cheerful and attentive. They take really good care of their patients. The communication is great whether there is a problem or not. When we were getting her moved in, it looked like they had a lot of activities and the residents were all participating, and having a lot of fun. Their doctor's reputation was unbelievably good. They were hands down the best place when we were looking around. They messed up on the billing the first month and they caught it right away, and told me about it.

Management very knowledgeab...

Management very knowledgeable, facility is nice and clean, pricing is acceptable, would recommend.

Professional and Humble

I was so pleased with the professionalism of the staff from our initial phone call to the tour and move in. Glassford Place just "felt" like home and the perfect community for my father. They helped me with all the coordination of moving my father from another community where he was not getting the best care. Their visiting doctor makes is so much easier on me when dad needs a check up. Thank you Glassford Place

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.