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Customer Reviews

Don’t Go There

Our mother lived at Generations for just under six months and was paying for assisted living services. During the time she was there, she spent hours alone in her room staring at the ceiling because staff did not follow up and help encourage her to attend activities. She often missed meals because her memory is poor and she would lose track of time; staff were supposed to encourage and escort her to meals but did not do so consistently. When she had personal care issues and was not eating adequately, the dining staff informed us, not the care team. It took months for us to “train” the staff to clean feces from her toilet and surrounding area as she could not see that it was there, to fill her water glass and cold water pitcher, empty her trash of nasty, smelly items, and do other small but important common sense tasks. The Activities Director did not return our 6 or 7 phone calls in the beginning so we could discuss how to engage her in activities and we only met this person because we caught her in the lobby talking with someone else. When we ran into the activities staff, with whom we finally met at length, they did not offer so much as a smile or a “hello”. Very unfriendly. On one occasion when our mother missed the dining room hours and was allowed to order a meal from the “Tuk”, she was charged a $10 surcharge. After 4 or 5 months, an aide who worked with her consistently did not know that she had dementia, so there is no person-centered training or awareness given the staff. Whenever staff would come to her apartment, they would come in pairs of two for every simple task, such as giving medication. This seems like a monumental waste of time and resources. There were numerous medication errors and problems with ordering medications and obtaining correct doctor’s orders while she was there as well. The only positive thing about Generations is that the care staff and the dining room staff are very friendly. Unfortunately, this was not enough, nor were the lovely surroundings. We helped our mother move out recently and now we are on the road to getting the services she needs.

On our visit with mom list. Director and chef very helpful. Have Parkinson's support group

Mixed Feelings

My Mom and Dad moved into Generations at Ahwatukee shortly after they opened in September of 2017. The facility is attractive and the apartments are attractive too. But even during the move in process it was clear that staff were confused and poorly trained. No one properly oriented my elderly parents and weeks after moving in they still did not feel that they knew who to go to for questions. My questions often went unanswered or I got conflicting information.

My Dad passed away shortly after moving in and my Mom needed care. The care was inconsistent and medical management services were often alarming or inconsistent (med safe in the room left open) or pills not given or reordered on time. The promised housekeeping was minimal and my Mom was often distressed about the state of the apartment. My Mom passed away in her apartment and we were distressed to find that we could not locate the DNR. Subsequently the paramedics were called and it was hard to watch them put my Mom through the resuscitation procedures.

We had at least one meal a week with my Mom and often more. We found the food mediocre and sometimes poor.

The billing, financial record keeping and clarity about move out fees was confusing and inconsistent.

It is a nice building and apartment but I could not recommend it to a loved one again.

My experience

This is what happened to me living there for 3 months. On my second day they wanted to do my laundry and I agreed. My laundry load was whites and when I got my laundry it was all purple. Apparently, the person who did my laundry was not schooled in washer/dryer stuff. Yet this person was a caregiver..

I need to mention that I have a rare brain disease and I have to be stringent with my medications. I get them at 8 am and 8pm. I have rarely gotten them on time. Even thought it is well known to the "med techs" that this is crucial for my health. My doctors fax things to them and they insist they didn't get it (bs) Med techs should know something about meds.

I went without heat for 4 days. They are inept. I cant tell you how horrible that was. 5 people came in to look at the thermostat. They don't tell me anything. They just don't care. It should not have taken 5 days to fix it. I had to threaten to move out if the heat wasn't on by that day.
We have lights in the bathroom that are motion sensors. Almost everytime I took a shower, I did it in the DARK. I know other people here have had the same problem. I call maintenance and the guy comes up and in broken English he says something like "you need another switch." That was the last I saw of the guy. I am currently still taking showers in the dark.

After not having one med for 2 weeks or more, my doctor faxed an order. No one checks the faxes. Yesterday after 3 -4 weeks I finally got it. That med helps me bring down my blood pressure. I have had 4 mini strokes. Living here has raised my blood pressure. They cause my blood pressure to go up. I thought I would be safer here than at my home. Not so. I feel worse physically living here.

They think I am exaggerating about my illness. They NEVER get my meds on time.
Another thing, they have brought meds here that were missing some. I have to check the pill container myself everyday. I feel I am taking care of them!!! Why would they deliberately not do what they are paid to do??

They have failed me miserably. Now I have to rent a home just to feel safe. I have to pay for a nurse because I need care and no one cares here.

One good thing is the food. It is so delicious! Kudos to the chefs. Other people tell me they take a shower in the dark also. I am sorry but the first month was $6200.00 and I have to say for that money these things need improvement. THEY REALLY COULDNT CARE LESS.