Brookdale Chandler Regional - Chandler, AZ

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Loved the community and amenities available. Dad enjoyed the tour. He is still not decided however appreciated seeing the inside of a facility and meeting the staff.

Nice facility.

My friend liked this facility very much and [name removed] was lovely. Unfortunately, the only room she could afford was the very tiny studio that had 290 sq. ft. There was no storage and not even a small kitchenette.

My friend is happy here

We liked this community because it was in our price range. It is nice and clean I was impressed. Her meals are nice and have lots of choices. She has people to talk with and eat with. If she has any issues they take care of it right away. She will participate in the daily activities but she has dialysis 3 time a week so takes her energy but she is interested. The staff is nice and helpful. I would recommend this community.

The exterior was lovely, yet the inside although clean felt the most like an Assisted living rather than an Independent living facility. The activites seemed geared towards card games with minimal offsite activities that had seats limited to 10 only. For the amenities provided it was a bit overpriced especially since it was so close to Atria Chandler Villas.

We toured this community The staff was very helpful. The community seemed to be a clean and nice environment. The menu was appealing and they had a nice list of activities. The community was not close enough, but we would recommend this community for the care of a loved one.

Too Quite

This was on the smaller size of the communities that we toured. It was lovely place extremely clean and nicely decorated. The staff was professional very helpful with information and answered our questions. The price was more expensive than what our budget allowed. I found that being on the smaller size and not having as many residents it seemed to be quieter than most other ones we had been in and I just didn't think that would be a good fit for my mom. My goal was to get her back into socializing with other people and I just didn't get the feel of that happening here.

A Great Suggestion

The community was really good and the suggestion from A Place For Mom were all excellent selections. They were an excellent community but they did not have a room available in the location we wanted. We wanted a room by the dining room and activity area.

Too Institutionalized

If you want to go outside from your living area you have to go out the front door you don't have a private entrance. I like to have my privacy and not have people know my comings and goings. The community itself appeared to be very clean and well maintained.
The staff was friendly and the residents that I saw seemed to enjoy living there.

Mom is settling in

The staff have been friendly, helpful and I have good communication with them. They offer daily activities and some outings. Mom likes the food and the salad bar. There is a fenced in patio on her apartment. They allow pets and they try to keep the community clean. There are a lot of big trees in the back so sometimes the grass does not look very nice. This community has a homey feeling to it and I would recommend it.

Respite Weeks At A Time

I would recommend this community for a respite visit. We have been using their services for weeks at a time. My mother-in-law in not a permanent resident but she is happy with everything they offer. The staff have been helpful and plan good activities.

The staff are beautiful people!!

My mother is currently living in this community and so far I do not have any complaints of how things are going for her. The staff are truly beautiful people and have done a lot of wonderful things for her while she has been in there care. She has had no problems with the food and I am I hoping she is going to get involved in the activity program in the near future. Overall great place and I would recommend it .

Not my favorite!

Brookdale Chandler Regional felt a little more institutionalized. The tour guide that we met was friendly and informative, but the facility was not what we were looking for.

Meeting with De Anna was very good .The property was very nice , and could not find any problems there. The property is relatively new and very well kept up

Not a bad place!!

This community offers a variety of activities. The food is good. The staff are nice and my parents are receiving good care. The community is clean.

Nice Community

This is a clean community and well taken care of. The staff does a good job, but there could be room for improvement. They do offer activities. The meals are good with a nice variety. I would overall recommend this community.

A good community!

My brother is doing well at this community. He likes the food and the staff are nice. They offer a variety of daily activities. The community is well taken care of and I would recommend it.

Great respite site

The staff and administration was very concerned about making my mom happy at their facility and they kept in touch with me. DeAnna and Leeann were great.

We Really This Community

My parents are doing pretty okay here at this community. We are satisfied with everything they have done for us. Brookdale is a nice community with kind people. It has been a pretty good experience for us at Brookdale.

There are a lot of organized activities at Brookdale!!

Mom and I are very pleased with the nurse Tracy we work with on a daily basis. She is very hands on and does what needs to be done. The food is good and they offer good healthy choices. Mom is doing very well and we would recommend this well taken care of community.

Overall It Has Been Good

My husband I are staying at this community due to not being able to take full care of ourselves. Once we are better we hope to move to a different community. So far it's been a good experience for us and we enjoy the time here. I personally do not like the food but my husband likes the food to a point. Meals could definitely be better.

They were all nice, as was this one.

I toured a lot of different Brookdale facilities. They were all nice, as was this one. We didn't choose this one because it wasn't the best fit for my loved one. We ended up picking a Brookdale location with a pool.

Excellent Tour

Our tour of this facility went very well. Everyone was very friendly and kind. The staff was friendly and showed us all around the community. Everything looked great, but the building looked a little out dated. The residents were nice and welcoming. They offer nice activities and good food. It was an excellent tour.

Good Fit For Dad

Everything is working out very well for my father at this community. They keep the community and his room very clean and nice. The staff is good, I've had a few issues with the commutation between us. He has joined a veterans group, which is all men. This community was a good fit for my father. I would recommend it.

Very Open And Accommodating Community

Our experiences in this community have been very good and we are pleased. The community is nice looking, we only a little problems with the way they were cleaning my mom bathroom. They addressed my concerns and fixed the problem. The staff is excellent, and they are doing a great job caring for my mother. There are many activities for her to choose from. The food is fine and the dining area is nice. They have been open and very accommodating to us. I would recommend this community.

Comfortable, friendly home

Thank you to A Place for Mom for helping us find Brookdale Chandler Regional. My mother immediately felt good about the facility when we went to visit. She has found everyone to be friendly (she gets called by name by all the staff, unfortunately she doesn't hear well or see well, so she doesn't always know that people are talking to her, and if she does, she doesn't always recognize their faces!) and very helpful. I had the pleasure of staying with Mom for a weekend, and got to meet several of the staff members. Jelena in the dining room has been especially gracious, and brings Mom the special pastry she likes for breakfast. Deanna has been so helpful in checking after Mom. Sheila always makes sure Mom is ready for church on Sundays. And when Mom was being a little reluctant to participate, Tracy went to her room and brought her to the exercise program! Thank you to all the staff for your help and understanding in dealing with the elderly. I am happy to know Mom is being cared for so well.

These are MUST READ FACTS about Brookdale Chandler Regional

My sister has been at this facility for just 40 days and I'm getting her out this week. It would have been sooner, but I had to be out of town and had no other option. What I will be sharing first in this review are FACTS. These are real experiences and factual information you can check BEFORE you make the choice of where to place your loved one.

FACT: You will see MANY SMILING professionals and be introduced to everyone including the custodian on the day you tour. You will see everything beautiful about the facility, and the professionals that are there DURING THE DAY. You will probably leave with a yummy little treat from the kitchen. What they won't tell you, is that after 6pm.....there is NO ADMIN on duty. IF your loved one sleeps peacefully through the night, needs no attention, never cries out for comfort, doesn't bother anyone for 12 will love this place, but be aware. At night, there IS NO RN on duty and NO ADMINISTRATOR. There are only "med-techs" which can definitely call 911 in an emergency, but can't even tell the resident what the name of the medication is that they're handing them...yes, really.

FACT: There is a won't be told when you write your check....that allows the facility to dispense medication AN HOUR LATE or an hour early. Never expect it an hour early no matter how much pain your loved one is in and NEVER make a med-tech mad at you....yes, really.

FACT: If you request to have a MED-MINDER brought in, which is a locking box that dispenses medication only when it is scheduled, you will be told that "corporate" doesn't allow this at their facility, which of course they don't allow it since you can rent one for $60 per month, but they charge you $500 per month to do the same thing.....only do it LATE ...yes, really.

FACT: Unless you are very aware, your loved one may be sleeping on dirty sheets in a room that is rarely cleaned. If you question this, you will be told that your loved one "sent housekeeping away" and "wanted to do the laundry herself" even though she has no detergent and is paying $3000 per month. It will be housekeeping's word against hers and suddenly, housekeeping will start doing their job again...yes, really.

FACT: If your loved one takes a perscription that says, "Every 6 hours AS NEEDED for pain", be aware that this means your loved one will HAVE TO REQUEST the medication, even if it's in the midde of the night. Yes....really. Have your doctor write the perscription without the words, "as needed" if you want your loved one to get their medication when scheduled.

FACT: It will look like an amazing place when you first tour, and you will see presentations going on, many activities planned, and lots of trips available to Walmart and the Dollar Store, but be aware. If you want ANY kind of actual THERAPY for their brain or body, you have to take care of all of this on your own through insurance and make all of the arrangements. Yes....really

FACT: Unless your loved one is mobile and capable, stay on top of their food intake. Room service is NOT an option even if they aren't feeling good enough to go to the dining room and besides, that is where medications are dispensed (even though there is a law against it) just so it is easier for med-techs because all the residents are in one place. Yes....really

FACT: If your loved one needs "care" at night, or someone to comfort them, be prepared to hire from the outside. Yes, really. The med-tech informed her of this after saying, "it's not my job". There are supposedly "caregivers" on duty, but they are apparently all VERY BUSY and can only give a limited amount of "comfort".

FACT: Blood pressure and other vital signs are only requiredto be done ONCE A MONTH, so that is as often as it is done. Yes....really.....and you are paying at least $3000 per month for, "what is required".

Okay, I could go on, and I could also include OPINIONS, but I won't. What I've given in this review are FACTS. They can be verified and proven. These FACTS are what all of us as caregivers deserve to know BEFORE we place our loved one in ANY OF THESE FACILITIES. [removed]

I was thoroughly impressed with the facility and professionalism of the employees. I'd rate this a 5+.

For those that need care and assistance I would give them a 1

Brookdale Chandler Regional is good for an adult who just wants to retire. I would give them a 5 if I were rating for someone in that position. For those that need care and assistance I would give them a 1. The caregivers they have there are very good and caring but there were not enough of them to go around. Even the caregivers knew that. After 6 o'clock in the evening when the staff went home there is no one there. I walked the halls for a good 30 minutes and absolutely no staff was there. I am no very pleased with this facility.

Pros: Had large 2 bedroom. Price seemed right. Mixed assisted living with independent living people. Workers seemed nice.
Cons: Had a bad smell when first walk in that continued down the hall. Elevator was closed for repairs.

Homey feel

It has an apartment type feel. Very nice.

New residents

The personnel were great from the first step in the door. Mom and Dad were apprehensive coming from a 4000SF personal residence to an assisted living apartment. The staff helped quell their concerns. The activities at this facility will help Mom and Dad reconnect with people. The on-site hair salon was a big plus for Mom. Both have complained that there is too much food served at each meal, and it is too good to throw away.

I am Impressed

I think that they need to do a little more in terms of activities. But they do a good job in terms of taking people around on the bus and going to Walgreens and Walmart and that sort of thing. I am impressed by them.

not a good experience

Apparently the person that I spoke to regarding the pricing made a mistake as it ended up being way more than initially communicated in order to get my mother the care that she needs. I would also say that they don't have enough help there. They seem to be understaffed and more than one resident has mentioned that the care suffers from it.

Extremely happy with it!

I am extremely happy with it. My parents are very comfortable here. They love their room and the view. They are happy with the programs and the activities. The events are off the charts and amazing. The food is great. The service is a bit slow but I think that's the way it is anywhere. They had a little trouble getting caught up with their medications. Since they were switching to a new insurance agency and new doctor they didn't get their medications on time.

They are doing great for my sister.

They are doing great for my sister. She is being well taken care of. The food seems to be pretty good, they have a new chef and there were a couple times the meal wasn't as good as expected, but it's usually pretty good. Everyone could always do a little better, but I would give them at least a four.

going well

My mother has only been there at Brookdale Chandler Regional for a little over a month, but thus far things are going well.

I would like to see them implement a beginning orientation where as soon as you get there they walk everybody through going over everything on a personal basis. They do that at a very high level during the sales process, but I would like to see a more personalized version take place after signing up.

The activities director, Tracy, is one of the best things about the place. She has really been great. She is a really good asset there.

very accommodating

They are really great at being very attentive to the residents. The dining experience is great. The food is good and the wait staff is very accommodating.

The only area that I would suggest improvement in is the organization when it comes to billing and the extra care services that the nurses provide (keeping track of care requirements and prescription and being more timely).

They are doing a great job.

They are doing a great job. It's a nice facility, the staff is great. She loves it there, and she loves the people there too. I don't have any concerns medically or anything like that. They are very diligent about following the doctors orders, and giving her feedback. They offer good options for meals, which gives her more choice and greater control over her health. They are good with laundry, we are very happy with it, and so far, don't have any complaints.

friendly, but needs maintenance

They are very friendly at Brookdale Chandler Regional and have a really good staff.

They do have some maintenance issues that could be addressed.

great experience

Overall I really like Brookdale Chandler Regional because a person who needed care (my father) and a person who did not need care (my mother) could stay in the same room. That was one of the main reason we selected this place, and thus far it has been a great experience.

The only complaint I would have is that the move-in date got pushed off three times, which was frustrating. Mom and dad had people ready to help them move and we had to keep rescheduling things.

Other than that it has been a great experience.

My experience with Horizon Bay Chandl...

My experience with Horizon Bay Chandler has been great. I'm satisfied with their overall services including the staff and the care they provide, the facility and its cleanliness, activities provided, food quality, etc. I'm pleased with Horizon Bay and I rate it a 5 out of 5.

They probably have the best food that I have seen.

They keep it really, really clean. If you are proactive and mention when you see something that needs to be addressed. They are very good about following through and taking care of it. They are pretty attentive. The entertainment is pretty much the same, they will have someone come in every week or two. The food is probably about a 4.5, they probably have the best food that I have seen, and that is one reason I picked them. They have an on staff chef and nutritionist who plans the menu. There is a menu for each meal with at least four things, not counting the "standards", the people really love the desserts. The service isn't lightning fast, but it's an open dining room and you can come any day. I liked that he could have his own apartment here for the same price as a shared room at our second choice.

Need a resident advocate on a daily basis

Horizon Bay is licensed for Directed Care and that's about the only real positive thing about it.

Care staff turnover is huge. Care staff capabilities vary greatly - some are good some are absolutely terrible at manners and performing their job function.

Not enough care staff for the amount of residents needing care; response to calls is very long - ave 10 min but sometimes 20 or more which is a huge deal when you need the help immediately.

This is a place that requires the resident to have an advocate on a daily basis to ensure the Staff understand the residents needs and performs accordingly. And the care costs are extremely high

We love Horizon Bay!!

We love Horizon Bay!! It's expensive, but you do get a lot for your money! The type of care and the attention to detail that they offered, and provide, really fit out needs and is exactly what we were looking for. The activies are great! There's always something going on! They go on outings, and they even set up bowling within the complex the other day! Our loved one is excited and happy here!

I had visited this property...

I had visited this property in 2012 and decided it was not the right place for mom. Now, with mom's dementia progressing, I will not be interested in visiting it again.

No pool. No balconies. Very...

No pool. No balconies. Very expensive. Hallways too dark for our taste.

Too Big

It was very sterile and I thought that she wouldn't have been able to make friends. It was way too spread out and she wouldn't have ever run into anyone to talk to them.

91 and living life

My 91 year old uncle needed a place to call home. A place where his life would be meaningful. At Horizon Bay he's alive, thriving, and not just passing time. I live out of state, and everyone at Horizon Bay keeps me informed. Everything, everyone does there, for him or for me is with heart and passion. My uncle is the happiest he's been in years. And whether he has 1 year or ten years, he's earned this time to be filled with the best of health, happiness, peace, and people who truly care for him. I'm so thankful. And now I have peace knowing he's not just alive, he's living, and loving it at........91 years young.

Very Unprofessional

Giving them .5 a star was being generous. We had an appointment to get a tour here and we called before heading there and they said we were still on. Once we arrived there was no body there to greet anyone, we rang the bell multiple times before anyone showed up. While we toured we barely saw any staff or residents. There seemed to be having a meeting and seemed to have people from their corporate office. They were more interested in looking good for them then taking care of anything else. We never even got to meet the person we had the original appointment with. There were very unprofessional and would not recommend them to anyone.

Really like this place, how...

Really like this place, however may not be in our price range

Passion for Health

Hit it right on the button. This completely matched what we were looking for, could not be happier with this community. It’s located on a quiet street right behind Chandler Regional Medical Center, it’s within walking distance. Ate there with my mom for lunch and was really good. The Chef Jude is awesome he actually sold us on the place based passion for what he does. He spent forty minutes talking to us about what he does and how much passion he has for cooking for the elderly. He is sincerely amazing. Heather gave us the tour and answered all question. She was also really friendly and knew what she was doing. Feel like my mom will be healthy here due to Jude making it healthy for my mom. She has been in the hospital 3 times last year and it all stemmed from not eating properly, this community have alleviated my concern for it happening again.

Took tour very nice, liked Lauren ver...

Took tour very nice, liked Lauren very nice.

Their website is wonderful ... by far...

Their website is wonderful ... by far the best site. Near Chandler Regional Medical Center. Independent and Assisted but no nursing home care.

Met with Director. Very nice facilit...

Met with Director. Very nice facility. Seems to be suited to folks with Mom's level of disability.

After visit, realized this is not AL ...

After visit, realized this is not AL enough, too independent, bldg completely open to come & go, only 3 caregivers to 90 residents during day & evening, only 1 at nite, too large & open so could be easily confused, really more for people without any/much memory or confusion issue

We loved this place, it was exactly t...

We loved this place, it was exactly the way I pictured a place should be for my Mom to live in, however, the pricing was way to high. We initially wanted Mom and Auntie to live together, but that isn't going to work out.

From the Community

“To us, residents are like an extended part of our family and we work very hard to deliver the exemplary services and care that they deserve each and every day.” Brookdale Chandler Regional is conveniently located in Chandler, 20 minutes southeast of Phoenix and directly behind the Chandler Regional Hospital. Our apartment-style community offers all the conveniences of home without any of the work. Brookdale Chandler Regional features its very own beauty shop, chapel, big-screen TV lounge and art studio. Our spacious apartment homes offer a variety of floor plans with warm colors, 24-hour emergency call systems and safety features in the showers. And small pets are always welcome!

Our goal is to keep our residents happy and healthy by providing them with a wide range of our resident programs. Popular classes include yoga, meditation, exercise and “Mind Aerobics.” Horizon Bay enjoys an excellent reputation for having a warm, friendly and extra caring staff, with many staff members having been here since we opened in 1999. Family is very important to us here at Brookdale Chandler Regional and we encourage family members to continue to be an active part of our residents’ lives here at Brookdale Chandler Regional. Residents are encouraged to entertain guests here the way they did in their own home without any of the hassle.

At Horizon Bay, we truly take the time to get to know our residents individually. We make it a priority to learn about the stories and life experiences from the moment they walk in the door. This allows us the opportunity to customize our programs and care to fit each resident’s individual needs.

Our dining programs offer a delicious variety of fresh menu choices, including a full soup and salad bar every day. We want every meal to be a great dining experience, so the friendly and personal service in our dining room is unmatched.