Garden Care Center - Franklin Square, NY

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Customer Reviews

They Lost My Mom's Belongings

So, if we're being truthful all nursing homes are terrible. Terrible in that they always have an undercurrent of deep sadness. All places have their good and bad and your loved ones' experience is dependent on their level of functioning. However there are places that make an effort. They attempt to make a place feel homey, clean, they have extensive enrichment activities, staff that smiles and a general culture of "hey let's at least try to care" It's a tough job taking care of the elderly. And for those of us incapable of doing so ourselves have to put our trust in strangers. Do not send your loved ones here. Yes there were some kind nurses and aides but the floors are claustrophobic, drab, that weird smell of industrial deodorizer filling the air while elderly men and women are barked at or ignored. Again it's a hard job and I'm sure there simply isn't time to answer every cry wolf complaint. I was only there for short periods of time to visit, who knows how a whole day goes there. We repeatedly explained that my mom who suffers dementia while understanding English will only answer in Spanish (a weird and common quirk of the dementia addled brain). There were no fluent Spanish speakers on hand. My brother would try to walk my mom to the bathroom and they freaked out. I understand they have regulations and insurance to worry about with falls but it's hard to see your loved one sitting in their own filth because there's no one available to take them to the toilet. They wait to clean everyone at once. She developed pneumonia and we found out she had the start of a bedsore on her backside. I'm a funeral director and I've picked up the deceased from nursing homes with bedsores down to the bone. So that send chills down my spine. So....she's elsewhere now. I went to pick up her meager belongings and...they don't know where her items are. A couple of clothing items and a photo album that's it. I drove out there on Saturday, nearly broke my teeth at the news as I clenched my jaw so hard to not yell. They were to call the next day after looking into it. I called as well. No return call. I called on Monday, asked to speak to a manager or director of operations I was transferred to a mailbox number, with no name or greeting message. So I have no idea who it went to. If you can't be trusted in small matters, you cannot be trusted with the large ones. It's just indicative of the overall operations. All nursing homes on a sliding scale of quality are terrible but some fall right to the bottom.

Not a pleasant place

We did not have a good experience with Garden Care Center. It was only a temporary stay, but it wasn't a pleasant one. It just has a very clinical, cold, hospital feel, and felt cramped in general. They also didn't have much for the residents to do other than sit around.

Respite Stays Available

My sister went here for a repite stay. It was okay. The good thing was that it gave us a chance to figure things out.