Funding District - Anaheim, CA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

When we arrived [name removed] was not yet there. So I decided to drive 4.4 miles to a Staples to print out the application.
[name removed] called and told me he'd take care of it just come back, so I did. He showed us the property, it was nice fairly new & unoccupied on the side my dad would reside in. We probably need a property where it's more stuff oriented to assist my dad's needs. That's what he's looking for. The price eased cheap but my dad needs someone to look street him see to ir he gets adequate help with his meds, his laundry, housekeeping, and meals.
The problem I have is the place isn't quite set up . The problem with this property is we don't know if they're board certified or what? My dad needs more care. Point blank.