Forest Glen Health Campus - Springfield, OH

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Customer Reviews

Great Place to Stay

My grandparents have been in multiple care levels at Forest Glen and we have been very pleased. Exceeded all of our expectations!

Don't send your loved one to Forest Glenn

My dad was in the memory care unit at the Springfield Ohio Forest Glen for a little over a month. During this short time he developed several painful pressure sores all over his back, shoulders, feet, and sacrum, from where they would seat belt him into a wheelchair every day and leave him sit in the same spot all day. Some days they wouldn't even get him out of bed, we went there at 4:30 pm one day and he was naked, for anyone walking by to see, he was laying in a bed completely full of urine, and he had nothing to eat or drink all day. He also lost an alarming amount of weight during his short stay. Dr. [Removed] did not want to give him any pain medicine, and cut him off of the pain meds that he had taken for the past 15 years for his chronic hip pain. When it came to end of life care, this doctor refused to consult Hospice, so my dad could be kept comfortable, even though he met all of Hospice's requirements. Please don't send your loved ones to this horrendous place. Management knew about these issues, and still nothing ever got done. The last month of my dad's life was spent in agonizing pain from those pressure sores. Horrible place!!!!!!

Had issues with the care here

My loved one had been staying at this facility, but we decided to move her out once she started having hygiene issues. One of the services she was supposed to be receiving was bathing assistance, but if my loved one said she didn't want a bath they would not give her one, and she was not in a state to be making that decision. After we moved her we also discovered she had a few other issues that could have been easily treated that went undiagnosed here.