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Customer Reviews


The women who work here are very friendly. They always call to let me know if she needed extra care. The workers always let me know health information.

A happy resident is a happy family!

As a nurse, it's great to know that Mom is safe, living life at her best with the assistance of such kind and caring staff. She rests easier and we do, too! We have no regrets in Mom's decision to live at Urbana Place!

Mom's Changing Needs

My mother has been here for going on three years. Since her arrival her condition has changed dramatically. I have been very happy with the flexibility the Urbana Place has provided for her and the understanding shown to her by the caregivers. Oftentimes I feel they treat her more like family than they do a resident.

Great place to live

My mother was here several years ago and had excellent care! Now my mother in law lives here and once again, she's receiving superior care. The staff are all wonderful and do everything possible to make this a great place to live.

Home close to home.

My mother has been here for 4 years and prior to moving in we looked at 4 other care facilities. She picked this location over all the others even though one was closer to my home.

Very Satisfied

Brought mom over [Removed] and it was a great experience. Everyone is amazing. Haven't met one person we are not happy with! Originally she moved in with my stepfather who passed away in March and the community handled that situation top notch. We well satisfied at urbana place and we feel like she is getting the best care possible! Everyone needs a raise

Nice place

I'm a nurse so I know a good place when I see one. We were looking for a place for my grandmother when she needed to downsize and leave the farm. Everyone here is very friendly and treats her well. They also treat all of her family as an extension of their own

Great Place

Urbana Place is a fun friendly atmosphere where they always put their residents first.

The service and the staff was excellent!

urbana place fall festival

I love the friendliness of the staff. they are always willing to help. I've called ahead to let them know I was picking grandma up, they went to make sure she was ready.

Great family environment

The dedicated staff and management are top notch, The staff care for their residents like they are their own family. Urbana Place is and always will be my number one choice for long term care.

Options from a tour

I toured this community for my mom. We liked the staff and the menu. The community did not feel like it offerer a nice atmosphere. They offered activities. We would suggest a tour for other families.

Look very close and hard

Please look else where before putting your love one in here. There is not enough staff to take care of your love one. The attention is very little. there is no place for them to have family time out side of there room. They do not know how to communicate with there staff members things are not passed on. Very poor communication between staff and family members. When upper management is asked a question they can not answer it they tell you to ask there nurse. The DON can not answer any thing and knows nothing about your love one. Now it is very sad when you ask a question there you are directed to take it up with there nurse. So then the nursing staff moral can not be very good when the family member are coming to them upset that know one will communicate with them and nothing gets one about issue's. Some things like neglect to the family's loved one like not taking them to the rest room when needed and leaves them in there chair or beds wet for hours because they are under staffed. This is a place that only care about money. They make it sound like they car but trust me the saying don't judge a book by it's cover make sure you open the book and look very hard. Just go and visit when they don't know. look and listen to see how many alarms are going off and how long it takes to answer them. Look at the space. Look at there activity room. what are they offering your love one to be active and to keep there minds sharp. I am sorry we where promised so much when we put are loved one in there and all we have done is fight with them to get are loved one the best care possible. We as family member should not tell the staff when there are issue with are loved one they should call us and tell us this is what they notice. This letter could go foe ever so PLEASE look very close and hard and make sure this is where you want your loved one to spend there rest of there life and is not going to be pretty and your loved one is going to be very unhappy. God Bless and always keep your loved one's in your heart.